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Cloudy Heart Jul 2017
As you caress me
as your soul consumes mine
as our bodies intertwine
I am in awe
As you blink
and as you breathe
as you sleep
I am in awe
as you smile
as you speak
as you kiss me
I am in awe
and as you simply exist
every second
of every day
I am in awe
He leaves me speechless...
Kasey Wheeler Jan 2017
One wisp of auburn hair
I know who I hold dear
Eyes of fire
That never cease
To amaze the ones
Who do not see
How is it?
You say
How do they ever see the fire
And the answer will be:
My dear
It is better to ask
How do they not?
Liz Humphrey May 2016
You ask me one day, who do they say,
I am, what names are whispered when I pass,

some say you’re a prophet from the past,
and often others claim you’re John the Baptist
whose head Herod took, now alive again
making way for the Messiah to reign,

You follow with another question,
but who am to you, my friend,
I answer, not prophet, not John,
but the Son of the living God,
sudden joy on Your face, intense,
you proclaim to me, Peter, you’re a blessed
man, for my Father has shown you what
flesh and blood cannot, so on you, this rock,
I will build a church that hell’s assault will not
defeat, you’ll hold the keys to my Kingdom’s gates,
power to bind and loose all on heaven and earth
in my name,
in the moment, I am
amazed, mind racing, unbelieving you would
hand me, a fisherman from Galilee, the right
to reign at your side but at the same time,
knowing you’d never lie to me, for I
believe you’re all you say and more,
my Savior Christ, the coming Lord.
Part Six in my Lenten journey with Peter
Whatever you do always say a little prayer,
read poetry - read between the lines
and watch the stars in the night sky
you'll be amazed how many friends
will find their way into your heart
friends who'll never leave you for the world;
friends like love-joy and quiet-laughters
Dhaye Margaux May 2015
I cried for my saddest days
When you were just a dream
My heart was broken in pieces
And I almost wanted to scream

I cried for my lonely days
When you gave me a look
But never stopped walking alone
While I was left on that nook

I cried for my aching days
When you stopped for a while
I thought I could walk with you
And it would end on an aisle

I cried for my painful nights
When you're not by my side
I'm aching more and more
And that I cannot hide


You started looking at me
You saw and gazed at my light
You said you're loving me
And you can be my knight

I cried for my happy nights
I cried for my happy days
I cried with tears of joy
Oh, love, I am amazed!
Be grateful of the people who love you.
Invocation Apr 2015
"The road to being happy starts inside and leads out into the bright, bright world
The open door, the cracked window, the rush of careless wind that moves everything
I do my best to listen to every sound
I let my mouth enjoy each bite of life
I let my eyes take in details or full pictures, panoramic or fine
I let my thoughts run rampant and I control where they run if I wish
I touch everything I walk by
I whisper words that I like whether anyone hears me besides the trees
and I love everyone that I feel the urge to love
Every moment is a lifetime and every life is an eyeblink of bliss
I share everything with those who wander the same paths as I
I want to be a whole human, more than a daydream
I want to walk with those who love the light
Make yourself whole and let's go taste the world together"
- A little Fox getting wiser and smiling more often
Namaste, lovely people. Breathe easier, stop being so scared
Eleanor Rigby Mar 2015
Life has nothing
That can amaze
Let alone impress,
And the future
Is faceless.
I want to die
In silence.
I want to disappear
Off of myself,
Off of the sphere.

wolf Mar 2015
"The way I **** will leave you speechless,
stretched out in my sheets,
legs cringing,
body craving for more..."
She licked her lips and replied,
"Show me."
The Terry Tree Dec 2014
Every day when I awake
I think of You I call to You
My beloved, my cosmic dove
So many images in my dreams
Reaching out to You
To understand
Every morning I believe
I will receive Your
Blessings and share
Your love that You
Give to me with
Anyone who
Is willing

I follow this with
An affirmation of my love
For Thee
A dedication to the Spirit
A promise to be true
With every moment
With every breath
I breathe I say
To You
Thank You

