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AceLione Jan 12
When dinner is ready I can hear him walking
If I get a plate he’ll come after me, stalking
Enters the room, then stares and sniffs
Bit on some clothing he knows isn’t his
But still I will miss you when I get home
Or if you’ve been good boy, there won’t be a bone
Cause the room will be empty just like your dog bed
And I hope that you know that you were the best pet
My dog is ill and will perish soon. I love you Rocky
AceLione Jan 11
You know that I do got that depression
You Did not give reason, I accept your concession
And let me be clear I did learn my lesson
But it’s like I’m the only one who’s confessing
We all made mistakes but you said it’s alright
But then you start yet another fight
Just cause you’re crying does not mean you’re right
And I’m still a human who cries when it’s night
AceLione Dec 2020
Decisions are like leaves of a tree
Some are good and others bother me
They are fed by the rains of emotion
And the winds of relations but them in motion
After a little, a couple will fall
But even after a while, a few remain of the all
The winds of relation might blow them away
None of those good or bad leaves will stay
But then again, they might regrow
How many good or bad, you will never know.
AceLione Dec 2020
I sit upon my throne and stare
Looking at the empty hall with no care
Memories of cheers and excitement
And then I only had indictment
They blamed me for the faults that occurred
Traitors amongst my ranks who had it stirred
The price I have to pay for those I trust
Keep their words they must.
But no, they don’t. I see them running out
My Kingdom a Blaze and I’m with no doubt
And for whoever wants to be the king
Be prepared for what troubles those who say they’re loyal will bring
I had a discussion with a friend of mine and this is inspired by it
AceLione Nov 2020
The sweat streaming down my eye brow
Looking at the arrow in my ankle that was shot by Paris' bow
Oh my briseis, please don't cry
My shield and spear are always yours as i point it at the sky
Zeus, you have blessed me with immortality but oh i am cursed
All my life i've been killing men for another's thirst
Finally my chains have been broken, i can breathe
This cold feels nice, my sword at last in it's sheath
AceLione Oct 2020
The Cold breeze touching my arms, chest and legs
The Sun going down as I look at it relaxed
It shone so bright and gave warmth
But now I look and see the Star of the North
Meaning it will only be a moment before the moon
This dimmed light makes me swoon
Oh now a different light touches my skin
It brings unfamiliar emotions from within
AceLione Oct 2020
Milady, are thy in need of a handkerchief?
Or an escort out while we take our leave?
I'll shield you from those who wish to harm
Why are thou feelings so shallow yet so warm?
Must remain my posture even though she makes my heart wild
Even wilder than the desires of Adam and Eve's Child

Oh Milady wait for me, I have an umbrella
Who am I? Oh i am just a mere uptown fella
What do i want? No i do not wish these haunting desires
Anyone who says i am that dishonorable are nothing but liars.
No Milady, please wait! i wish you for who you are
No Milady, Don't leave me now after you have left this scar...
Fufufu, Manners maketh Man.
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