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A Simillacrum Apr 2019
Had a thicc fog,
had a dark bog
and its bad, bad
presence, manifest
and ****** me.

Here I thought it left me.

I think leaves me over,
over and over, again.

Had its tendrils
fill the holes full,
fill me with hope,
pull out suddenly
and depress me.

I thought it came for me,

turns out it does leave,
turns out it leaves,

most likely, when I need it.

Bright Beam,
I offer you refuge,
I offer you         my bad blood,
If you'll only do
What I need done
I offer you         my ill love,
I offer you deluge,
Bright Beam,

Fill me up.
Erian Rose Mar 2019
If I could write you a letter
For how much I love you
The pages would be filled
From margin to margin
On every page
They would reach heights
That would be above reach

If the pages ever tear
Ever fade away
Just know I'll be here
To love you every day ❤
i didnt say no
i didn’t move
it wasn’t violent
like the time before
but just the same
he filled me up
in 2 minutes
leaving me feeling
empty inside

-January 10th, 2016
Lee Aaun Jan 2019
He filled the
empty me
with his
" LOVE "
Poetic T Jan 2019
I was a tall order,

                            but the bill
                            was cheap.

And I filled you up every time
Max Dec 2018
Stars so bright
That they might even
Shine some light
Our darkness.
Stars are the light of life.
Just a little one I thought of real quick...
Cherisse May Sep 2018
whenever i feel empty,
I try to evaluate myself,
much like how a student evaluates
the questions before skimming for the answers.

fill in the blanks,
the tiny crevices made by sadness,
the cracks and gaps of loneliness;
help me and fill them out with human company.

fill in the blanks;
sheets of paper, empty,
an untouched screen, the faint humming of a computer,
the pens and pencils, neat and free from human activity.

fill them in; draw and draw until your mind begs to stop;
write and write until the words don't make sense;
I've been trying to do so much
just to make sure that gaping hole of pure, slow, and excruciating loneliness and depression gets temporarily covered.

I've been trying to fill in the blanks in my life since day one.
It seems like it'll never work.
I want to keep writing until I can feel like I am something again.

It seems like I've lost myself and I will never be able to get myself back, much like a student who crams for a test and forgets everything, with no hope of recovering that information.
Mary Frances Sep 2018
He knows I'm not perfect.
He knows all my flaws too well.
He knows there's a void in me no one could fill.
And yet he chose to love me still.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
They gave me
A form to be filled
“Introduce yourself in 200 words or less.”

Nothing more, nothing less
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Is there something above this? If anyone finds, let me know it.
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