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Asante' Jan 2
How is it that
the minute
I let you go
was the same minute
I began to feel
beautiful again
Asante' Dec 2018
You're the scar
that everyone insists on
rubbing their finger in.
they say as the blood starts
oozing again.

Then they leave me to
nurse my own wound.
Asante' Nov 2018
Treating happiness
like it's a
r a c e
is the fastest way to
c r a s h
into misery.
Asante' Nov 2018
I was never intended
To be toxic waste,
The girl spewing
With her words,
Acid dripping
From the corners of her mouth,
Living, breathing
So please don't share that fire with me.
Get it out of my face
And away from my lungs.
I don’t want your fumes
To poison me.
Asante' Nov 2018
You keep on running back to me,
You sneak into my skin,
Banging on my frail bones, shouting
“Please let me come in!”
I try to keep the blinds closed
And pretend that I’m not here,
But you wait until I yield to you
Before you disappear.
Asante' Nov 2018
Yesterday, I cried.
Today I’m feeling somber,
But somewhere in the tomorrows
I’ll be smiling again.
Asante' Nov 2018
Someone please take me to Dreamland.
Put me on the fastest flight,
'Cause while you slept and slumbered sweetly,
I was wide awake all night.
So if you know the way to Dreamland,
Put the address in my brain,
So I can journey on to find it,
Somewhere where my world is sane.
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