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Jaine Aug 2018
They say there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel
But what happens when the tunnel collapses on you
You can run as fast as you can towards the so called light
You can stumble along in the darkness with blind faith
Hoping that one day you’ll see the comforting light in the distance
And all of that is for nothing when it all comes tumbling down on you
Taking your freedom away for the houndreth time
Jaine Apr 2019
I’m a burden
I’ve been told time and time again
I’m too much
I have too many problems
I need to keep my emotions to myself
No one will ever love you
I need to chill out
If I can’t stop I should just leave
My own mother once told me to go
No one lets me stay because as I said
I’ve been told time and time again
I’m a burden
Jaine Apr 2019
I will survive
Not for you, not my family, not for anyone but myself
I will survive
Because I am worth living for
I will survive
Even though the going is rough with no sign of stopping
I will survive
For those moments of pure bliss and happiness
I will survive
I will prove myself wrong and show my self that I’m worth it and so
I will survive
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
You say you love her,
But does love last a minute,
Stop lying through your teeth,
You know this is *******.

You say you need her,
Yet you "forget" to call her back,
Stop lying through your teeth,
It is a heart that you lack.

You say that you don't mean it,
Yet you do it again today,
Stop lying through your teeth,
I've stopped believing in what you say.

You say you're sorry for everything,
I see the sincerity in your eyes,
You've stopped lying through your teeth,
Yet my heart has already turned to ice.
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
of better things
of lovely things
of saddening things

of Him who I wondered
ever really loved me
or did it mean no more

of the life that was not mine
the life I left behind
the life I could not find

of something I do not deserve
yet yearn for
with no reserve

of things so harsh and deep
the ocean swallows me whole
and into quicksand I seep

of the life I thought I desired
of the life I was inspired
but never became reality

of better things
that became worser things
That became dangerous things

Of things I don't understand
Yet yearn for
What nonsense, I am.
Juverine Wan Mar 2018
I'm living for
all the love in the world
All the love you're giving me
All the love I'm receiving.

I'm living for
all the love in the world
The love they're looking for
The love they're needing.

I'm living for
all the love in the world
The love they're expecting
the love they're never receiving.

I'm looking for
all the love in the world
The love they're hoping for
the love they're living for.

I thank you for
all the love in the world
The ones I wasn't expecting
The ones when I wasn't looking.

I'm praying for
all the love in the world
The ones that are coming
and the ones that are hiding.
Juverine Wan Sep 2017
Loudly and constantly it rings,
Drumming through my ears,
Holding me by the throat,
Slashing through my tears,

Morning it awakes me,
yet Night introduces its death,
Waking me up is its job,
Nothing holds its wrath.

Conscience, it always leads me,
Never lets me go,
Tells me all their stories,
And brings me silver and gold.

When I am ill, it cures me,
Stating my medicine and time,
Bugs me every morning,
Sour like a lime.

My heart is the biggest reminder,
Yet it cheats and lies and steals,
It goes away and comes back here,
In pieces, never still.

My heart it keeps on saying,
On and on and on,
That somethings are just not worth it,
Not worth for me to hang on.
Hey guys, just a reminder for all of you... Follow your heart but also follow your mind because sometimes...the heart can be deceiving. Protect yourself and love yourself!
Juverine Wan Sep 2017
Is she happy?
I can't tell
Maybe it's because
She always smiles

A face of sarcasm
A twinge of laughter
Her words are soft
With screams and shouts

Her height is debatable
Her character is not
Her liveliness contrasts
With nothing at all

Her hair does not change
But when it does it shocks
Everyone around her
Laughs in flocks

Though sometimes she annoys
She always comes back
Though some may disagree
She's still my friend.

Hi, this is a poem about my friend, Elissa. I've known her for quite some time and I love her (sometimes).
The Bleak Poet Feb 2017
1 cut, 2 cut, 3 cut, 4

I feel like I could've done more

5 cut, 6 cut, 7 cut, 8

I am consumed with all of my hate

9 cut, 10 cut, 11 cut, 12

I grab more blades from the shelves

13 cut, 14 cut, 15

I cry silently to not make a scene

16, 17, 18

My bath tub will be hard to clean

19, 20

A few more won't hurt I have plenty


I wish I had a gun


I wish I was good enough for you


I'll finally be free


It's a good thing I'm ok with gore


Am I still alive?


I'm getting my fix


I know I won't go to heaven


I'm almost at Hell's gate


It's the end of the line


I'm not afraid of death, this I can guarantee

– Counting Cuts // F.C.
Possible trigger warning and I apologize if anyone is uncomfortable reading this
Chan Dy Jan 2015
Sometimes I wish I could fly
But everytime we talk I feel so high-
High enough to feel like I could touch the sky

I haven't been to moon
But I swear in that moment
I feel no gravity.

instagram: @chandyspoetry

Thoughts? :)
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