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Somtimes silence IS beauty.
I would follow the moon
As close as id go
Your voice echoed
We had coversations
Each and every night
I prayed To you
Like a God
That created
The very birth
Of my soul
You escaped me
You let go
Now I long for you
I let myself search
Beyond this cloud
Of doo
Is a beautiful earth
Waiting to unravel
Inside my twisted
Everescent light

Drowning in nature
Pure and light

It is a calling
It is passion
That cures US
Pure elicit


Metaphoric blocks
To our very exsistance
Her relinquished love
Grew fire
It began
To drench
Her very core

This denial
Had finally
Came to an end
Her vase flew
Empty and forgoten

Her mouth
Still numb
From the everescent


The truth
Could **** you
If you let it
Karisa Brown Mar 1
Her crossed arms
Shook me
Her face evaded
Such rhythm
That I couldn't
Stand it

She lingered
Long enough
For me to
Touch her
Heart felt ecstacy

In space
We were a palgrium
Never to congur
Under the light
We drew

Her heaven
My space
We created
Such a place

We both
Hold on together
Forever and ever
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