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Karisa Brown Jan 2020
This time
Act athourative
Give pleasure to the pain
Demand respect
Be an as whole
As long as you don't hurt yourself

Counteract the regression
Look inside find peace and perfection
Hurry the hachet
And then go steal your key
Back from the wicked witch
And stupid ol monkey

I'd agree things
Aren't meant
To repeat
You act as if
It's good to feel rushed
Nervous behavior
Come to a stop

Let winds whisper
And trees blow
Go to places
No one knows

And only then
Will they leave
You alone

Part one
Scene a million
Out of nowhere came a shadow
I looked to my right
And felt this strange
Oppressed and battle
Timeline jumping
What the he'll does it matter
Stop and pursue
The red flag
That you draw

You can't hurt me
You are fictional past
Someone somewhere far away
Hurt you and I sit everyday
With your pain
I give it back
Karisa Brown Jan 2020
You are the night
Pulled in tight

Hair tangled
Around my fingertips

Sweet nectar of neck
Honey gold permiance
Karisa Brown Jan 2020
My beliefs are what make me strong
My beliefs set fire to passions that spark
Send flames
A smoke signal
To the ones i harm
Tells them to come home
Run away from the shame
The blasamist
The pain
Run away to the light
So I can hold you warm
And tell you it's alright
Keep faith
In the unknown
It is your friend
It's,time to
Tell you the truth
It's all misbelief
Karisa Brown Jan 2020
What notes
Do you sing from
The top of the
Blossom tree
Or the corner of
The darkest basement

What color
Are your leaves
Brown and gold
With crisp edges
Or lillac green
With peace
And  pure essence

Where do you
Flow from
On silver ponds
Karisa Brown Jan 2020
Made in your face
Or drawn over a thin
White lie
I mean line
Made out of paper
You posted it
Didn't you

Who are you
Where do you live
Inside a crib
You once slept in
No home goes unnoticed
To us kinds

We live in imagination
BEyOND the bright fillip stars
Where comfort and knowing are

We live to follow you
And quarter just for a go about
What you imagine life really is

It's you
It's all inside of you
Your soul stretched a thousand lands
Before finding you
And reaching into
Your afterlife care

It sput out ashes upon
Your bed
And told you
Please do not take
These off your sheets
One day you will kneel
I'm what yiure now doing
Only to look up
To a brighter pool
Of hopefully zooms of light
Inhabited by mother
And father time

Just joking they don't exist here
Here is parallel to any know being
Where the fish comb
Through your vessels
And hats race thru your mind
And hurddles of black sea
Trunks of ancient old trees
Soon devour
Little I'm
Nobody pays attention to me you
We,are interested in you

But why?
I don't like the attention
Please don't look at me
It makes me really
Creepy and weird
And mad and rages
Like scavengers eating
At my brain

Please,see it a different way
You are us
We birthed you from the Stars
We love your light
We never hate
When you feel
Low or have a hard time
We encourage you in
Whispers light
Through this species
I found your aunt
Delilah and uncle Sam

aha I thoubut so
They are mine

And the dark ones
I carry like backpacks
Of rocks
Never to lift
With each,thought

Erasing won't,help
They've already
Bought space
In my mind
And they live in my bed
And eat,the ashes
Before I have tome,
To descend into the sky
Upside down they have
Curling my toes
Where,the duck are,my toes anyway
It's man eats shot all day
Kind of love,that they celebrate

To my disguise
You,can eat cake and raindrops
Will soon taste like healing
And your insationable appetite
For life,will soon
Turn on

Is it perspective
Can or do I still have you've,them
For morning noon and night
Or can I take a flight
Or lay down a Lahore the help do I get rid of them all

Well never tell
That's where you'll
Find us
That's where we dwell
In the back of my mind

Enter stage right
Exit night
Enter light
Take,my hand

Perspective is everything!!
Karisa Brown Jan 2020
You are magnificent
You are a travler of lives
You are
The SOULMaker
Mendi mg the broken
Blending the healing

You are a blaze across
My summer night skies
Light ing up the moonlight fingertips
Karisa Brown Jan 2020
Build me a tower
Made of gold
I'll hunt you
Make you
Bleed for more

The stars have aligned
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