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Arisa Oct 2019
the night air is cold on my back; naked
white, glistening in moon's light
the glint of her silver combs my hair
caresses the cheek of all who dare gaze beyond
her lustrous face.

dotted by pearl freckles that pale her complexion,
brings beauty to nightfall.

o blissful treasure,
take me in my ascent
to your humble home
of crag and dust.

my celestial shore rests on the lunar frontier;
tucked in the embrace of space.
Another poem about my muse.
Arisa Aug 2019
free spirit bound tightly.

the equivalent
of keeping a wild tiger
as a house kitty.

you may gag my mouth
you may bind my wrists
you may stimulate
you may penetrate

you may humiliate

but though i am your slave
I am still my own master.
Arisa Aug 2019
i just want a kiss.
one movie scene kiss
something electric
something delicious
tongues intertwined
twisting in a wicked tango
arms wrapped around your neck -
like a koala on a tree
fingers running through my hair -
like a cheetah in wild plains

i just want a kiss.
explore my mouth,
you don't need a map -
don't hesitate -
just kiss me
make it work -
make it happen -

make me yours.
Arisa May 2019
one mind lost
two assessments due
three activities
four chores, a bore
five things to write
six calls a-missed
seven brain cells left
eight (myself I hate)
nine botched deadlines
ten angry men

and eleven disappointed people (including me)
Arisa May 2019
don't hold me so close
please, let me go.

i refuse to be owned
by you, by anyone

set this spirit free
before this girl goes home.
Arisa May 2019
I felt like I shot myself that night,
When I blamed life for all of my problems.
I felt like I hung myself with the tough rope that dawn,
When I blamed the other for making me feel such strong emotions.
I felt like I choked myself on water,
Filling my lungs with it that day
I stared at Death in the eyes and he could only muster a raw cackle.
I do this to myself.
Arisa May 2019
is there anybody out there
any body.
who experiences the pain i feel right
please talk to me
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