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Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
I am anything
But not less than amazing.

I can see
the deeper beauty in me.

I can feel
the pain which is real.

I have the fear
of losing my dream.

Unspoken thoughts
are roaming in my heart.

Beautiful life blossoms
Don't want to confine myself.
Don't want to confine myself in this way
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
It's like a silent road
Everything has been stopped.

Without having a hope or a dream and being free
But it's like walking blindly.

Things are never going to happen
As I thought
How it supposed to be.

Finally realised that
It is like a mirage

Because disappointing it seems
to keep our dreams
and our thinking in our mind.
'Silent road' one of my favourite poems and related to present situation of the universe.
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
They go on searching in Kingdom of happiness
Trying to find a place of

When they realise that it is a barren field
Unexpected failures break their dream.

They are not searching for castle and king
But a crowd of dreams that they're loving .

Wearing a crown is not the only source of a beautiful smile
It is a strange heaven where nameless happiness lies.
'Strange heaven' one of the best poems written by me. It is my favourite poem.
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
Going out for a while
Relaxing our mind
Leaving everything behind.

Raising sun
Natural melodious tune
Chirruping od birds
Smelling the brightly coloured flowers.

Running behind the
floating butterfly
Flowing water makes me feel like I am
floating in my dream.

Sitting on the green grass
Holding my knees
to my chest
Watching the evening sky and
Imagining different shapes in clouds.

Shouting from the mountain, just want to feel the
blowing cool wind
over the mountain peak.
Travelling  in the nature, free yourself.
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
When we have close friends
Then we have so much happiness.

With them, I feel like there is light somewhere
They put colours everywhere.

Their love, their happiness, their care
Fair is everything, friends like them are rare.

Holding their hands
We can take any stand.
Happy friendship day to all of you! Hope you also have close friends to enjoy.
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
Bring happiness
Empty sadness.

Spread humanity
Accept unity.

Fill your heart with kindness
Fill colours in emptiness.

Forget strife
Love life.
Good thoughts can make your life happier.
Hemlata Roy Aug 2019
Live your life, freely
Freedom is in the way, feel it deeply.

Nobody knows what is good or what is bad
But if the heart wants to do something then let this do, Just be glad.

Never say lie to your happiness
Just get rid of this emptiness.
Do whatever the heart likes
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