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Asante' Apr 2020
I see my hands,
   They’re disappearing,
        And my arms,
             They’re turning clear.
                    My legs are fading slowly.
                               Before I know it,
                                         I’m not here.

                                       I try to shout,
                                  But hear no bellow.
                                      I try to scream,
                                       But not a cry.
                                        My being is
                                        i n v i s i b l e
                               And I have no idea why.

                                                           ­                        No one else
                                                                ­   Seems to see me.
                                                             ­                     And no one else
                                                            ­       Seems to care.
                                                           ­  The people who are near me
                                                              ­    Walk through me like I’m
                                                                ­                     a   i   r.

                                        How I’ve left
                                     Is but a mystery.
                                       Why I’ve left
                                      I do not know.
                   The main question on my mind is

Asante' Jul 2019
You're supposed to feel stupid now
Crying out of pain
Single with a lonely heart
Or dating someone plain
But now I see you with this girl
With whom I can't compete
Smiling like you're happy now
As if you feel complete
Forgive me for my bitterness,
The daggers in my eyes
But I realize all your hopeful words
Were just conveying lies
See, you once would call me beautiful
And after me you chased
Then you dumped me, left me all alone
And now I've been replaced?
Asante' Mar 2019
I have faith
that one day
I will no longer be
by the thought
of you.
Asante' Mar 2019
Standing all alone in front of twisted mirrors
Viewing versions of myself I’ve never seen before
The more I try to run the more I run into them
Will I ever find a way to reach the exit door?
Asante' Feb 2019
Pinch me
so I'll feel the pain.
Hurt me
'til I go insane.
Maybe then
I won't refrain
and end this
in my vein.
Asante' Feb 2019
I have myself convinced
that my heart
has a limited amount
of repairs.
That after the seventh time
it is broken,
there will be no way
to fix it.
I don’t trust
its durability.
But I am the owner
and the repairman.
And if I say it will get fixed,
it will get fixed.
Lifetime guaranteed.
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