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Mary-Eliz Oct 2019
I miss my friend so much
the one I could tell anything
no judgment,
no advice,
just understanding.
Ten years gone now
too long to be friend-lonely
too long to not
see her smile
too long to not
share tears
and laughter
too long to be without
that safe, caring place
she held in her heart.

Ten years gone

I miss my son so much
first-born, brain tumor fighter
brave, determined, inspiring
Ten years gone now
too long to be son-lonely
too long to feel his brothers'
too long to not
see his smile
too long to not
share the tears
and laughter
too long to not
share the fight
too long not to say
"Good Morning, Sunshine!"

July and November
months of painful memories
and in between
- Autumn -
the dying of the year

Ten years gone now
too long to carry grief
that never goes away.
Mary-Eliz Jan 2019
There's a song...
a piece of music
I wish you could hear

when I hear it
a couple appears in my mind

they move lightly
step forward
two as one

the music
flavor of Latin
sultry guitar
dulcet violin
breathy flute
suffuses their bodies
tawny velvet skin
ignited in a warm glow

hands raised
palms touching
crossover steps
bodies syncopated
perfectly in time
perfectly in step
perfectly together


his hands on her
slender waist
move softly
in rhythm
with the easy swaying
of her hips

her silky dress
floats and ripples
a scarlet river
shining under fluorescent "stars"

their gaze steady
into each others' rich
mahogany eyes
until she is twirled
back to his chest

hands still on her waist
his lips tenderly brush her neck
he takes her hand
she turns
into him again

in that moment
no one
nothing else exists
only the music
and their fiery zeal
""Ak Verlang Na Ju" is a song in Africaans. It means "I'm longing for you." recorded by Wouter Kellerman. the CD "Love Language". The song is by Sonja Herholdt.
Mary-Eliz Aug 2018
gently interrupted by velvet mountains
burnt sienna soil stretches through olive trees
that lift their limbs toward blue expanse
where pillowy clouds drift with ease

shadows lengthen as the sun spreads
a warmth perceptible to the view
energy and life pouring into ripening fruit
soon harvest gathering will be due

tracks of vehicles between the rows
show signs of tending that's been done
through summer's growing season
and years before when they were begun

saplings planted there with care
by tanned, robust yet gentle hands
have grown taller year by year
where now a stately orchard stands
A picture prompt - reminiscent of van Gogh's paintings of olive tree groves.
Mary-Eliz Aug 2018
in synergy of sky and sea
shadowy clouds bestow the rain
the gracious sea accepts
then gives it back again

filtering through the clouds
sunshine warms the scene
dancing on the ripples
creating a resplendent sheen

endless sky and water deep
all but a seamless view
who gives color to the other
which one is more blue

allies in a great expanse
their grandeur is sublime
their waltz remains unchanged
as they measure out its time
Inspired by a landscape/seascape in which clouds over the sea in the distance appear to either rain down or draw up mist.
Mary-Eliz Aug 2018
Ten Word Challenge: orphan/ gilded/ scattered/ fins/ library/ pavement/ plowshares/ stamp/ outcry/ tomatoes

Orphan books at the library
scattered on rickety tables
set up on the cracked pavement
await a new home at bargain prices

Books whose stamps
of classification are faded
Some with gilded edges
like the fins of goldfish

Books rich with knowledge
ready for curious fertile minds
like soil being turned by plowshares
for corn, wheat or rich red tomatoes

Books that - if not re-homed
if tossed or burned -
would rightly cause an outcry
from book lovers everywhere
Mary-Eliz Jul 2018
behind a diaphanous curtain of fog
the moon is perched between dark clouds
in anticipation of lovers to entice
stillness surrounds, no breath of a breeze

then rustling leaves, footsteps
tell of passion that can't be confined
young bodies enfold with insatiable desire
moon, contented, discreetly slips behind the clouds
Mary-Eliz Jul 2018
though the moon tries
peeks through the trees

we can’t see in the night
but we can feel

weep not for darkness
but for unfeeling hearts

the moon tries
peeks through the trees

we can’t see in the night
but we can hear

weep not for darkness
but for those who won’t listen

the moon tries
peeks through the trees

we can’t see in the night
but we can dream

weep not for darkness
but for those unable to dream

the moon peeking
through the trees cries
Inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca poem.
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