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Masha Yurkevich Sep 2022
I saw it, I saw it all.

I should have just ran, ran right after I saw it. Then I wouldn’t be in this mess now, wouldn’t have to run forever.
I saw him raise his hand, I saw him creep up to his prey.

I saw him study the situation, saw him remove his weapon.

I saw how concentrated he was, how his eyes narrowed like a cats’, how his muscles tensed as he slowly crept forward.
I saw it all, saw how he couldn’t stop after the first one; how ready he was to finish the job.
How ready he was to complete what he had come here for, once and for all.
He didn’t leave until he wrapped each and every one of them tightly, his breath quickening as he realizes what he has done.
His fingers work slowly, as if frozen and stiff, not in sync with what his brain wants them to do.
He looks around his surroundings, searching to see if anyone has seen what he has done.

And then he spots me.

His eyes burn into my flesh and I know that my end has come.
He picks up his weapon and makes his way towards me, me who is as firmly planted as a tree, me who cannot move despite all my hardest efforts.
And just as I shut my eyes and prepare myself for the blow, my knees give way and my legs start moving. But I know that I have no where to go, no where to run.
He will find me, he will search me out among all the living and dead. He will make sure that not one living being has seen what he has done.
His weapon makes contact with my flesh; I hold back a scream.
The pool noodle hit me straight in the face, slapping my cheek like an infant, and I know the fight is on.

The candy jar stands empty on the counter.

My brother just ate all the candy from the candy jar.
Enjoy :)
Masha Yurkevich Apr 2022

I'd rather you use bombs and knives,
I'd rather you use guns and swords.
I'd rather that we would have fights;
that you'd leave me with open sores.

I'd rather you find a different weapon,
a different tool to use on me.
I wish you'd make me feel a pain;
I wish you'd leave me weak and ******.

Yet the sharpest tool is what you use;
you leave me dead inside.
I wish you'd tear my heart out;
I wish I would have died.

You open your mouth and the weapons spill out,
you're armed with words that you scream and shout.
The pain is unbearable, the torture indescribable.
I know there's no point in putting up a struggle.

You **** me, one by one,
your words an open ****.
They slice me up in pieces,
making me feel like trash.

All I can be is silent;
I know that is the best.
I try to block them out,
but they're already in my chest.

Your words are killing me;
a slow, antagonizing death.
Each word you say cuts me,
each wound raw and fresh.

I wish you'd let me be,
I wish you'd leave it unsaid.
I guess you just can't see
you can't bring someone back from the dead.

Only God can do that...
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2022
I'm losing...

Losing things to remember about you....
Losing things to talk to you about....
Losing things to smile at with you...
Losing things to laugh at with you...
Losing memories about you...
Losing hope when I'm around you...
Losing hope in us when I'm around you...

I'm losing you...
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2022
It was another ordinary day. I woke up at my usual hour, looked around to find everything just as it was the previous day. I took this as a good sign; I don’t like change. I was a bit cold, but that was probably because the sun’s rays haven’t reached me through the window just yet. I had no other reason to be cold, my life was perfect. Despite my just waking up, I felt slightly tired. All that talk from them kept me up, not letting me drift off into my dreams. They were talking quietly, their faces scrunching up with every word. I couldn’t pick out the words the way I used; I think I’m getting old. But their tone sounded different than it usually does. The carless and cheerful spirit was worrisome and troubled.

I started to ponder over yesterday’s strange mood but was brought back to reality when she came around the corner. Ready for my breakfast, lady. She walks to me, looks at me and smiles that straight white tooth smile as she gives me my meal. I gobble it up with joy; everything seems back to normal. He comes around the corner and greets her with his usual kiss before grabbing his coat and heading out the door. She leaves only moments later. The sun touches me, warming me even more. I feel good. Everything is good; I feel so alive.

But it doesn’t take long for my tower of happiness to topple down. Shortly after leaving, they both return. I am confused; this is different. The look on their faces only adds to my confusion. They look bewildered and worried, rushing to close all the windows and doors. Their voices are soft whispers, their movements quick and quiet. They close the curtains, shut off the lights and within the four walls for the rest of the day. Everything feels strange. It is quiet, the sun is not shining, the voices are not laughing and the atmosphere feels eerie. I put my strange feelings aside and drift into my sweet dreams, relieved by the fact that tomorrow will be just another normal day.

But today is different. It is not normal. They are silent; any words exchanged are whispered closely. The curtains remain shut with not a single morning ray of light to enter. Everything is quiet. The little ones below us don’t holler or cry. Those above us don’t vacuum or shower. The only noise is something I have never heard before, something from outside the walls. It rumbles and roars, certainly something that doesn’t sound natural. When this noise comes, I do not need to pick out words from them to see what is going on. I can tell it by their faces; the terror in their eyes is enlarged by the glass. They look at me, me in my safe little place. A place where I feel content with the most basic nutrition and observing the world around me, the world that now seems to be falling apart.

I was certainly not awaiting the next. A boom, a roar, a rumble, the loudest one yet, escapes from the monster outside. But I could have lived through a loud noise, I could have gotten over it. It was what came after that ended me(took the breath out of my mouth). Through my warm morning sunshine window, a strange object enters uninvited. If it would have had a face, its eyes would have been peering, its mouth a smirk, its nose scrunched up. It gives no warning as it explodes in our four walls, sending shards of its body flying everywhere. They scream, running for cover, like tourists from rain. The gaping hole that once used to be my warm window is a wound, showing me what is going on beyond the four walls. It is brutal; I don’t want to talk about it. The second explosion catches me off guard once more. It’s harder than the first, turning my nightmare into a reality. But among all the noise and uproar, I hear the worse sound yet…

My fishbowl cracks.
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2020

They were so perfect and bright
when I got them that night.
                      Their beauty amazed me;
                       they were such a sight.
He placed them in my hand
and we smelled them together.
                        "Like these roses," he said, "we will last forever."
As time went on,
they roses began to fade.
                         Their beautiful red, pink and white
                         became a lonely grey.
Their rich, full form slowly began
to dwindle.
                           Their large, open petals
                           soon began to shrivel.
They dried up slowly
and one by one they fell,
                            leaving their beauty just a story to tell.
But what about us?
What will we leave behind?

                             Stories about roses that have
                                     dried up and died?

The roses are fading...
Masha Yurkevich Nov 2020

will die

will melt

But I'll never forget
the feeling that
I felt

Masha Yurkevich Nov 2020

Your eyes say it all

You don't need to speak

They say every word

Their meaning so deep

So cold as ice

Yet they glow with fire

They show determination

And desire

Your eyes yell and shout

Speak so loud

They are so vibrant  

Yet you are silent.

Silent yet powerful
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