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They come out of nowhere
And can be as simple as a word
Intrusive, flashing voices
Who refuse not to be heard

These opinions with biased force
Keep ringing in my ears
Burning through my retinas
And searing their mark upon my fears

Like a thousand prickling itches
That cannot be soothed by a scratch
Stifling does not contain them
They constantly find new ways of attack

The mind is a delicate balance
Of inner and outer cues
A slight shift can cause a deafening
Where clear thoughts spiral to confused
Triggers are afflictions that come out of nowhere, and "set up shop" within the minds of even the most stoic individuals...Proof Positive that no one truly knows what others struggle with; and that appearances can definitely be deceiving!
Free from judgment
Free from fear
No worries about fitting in
'Cause we all are welcome here

Serene is the setting
Serenity is the goal
With many hooves patrolling these grounds
There's no need to be in control

Relinquish your inhibitions
Renounce your social curse
For everyone is beautiful within these walls
Embracing the individual first

Security will be a priority
Secure will be the first thing you feel
Guided by a firm yet loving curator
This shed of safety is REAL...
Everyone needs "THAT" place they can go to vent, breathe, and release all the woes this world instills within us...
Broken Arpeggio Oct 2018
This step,
Moves you forward
That step,
Sets you back
Be determined to just keep moving
And not panic, when the mind attacks

Being present,
Allows growth
Numbing out,
Smothers the seed
Staying nourished, in both body and soul
Lifts the fog and allows you to breathe

Going quick,
Isn't always better
Slow and steady,
Can set the pace
Running, may not be faster
For crawling, could win the race
All steps, are as varied as the individuals who take them...What's right for one, may not hold true for another...Thus, there is no right or wrong/ winning or losing here...True accomplishment comes from simply deciding to take the first step!
Broken Arpeggio Oct 2018
Mind explosions
Of a different kind
They come unexpectedly
Freezing the unconscious mind

With nowhere to run
It is impossible to hide
A terrified hostage
Of the demons inside

Victimized at night
Praying sunlight brings a reprieve
Desperately seeking distraction
From memories one cannot believe

Unknowing of what to do
Unsure of who to trust
Confusion rooted in fear
Is a tumor primed and ready to bust
As you peel back the layers, **** starts to rise to the surface! Never stop fighting...It will lead to healing!
Broken Arpeggio Sep 2018
There is a place that seeks
To help others connect
It is an assemblage of the four-legged kind
An area dedicated
Towards peace and contentment
Hoping to help the tangles of the mind unwind

First encounters may seem a bit foreign
Creating numerous "What-Ifs"
For a skeptic to fear
When given enough time,
All the doubts start to settle
Realizing there are never unwanted expectations here

Having no set rules
Invites a sense of relief
Allowing all to be present without panic
Unspoken conversations
And being free to "just be"
Gains trust without a loss of dynamic

This equine way of healing
Is something wonderful to behold
Where what is lost and impossible
Starts to find a way to miraculously happen
As a relationship grows, the rigid soul begins to flex
So the horrendous scars eventually fade and soften
OK Man...Therapy is hard enough; however, when an equine element is added, it can be downright weird as ****! That being said, if you let go of all the perfectionistic tendencies and fear of failure, healing can finally start to happen! All one has to do is simply "let go" and allow the help that everyone struggling deserves...Just be present and see what wonders can happen
when in the presence of a non-judgemental magnificent being!
Broken Arpeggio Sep 2018
Locks cannot contain the force
That innately exudes from every being
So nurture it,
And allow it to consume you
Create fully,
With every facet of your heart
In order to achieve
True nourishment of the soul
Broken Arpeggio Sep 2018
An attempt to drown
One's inner demons,
Does nothing more
Than render them
With an ability to swim...
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