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Brett Palmero Apr 18
Creativity and art
Come from the unhinged
The insanity, the beast
Our unchained selves

Only when we truly see
Beyond norms and regularities
Outside the everyday mundane

Does the beauty so magnificent
Comes absolutely

How amazing things can be so different that it scares people
Brett Palmero Mar 11
There have been times
When the morning is bleak
World riddled with crimes
People silenced, unable to speak

Release from slumber
And the sun is gone
The clouds covering under
The grey, a somber song

Wake up from darkness
To friends and family bickering
Their love and words in contrast
So much it's sickening

Pushed out of my sleep
I have to immediately toil
Else I am sunk too deep
Choked by school's coil

Yet every morning
I feel like I can do anything
Not held down by worrying
Because your love, it sings

Like the birds chirping
Beautiful as the flowers
Blooming, Spring is coming
Wonderful is the world

As long as you're here
We go through each day
Wondering our purpose
Some ponder, others pray
Few actually sate this lust

These few don't look
They don't search forever
For their meaning in a book
Or their reason in another

These are few souls
That take what they possess
Their passion and goals
And make it their purpose
Brett Palmero Jan 21
One moment in life
stops the coming knife
holding it together

The rest of it all
shatters our resolve
again, over and over

Maybe that one moment
ought to be permanent
if the rest doesn't matter
Inspired by Robert Browning's "Porphyria's Lover"
Brett Palmero Jan 17
Not everyone can sail safely
Some are knocked off
Into the wave's savagery
To the thunder, their scream lost
They panic as the safe land
Is lost to the drowning man

As he is thrown under
He can't believe his fate
All his dreams torn asunder
Wishing the world would wait
He tries to grab what he can
But quickly drowning is the man

Before all is lost to him
He sees someone on the boat
Reaching he pulls them in
Now both struggle to keep afloat
All because he couldn't stand
Being the only drowning man
Oof kinda dark on this one. Such is life though
Brett Palmero Dec 2018
Sometimes I walk close to the edge
Wondering what it's like to fall
Then I see a fence, names etched
And I choose to stall

This is the name of a friend
Who taught me how to smile
My worries and trouble to suspend
Just for a little while

The next is a sister
Who knew what it's like
To struggle to become better
But also not give up the fight

Here is another buddy
Who can't see their own success
Yet I can see them budding
I give them faith, they can do the rest

The last name is my whole heart
They're the light I always come back to
Their beauty, a thing of art
The love I feel, too good to be true

This little fence reminds me that my purpose
Is to not rest until those I care about
Are full of purpose and happiness
Till then, I am not meant to burn out
Just a little idea I had after a very difficult night.

Inspiration: you know who you are :)
Brett Palmero Dec 2018
Since when did I lose my complain card?
My wow my work paid off card
My ******* that was tough card
My I am so tired from all these notes card
My I need to study for 3 tests and do 2 projects card
My I am proud of what I can do and how hard I worked card
Complaining is considered arrogance for me. I sometimes need to use it to vent too. Just because it makes sense to me in the end, doesn't mean I didn't have it any easier.
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