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Now listen well and hear this tale
Of a sixteen year old lad
Who with his wit and flying skill
Made two great countries glad

The chasm was eight hundred feet
Across Niagara Falls
The travelers could not get across
The steep and spray soaked walls

“We need a bridge”, cried engineers
A modern thoroughfare
But how to reach the other side?
We cannot build on air

A rocket or an arrow? No.
But what about a kite?
Let’s have a contest for the youth
We’d have a start, though slight

The people came with kites prepared
For fame and a reward
And Homan Walsh was very first
To span the gorge with cord

A string, then ropes, then cables spanned
And soon the bridge was done
The mighty falls could now be crossed
With string it was begun

And every great accomplishment
Began with something small
Remember Homan and his kite
That bridged Niagara Falls
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I feel things.

I feel things a lot.

I feel things the eyes cannot see.

I feel the significance in other people's moments.
I feel the transformation of strangers created by their life journeys.
I feel the lingering vibrations from words left unspoken.

I feel the urge to produce comfort to people incapable of acknowledging my accommodations.
I feel my mother's abandonment in every distant object I use to avoid the fleeting intimacy of passerby's eyes.

I feel the historical heaviness of silent protest demonstrated in my children's stillness and bowed heads in all the times I chose academic responsibilities over their activities.

I felt the depth of God's sorrow for humanity flood over me when I opened my divorce decree.

I just felt generations of constraints intact before me, break free from my children's legacy.
"How does it feel to finally have your degree?" he asked.
nathan Dec 2018
will I ever be remembered
for more than my mistakes
when the choices that I've made
made more than one heart ache

will I ever be remembered
for more than my mistakes
when I ran out that liquor store
with whatever I could take

will I ever be remembered
for more than my mistakes
when I took the whole tab instead of half
and got lost among the shapes

will I ever be remembered
for more than my mistakes
because I whisper my accomplishments
and wonder what it takes

will I ever remember myself
for more than my mistakes
Xallan Oct 2018
Don't bring me tulips.
Frost still contaminates the mornings.
It spreads like a fungus, over the mycelium.
I will still be making promises to myself
that won't be kept.

Don't bring me daisies.
I was never free to be happy.
Youth left me years ago, but innocence stayed.
I chose to impose these rules on myself
paid in mental stability.

Don't bring me lilies.
Hope is needed for commitment.
I abandoned my liabilities, and moved on.
A deathbed is a disappointing parade
without lots of balloons.

Don't bring me carnations.
I could wipe off the stripes with my tongue.
Sensitivity is mutual, yet time is the trigger.
The beauty I am searching for is withdrawn
even in ballroom dancing.

Don't bring me roses.
Romance will always be deceptive.
Even human emotion is academic, like a test.
I always ink in all the right bubbles
because I hacked the system.
i wanted to change but
i found my soul rearranged instead
pretty soon
i started making bad decisions
i was in over my head
sinning until i accomplished my mission
happiness was the only thing that i was missing
only thing i'm
what are you wishing for?
David Apr 2018
You can't have what you can't not want when you are can't not have wanting -

Because you are too busy can't not having it
By your can't not wanting it.

While you're doing what you want
Saying you can't not have what you're wanting.

Getting what you're wanting is
Not having what you doing to not

Can't not have wanting.

If it really is that what you really do are wanting at all.
If this adds, then the poem works.
EricM Feb 2018
Try to be the worst at something
Then try something new
And if it's in your power
Be the worst at that thing too
When finally you are
The worst at everything
Here's what you can do
Do a little nothing
As much as you can do
Perhaps you'll find yourself
The worst at this thing too
Take comfort in this something
There aren't many you know
Who can be the worst of nothing
And still find room to grow
For Shunryu Suzuki
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