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Masha Yurkevich Apr 2022

I'd rather you use bombs and knives,
I'd rather you use guns and swords.
I'd rather that we would have fights;
that you'd leave me with open sores.

I'd rather you find a different weapon,
a different tool to use on me.
I wish you'd make me feel a pain;
I wish you'd leave me weak and ******.

Yet the sharpest tool is what you use;
you leave me dead inside.
I wish you'd tear my heart out;
I wish I would have died.

You open your mouth and the weapons spill out,
you're armed with words that you scream and shout.
The pain is unbearable, the torture indescribable.
I know there's no point in putting up a struggle.

You **** me, one by one,
your words an open ****.
They slice me up in pieces,
making me feel like trash.

All I can be is silent;
I know that is the best.
I try to block them out,
but they're already in my chest.

Your words are killing me;
a slow, antagonizing death.
Each word you say cuts me,
each wound raw and fresh.

I wish you'd let me be,
I wish you'd leave it unsaid.
I guess you just can't see
you can't bring someone back from the dead.

Only God can do that...
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2022
I'm losing...

Losing things to remember about you....
Losing things to talk to you about....
Losing things to smile at with you...
Losing things to laugh at with you...
Losing memories about you...
Losing hope when I'm around you...
Losing hope in us when I'm around you...

I'm losing you...
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2020

They were so perfect and bright
when I got them that night.
                      Their beauty amazed me;
                       they were such a sight.
He placed them in my hand
and we smelled them together.
                        "Like these roses," he said, "we will last forever."
As time went on,
they roses began to fade.
                         Their beautiful red, pink and white
                         became a lonely grey.
Their rich, full form slowly began
to dwindle.
                           Their large, open petals
                           soon began to shrivel.
They dried up slowly
and one by one they fell,
                            leaving their beauty just a story to tell.
But what about us?
What will we leave behind?

                             Stories about roses that have
                                     dried up and died?

The roses are fading...
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2020

will die

will melt

But I'll never forget
the feeling that
I felt

Masha Yurkevich Nov 2020

Your eyes say it all

You don't need to speak

They say every word

Their meaning so deep

So cold as ice

Yet they glow with fire

They show determination

And desire

Your eyes yell and shout

Speak so loud

They are so vibrant  

Yet you are silent.

Silent yet powerful
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2020

I'm twisting, turning,
sweating, burning.
What's in my mind is so disturbing.
The world is falling,
People are mad like angry beasts.
I open my eyes but the remain closed,
showing me this world that is
out of control.
I pry my eyes but the refuse,
exposing this world of issues.
I don't want to see this;
its far too ugly.
People are mad, everything is ******.
I want to wake up from this nightmare;
where is the other world, where?
But I don't wake up, not now, not ever.
This is the nightmare we are
living together.

Masha Yurkevich May 2020

Having a

weird mom

builds character.

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