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AceLione Jul 13
It is us, The Legion of Farron
Destroyers of evil is what we swear in
Our blade might fall but will rise again
Swallowed by darkness, we shan’t die as man
Have we become what we had sworn to eradicate
How foolish we were to deny our own tragedy and fate
Based off Dark Souls’ Abyss Watchers
AceLione Jun 13
Now that you’re gone, the fire will extinguish
Atleast that is what you thought
The fire is still burning, sparking as well
Then the rain cloud of tears rains down
It spreads the sparks with every rain drop
Till the fire gets bigger and more aggressive
Now that you’re gone, the burns will get worse
Bright burned
AceLione Jun 11
Walk with me down this path
I'll hold your hand, make sure you won't get lost
Have Faith in me
Listen to my voice, I'll clear the cloud within your mind
Have belief in me
It's rough, you might fall but let me help you up
Rely on me
Every burden, share with me, I'm here
AceLione Jun 4
Oh Mighty Knight, why do you keep fighting?
Oh Mighty Knight, how firm are you holding your banner?
Oh Mighty Knight, When is the last time you cried?
Oh Mighty Knight, Who will die for you?
Oh Mighty Knight, What is between you and death?
Oh Mighty Knight, Where will you take your rest?
Oh Pitiful Knight...
AceLione Jun 2
A knight’s honor is filled with injustice
The Martyr’s wounds are made by Martyrs
The traitor’s betrayal came from let down
A Ruler’s demise is to create a new Ruler
To Win, there has to be lost
Growth is stimulated by death
Happiness from someone else causes another’s wrath
AceLione Feb 26
Demons of Fire and Angels of Light
Are Demons wrong and Angels right?
You shan't know if their hearts are corrupt
Still people wait for the unsure rapture
Humans, let us live with sins and graces
Because Angels and Demons can have 2 or more faces
AceLione Oct 2019
Hey is someone there
Yeah i am still here
Guess i am alone
just me and my phone
0 messages, i see
no-one wants to see me
no-one wants to hold me tight
no-one wants to help me in this fight
I am still here alone
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