Thank You for the things
I did not want
Thank You for the things
I could not grasp
On my own
Thank You for being patient
With my mistakes
Thank You for loving me
Regardless of my
Clumsy breaks

Life is like a rink
We travel around
And I fall down
On my roller skates
On my ice skates
This is my fate
But still You pick me up
You give me love again
You push air back into
My lungs
With the song that every
Bird has sung
Together in a choir
Of one harmony
One hymn
A madrigal to
My soul
You make
Me whole

When I share the way You make me feel
With the world so much confusion
Rises up when all I want is for us to heal
Arguments and bantering
Over Your love
Your name
And what You mean
Debates on
Who said what
This cannot be
What you

If You are compared to nature
Or a picture or a flame
It shakes up our mentality
It sends earthquakes of pain
Vocal disdain shouting
Read this scripture!
You don't know!
You should go!

What of those who are blind?
What of those who have never
Known your light?
On a starry stage
The Earth is your platform
The Ocean is your footlight
The Galaxy is your colosseum
But what if people can't read?
What if folks can't write?
I don't need to read to heed
Your love
There is no need to fight
Your power is in
The food that I eat
The bed where I sleep
I scream, I shout, I sing,
I whisper...
Believe me
Spirit is everything
God IS in everything
God is in you and
God is in me

As I lay me down
To sleep
I pray the Lord my soul
To keep
I pray that You
Will never leave
I read the words
You gave to me
Written on my holy shadow
The one that You made in me
The words You gave to us

-I am always with you
No matter what you do
No matter where you go
No matter how far
I am in your temple-heart
You are My shining star-

When I think of You
When I meditate
When I kneel down
Every morning and
Every night to pray
I can hear You say...

My child
My perfect creation
My sweet elation
Shhh... it will be okay
Close your eyes
Picture My glory
Listen to this
Bedtime story...

Picture an explosion
In the cosmos
The greatest fireworks
You have ever seen
Do you hear, do see
Can you feel what I mean?
You are bigger than the Big Bang
You are not a theory
You are a part of me
A blast so bright
It could light up
The universe inside My heart
The pulsating Love that
I feel for you My child
Is with Me everyday
You keep Me going
In the same way
That I lift you up
We are as One
You are My
Truth and
I fill your

When people do not understand
Your love, your words of faith for Me
Your feelings of happiness and peace
Remember I will hold your hand
Smile and don't get upset
For the journey is only beginning
We haven't even made it halfway yet

Cross the bridge of My love
Spiritual boards will lead you
Into My arms
You do not have
To prove anything
Just smile and bring
Your light
It is SO lovely...

If everyone loved
One another
The way that
You love Me
My heart
Would beat
So fast
A brilliant
Of dynamite-like
Love bombs
Would explode
And blaze

Marvel at the atmosphere
In a dazzling daze
Opening every
Eye and


Amazement at the heavens
A witness to the dream
The message of all time
And space has been received
Love One Another
As I have loved you

They love each other
As I have loved them
They love each other
As they love Me!!!
A beautiful love surprise
This is all we
Need to be
The only truth
We want
This is all the
World needs
To Love each other
As I have loved you
And you My
Child have

Our love for God
Will ultimately be
The strongest love
We shall ever seek

If we can love
One another
As we love God
As God loves us
Even just a little bit
Could be more than enough

If we can treat each other
With gentleness and kindness
God will take care
Of the rest
I promise

Take a deep breath
Let love inside
Feel the

What a beautiful surprise

Feel like your breathing again where
No one loses and everyone wins
No pushing and shoving just
Caring and loving

On your mark
Get ready
Get set

Let your love flow...

Hunter K Nov 2014
Fight with all your might,
As you can be your own brave knight.
So take a big bite,
Of this new rewrite,
The damsels are about to alight,
From their high plight.
I dunno, I got bored. I meant to write about something else but it became that

— The End —