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Arisa Apr 4
"i can't do anything right"
she says to me

"You can do plenty."
I say to her.

"not really"
she says to me

"Well, you can be here with me."
I say to her.

"anyone can do that"
she says to me

"No. Only you."
I say to her.
A conversation.
Arisa Apr 4
will someone please **** my tired body
until i fall into a million pieces
and you pick me up and put
me together again just so
you can add another
line to the tally of
girls you ****?
you *******.
i hate you.
Arisa Apr 1
Starry night.
Little uneven polka dots -
Precious as pearls.

I fell in love with a star once.
But like the celestial marbles above,
He burned out before I could call him mine.

I make a wish on a dying star,
Knowing it'll never reach him.
Arisa Apr 1
That girl.
Lone, on the bays,
So beautiful
That she draws the tide
To near her
Just so the ocean
Could know her
I have once met a girl so naturally gorgeous... No makeup, just the sea salt in her hair and crystal clear blue eyes. She was lovely. I couldn't even muster a hello.
Arisa Apr 1
You are my life support.
And I am plagued by the past.

Call me beautiful like it's the only thing
Keeping me breathing.

Kiss me like you mean it,
Your love is my medicine.

You are my life support.
Be forever bound to me.
Poem about my clingy past love.
Arisa Apr 1
Liquor was meant to fill the hole
You drilled into my heart.
Your absence is clear.

And you tore off the patch when you left,
Letting my mind guzzle empty.
So it doesn't even matter.

I can drink,
And drink,
And drink,

But I can never be full.
Not again.
Not after you.
I spiraled again.
Arisa Mar 26
Open me with your thoughts, you.
Untie me of my burdens instead of bounding my hands.

Miracle worker.
Enter me. Never leave.
i don't even know
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