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zelda rangel Nov 2019
why do i apologize for something i didn't do
then i wouldn't apologize just to keep it cool?
why do i say yes when i really want to say no?
why do i say no because i want to be alone?

why do i say 'that's crazy!' but i believe it
then become suspicious when i know i shouldn't?
why do i cry like it's a never-ending pain?
why do i smile when it feels like i'm hurting again?

i am not a saint or a doctor
i can't heal on my own, got nothing to offer
but there's a fire inside my bedroom
yet it doesn't stop the darkness that looms
take me out of this cage where I might strangle myself with more beef and guilt.
my eyes are drawn
to your white lettering
and black label.

my soul is rather
fired up by that
substance inside you.

my lips,
by the taste.

“don’t do this to yourself, you’ve been good all this time.”

“you’ve been steering clear, you’ve been attending your meetings.”

i tell myself, as i reach in
my pocket and rustle through
the chips i‘ve collected all
this time as reward for
learning to live without you.

but ****.

that smell. the way you feel inside me.
the way you make my head shake.

the way you make me forget.

you taste of liquor, my dear, and i’m a recovering alcoholic.

oh ****, i’m sorry...correction.
was a recovering alcoholic.

so a toast,
to your wonderfully devilish eyes,
and to another relapse.

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Megitta Ignacia Apr 2019
Pasir memeluk kakiku, tak mau melepaskanku.
Licinnya pasir berkali-kali membuatku terhisap.
Sama seperti pelukanmu kala itu,
yang terus mengunciku,
berontak tiada artinya
sampai akhirnya jiwaku tunduk pula padamu.

Kita pernah bahagia,
Bagai burung-burung yang terbang rendah, bermain-main diantara air,
Mengintip manisnya pantulan diri air biru.

Yang lama terasa singkat.
Seperti langit merah muda yang lama lama termakan kabut pindah ke kegelapan malam yang menenangkan hanya dalam hitungan detik.

Bagai kapal yang mengapung terombang ambing kencangnya ombak,
Ia tetap teguh karena telah menjatuhkan jangkarnya.
Begitulah aku ketika pada akhirnya hanya kau dijiwaku.

Namun arus laut begitu kuat,
begitu sulit untuk berenang pada arah tujuan.
Semesta punya ceritanya,
berkali-kali kupaksakan tubuhku tak terbawa arus,
namun kakiku lemah, terus menerus terobek tajamnya batu karang yang tak kelihatan.
Mungkin itu cara semesta beritahu
bahwa disana bukan tempat yang aman bagiku.

Aku menyerah.
Seperti butiran pasir yang kugenggam erat dibawah air laut,
satu per satu rontok,
aku tergoda untuk membuka tanganku di bawah air
dan menyaksikan kemegahan pasir-pasir kecil yang jatuh menghilang terseret air.
Itulah kau.

Laut punya caranya.
Semuanya akan terjadi alami.
Semesta poros pengaturnya.
Biarlah laut hapuskan kau.

Tenang saja,
aku akan kembali baik-baik saja.
Seperti debur ombak yang menyapu kasarnya pasir, ia mampu mendatarkan lintasannya yang sebelumnya hancur teracak-acak angin.

Bagai tapak kaki di basahnya pasir,
berjejak namun akan segera hilang begitu terhanyut ombak ataupun angin yg berhembus.
060419 | 9:38 AM | Kost Warmadewa
ditulis sebelum berangkat kerja,setelah kukirimkan teks panjang padamu.

"are we done?"
ThatBrokenOne Dec 2018
Sometimes I have this feeling,
This feel that if I wake up tomorrow you will be there,
Right next to me.

Sometimes I have this feeling,
That you are still mine,
Even after all this time.

Sometimes I have this feeling,
That I miss you, that I need you.
And it is not just a feeling, because I do.
bree Nov 2018
it's unfair.

the control you have
over my heart

you make my heart

  a beat

            then two

just by the thought of you
rough draft
Ashley Feb 2018
Tell me you love me and we will be together again
Promise me please that you wont ever leave.
Because God knows I need you ,
God knows I'm in love with you.
You are the essence of my being.
You are the source of my happiness .
I love you .

I cherished you more than life it self.
I believed every word you ever said.
I need you more than the air I breathe .
I need you more than you could ever believe.
You are who I live for.  
You are who I would die for.
You are my life source decorated with skin.

The sun doesn't rise without you,
nor do the birds sing in the morning.
The sky is no longer blue and the stars no longer shine.
This world, my world can not function without you.

And as I lay here empty, cold and alone I think only of you.
The thought of you pollutes my mind,
And every promise you ever made has engraved itself on my heart.
My skin is covered in the words you said.
My eyes only see you,
and my lips beg to feel yours.
Lord God knows I miss you.

Please just love me and put me back together again.
God knows it hurts loving someone who doeent love you back.
Moni Feb 2018
As blood drips on the tile
Panic fills the classrooms
Text messages full of terror are being exchanged
Another one hits the floor
Another tear escapes from its owner
Petrified parents pray that their child is safe
Heartbroken viewers across the country watch as another tragedy takes place
Eighteen school shootings this year
When will it end?
May God watch over all that were effected from this tragedy.
Ako Aug 2017
I am a debris
Of what you built inside that
I prayed for eons
Mary Jun 2017
You paint black
the surrounding
making people fall in love
as you confidently smile.
And it's hard
to forgive you and forget
the way my name
escaped from your lips.
Moving on
it's far from easy
cause in this world full of words
i wasn't even a full stop
while you still are my favourite book.
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