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Prerna Padlikar Apr 2019
Fill in the blanks.
Feel in the blanks.
Feeling the blanks.
George Krokos Sep 2018
I've read the letter but I'm not really impressed
the words used aren't from the heart expressed.
It's very likely an attempt to say what you think
rather than what you feel which makes it stink.
You haven't seduced me by what you've just said
and I will never come around to lay in your bed.
I'll remain at a distance to wonder at the thought
how anyone could ever with you now be caught.
You must say what you feel, mean what you say
time passes quickly and moves into another day.
When that love in our hearts has fully awakened
only then will we know that both of us are taken.
We could easily try to find some other reason
but the flower of love blossoms in due season.
Written early in 2018

— The End —