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Melody Mann Mar 2021
Internalized mayhem stirs within your being,
Storm clouds brewing in your mind's horizon,
A scatter of recollections and discoveries surface in your conscious,
You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts,
This banter hangs in the foreground of action as you contemplate your next steps,
Treacherous thoughts,
Disconnected mind,
Heart aflutter.
Inspired by Kahlil Gibran, this poem explores thought to speech
Constantly it changed everything.
Overthrows hopes among people,
Varied thoughts, feelings, and demands
Ignites humans’ inability to understand, how
Deadly this virus can be.

Its existence
Creates a big change.
A change that made everything
Fall into place and Space
Or nearly destroys what’s in order.

How did the virus earn its crown?
It is on its pedestal!
Corona, the virus!
Virus and it's viral.

Could it be a blessing or not?
Could we be grateful that it exists?
Or it merely
Harmony and order.

Consoles people
Offers love and care to others;
Reunites shattered and damaged ones;
Nestles kindness and patience to one and all;
Allows bonds and relations to grow deeper.

Is it an epiphany?
A sort of vision to see how beautiful our future will be,
If everyone cares to see the good in each other?
To admire and to appreciate the efforts and hard work of all men
Regardless of life status?
Is it not great to see how people around the globe love one another?

This pandemic shocked the world indeed.
It paved a way to heal what’s broken
Living and non-living things;
Yes, let us include everything that God has created.
We have forgotten our sole responsibility to His gifts.

Cures and heals.
Optimistically changes the heart of many;
Rhetorically awakens all to contemplate;
Obliged everybody to care;
Now, behold and pray.

This too shall pass.
Many have died but this would not end
Your hope and faith.
Together we fight,
Together we uncrown
from my book ABCs of LIFE

This too shall pass. Keep safe everyone.
Kusuma Karbela Jun 2020
I went too far, I crossed the line

I lose the war, I lost my mind

I ignored Thy, I don't have shy

I smile outside, but deeply I cry

Don't think nobody understand

But it's better to pretend

That's everything set on its order

while life going harder and harder

090620. Qom, Iran.
John McCafferty May 2020
Allow for time to contemplate
choices made in state
Singularity holds a fee
an opportunity cost
Another thought is lost
from the moment we awake
Energy ingested
decisions we are blessed with
Short term gains
instill a greater weight
Communicative building blocks
can help us through today
Think about your space
and the product you create
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
LLillis Oct 2019
Amber fire cooled
Smooth over water hardened
To soften the burn.
Uma Sankar Sep 2019
Unaware of the intentions
Intoxicated with the hatred and lies
I gulped every bit
from the bowl they offered

You wanted to offer me help
I thought you’re delusional
The realization was late
and remorse made me worse

I wanted to be free
to stop the ride of disgust
But, It kept on dragging
Like the law of inertia

I knew it won’t stop
So, I waited, waited so long
for the engine to corrode
and dismantle to pieces

Now, I am free like a bird
No strings, no cage
And no chasing after mirage
A new voyage to rediscover myself

I wanted to apologise a lot
to the ones I have hurt
to the things I overlooked
And to the special one, you

You should have been my priority
You should have been the focus
The real one in this fake world
The clear one in this blurry world

Hope I still deserve you
Your hand of help
Your words of faith
Your unconditional love!
Jule Aug 2019
I wish I could hold on to the words once mine
Like the ocean holds on to it’s tides
Sitting by the shore
My hand no longer in yours
neo Jul 2019
she stands there,
wind through her hair,
dazed and unaware,
numb and hopeless,
a broken goddess.

she stands there
waiting for time
to fade her away
into the dark, cold night.
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