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The Vault Oct 2019
I sat in my car
Wanting to leave
But just for a minute
I put on a song to make me cry
And I shed a tear
A stupid tear
For moving forward
For not being the person
You wanted me to be
So I cried
And let my tears match the rain
Pattering on my windshield.
The Vault Oct 2019
What is tho smile?
And why shine so bright?
You are a flower
In a field of thorns
But you shine so bright
Giving off so much beauty
I can't help
But take the thorns for you
So you can grow straight out to the sky
The Vault Oct 2019
In my eyes
The light seems so much brighter
And colors
So much deeper
Your beauty
So much bigger
In my eyes
I can not deny
That you
In this light
Are so much more pretty
Than any sunset
Any night.
Dedicated to my love.
The Vault Oct 2019
I would love
To love you forever
Until the sun explodes
And forever and ever.
The Vault Oct 2019
I don't know why
I did what I did
I guess I listened
And did what people told me to do
Instead of what I wanted
And that was you
It has always been you
And I am glad you stayed
So I could steal you back.
The Vault Oct 2019
They finally fixed
This small site
The one I abandoned for a while
But I am back
Fresh and fleek
And getting abandoned
From my own family.
The Vault Oct 2019
Can I still write
A bit on this page?
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