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Alan S Bailey Jan 2017
I'm sorry
Sorry I wrote these sad poems
Sorry that it had to end this way,
Sorry you saw a part of me in pain.
Sorry I had to cry on your shoulder
And ruin your perfect day,
Sorry I told you what I really feel,
Sorry to you it seemed so unreal.
I'm sorry
Sorry this poem had to come undone,
Sorry but this isn't the only sad one,
Sorry that it seems that there aren't any better ones.

But the hardest thing I've ever had to try to accomplish
Is write a happy poem when I'm feeling glum...
aniket nikhade Nov 2016
A sense of satisfaction must be followed by the desire to win,
a dream to achieve and accomplish with regards to what has been thought of prior.
The desire to win must be followed by the drive to do and get everything done in time.
In more than one way, a few things that give life it’s meaning and substance include peace, love and accomplishment.

In short while from now, in sometime from now things will change, since everything will not remain as it is in the present as it used to be in the past, when everything was thought of the present while in past.

In short while from now, in sometime from now, past will become a thing of past, then a thing of remote past, since somewhere down the line present has become a thing of past.

In shortwhile from now, in sometime from now things will change,
a moment in time will pass and become a thing of past,
the moment,
which initially,
in the first place itself used to be the present moment.

In shortwhile from now
In sometime from now things will change,
everything will not remain the same,
since time will move on.

Definitely uncertainty is a part of life,
will remain in life and continue to be a part of life as long as life remains.
In life and death,
in past, present and future,
one thing remains the same,
definitely for certain,
it’s the future that remains ucertain.
The sooner it’s accepted,
better it becomes,
since it changes the way of doing and getting things done while in present.

At the back of mind where all the planning is done,
it’s the present that plays it’s part in shaping the future,
which even then it’s clear future will remain uncertain.

The love for life will change the way of life,
if life has found it’s meaning in the way of doing and getting things done and love has found it’s meaning for life.
Definitely the only thing that remains certain in life is future,
which in more than one way,
in many, many ways remains uncertain.
You want to be with me in all my dreams
My sweetheart I really appreciate concern
Your beauty when being naked in beams
Blooms fully in light to crop up to discern

You kiss my lips because they have jasmine
You carry me along through different path
With your wine I am intoxicated and drunken
I am ready to take all contempt,hatred,wrath

My sweet flower you have me and I have you
Both are chained now in just an eternal chain
You my sweetheart are like a moon out of blue
My eyes have your image under stress , strain

Let me burn your candle of beauty with fire
Let me revive your all passion in your beauty
Please allow me accomplish all my love desire
Let us play game of love being liberal and free

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Mozes Sep 2016
Fear has the ability to see your every move
Take the same path as the master but along the way change your route
Success derives from all that you perceive as valuable
Emillee Goodwin Apr 2016
I am Strong

Darkness can consume me
Life can be overwhelming
The mind can feel suffocating

I am strong

I crawl out of bed
I shower and dress
I eat my breakfast
I sit on the couch

I am strong

The day progresses
Tiredness overcomes
Exercise clears the mind
Study occupies my thoughts

I am strong

I go home
I cook
I listen and talk  
I get ready for bed

I am strong

Another day has finished
I got up
I accomplished
I am strong
Julie Langlais Feb 2016
One must hope before making it a reality, which means you are half way there.

© Jl 2016
Can't sleep… Doing this instead.
Brandon Hamilton Jan 2016
Every goal can be accomplish, with a little self motivation, nothings out of reach, people may steal away hope like an infant hidden away from his mother or an old man's cane assmbled out of reach; never let anybody astray you away from your dream; love one's nor foe's, use the criticism to your adavange and elevate yourself to unachievable possibilities within a broken system.
Dawn of Lighten Jan 2016
Do not fear the unknown in front of you,
But explore it's essence!

For fear is a blockage of progress,
And stoppers of growth.

One does not learn to swim in a whim,
But free fall with courage knowing it might be the last,
And come out stronger soaring in the wind.

One can only stay in the maze to die,
But find refuge by exploring the wilderness.

For the liars play their soft lyre to sooth you from the truth,
Like Sirens charm their voices to men's demise.

Like Odysseus, be a nobody for the Cyclopes,
But come out as a victor of his kingdom!

For risking nothing will get you nothing,
But find courage to voyage to unknown,
And be a champion of unraveling!
The greatest fear shouldn't be getting lost in this world, but be fearful of living in confined comfort of your vault!
JayceeJellies Dec 2015
Right now I'm
outside looking
up at the sky
and I'm tired
of trying to
rhyme all
the time
into my life
it's as if they
want me to
be upset all the time?
one day I'm happy
the next day I'm not
but you know what
never changes?
Their screams that
spout from hatred.
Whatever happened
to telling me I could
accomplish greatness?
Because I'm tired of
waiting and chasing
while I'm complaining
as I'm suffocating beneath
your demands ****
I wish I'd just stand-
up to you.
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