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The Rain is falling and
The Heart of Mine is Thine
  The Cuckoo calling
   The Rain is Falling
The Flowers playing Hide and seek
The parakeets dancing at Wastoorwan peak
My Heart meeting your Heart
The downpour crossing  the Heat
The nimbus is falling
And calling
Silence is the language of Love
And only good time is Now
Love is all we need in life
Born like other
I also have Mother
i am teacher
i am teacher
some call me call teacher
Some call me cheater
Do u know I also am sweeter....
Some call me weird
But to make your son best
i always tried
To imped evils
from the side of devils....
I saved your sibling from waste
I am the Teacher I never Haste
I never Fuss what money I get
I give u my life and U BET !!!
I nourish your son
When you yourself shun...
Still you treat me like a best !!!!
You Slaughter my Heart and Cook your feast !!
Still never mind
Teacher  preacher
The snow puffs on the lonely trees of my yard...
Zephyr falling on the rheumy ground,,,
My Heart beating
With no sound!!!!!
My Heart beating with no sound!!!!!
Moist ground intimate
With moist eyes :::
The Parakeets holdback Spring to come,
The peak of KHARABALL,
All Milky with fresh snow
Once Sunshine Gnaw...
Looking above the minerates of my Masjid,,,
I saw your image
Waiting for me...
Let us again we should be we
As we are we
As we are we
Snow drops
Bashir Ali Najar Nov 2018
Poem dedicated to you

Those looks
Always make me forgot Books...
Nothing so shine
When I call you mine...
Whenever I feel lazy
Your coming made me crazy...
Touching your soft hand
I feel like a magic wand...
Staring into your eyes
RAYEES Catching the stars along the skies...
I am your's
You are mine
Together we always shine
Never forgot you r mine..
You are mine
Bashir Ali Najar Nov 2018
I listen to cry of Mother
I gaze the sister lament !
My brother no more
The dream of being bride raze !!!!
Father mourn on the Carcass of son..
The Son Whom he used to talk at evening !!!
Close to day , Father watching the Son in the jaws of Death...
The granny's House ablaze !!
So burn mother's trousseau....
The birds nest have no more eggs!!!
No more grasshoppers hop in my fields...
No more children
No more hide and seek #
I hear no more ducks crook..
Along the Lakes *
The wind don't dare to gush !!!
Along the mount Pirpanjal
Autumn bewail
In my vale ...
Bashir Ali Najar Nov 2018
I sat along the golden leaves of chinars
Autumn working like a zinner....
The nest lay unlatched ,
The stars above uncatched..
The spectre of winter embezzle every Hope of spring...
The snow puffs primed to Hug the buttercups .....
The Heart ablazed with the thoughts of death,
When the spring accompanying Autumn !!!!
When I "ll be laid in the bottom ....
At the end we r going there
Bashir Ali Najar Nov 2018
The long walks along the green meadows of Wastorwan ...
The long spiel of old man at sward..
The blooming tulips at foothills of Zabarwan
My soul forage whereabouts???
The days catching the stars along the Empyrean ...
The days making clay castles
My soul forage Whereabouts ???
The flames of hot Nunchai,
From the Konforka of Samovar,
Once laden on the old woman's Head
The Whizz after butterflies,
The chords of Gazals,
No more Heart Enthrall,
As all dark and grey !!
Still Here I Lay !!!!
Still Here I Lay !!!!
In the country of Dead
Where everything seems Red
Where everything seems Red
Walking along the banks of jehlum with u
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