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Julie Langlais Jan 2019
The sun and moon sharing the sky
Their love radiating from opposite edges of life's greatest masterpiece
When looking up at the amazing beauty of the sun and moon out at the same time on opposite sides of the sky.
There is nothing more powerful than that connection.
  Mar 2018 Julie Langlais
Maria Etre
You know
you're aging
when silence
becomes a major
of your
  Mar 2018 Julie Langlais
Star BG
We poets write,
with an array of colorful words
inside our pallet of thoughts.

Ink radiates BLUE
moves across page when sad.
RED indicates emotions like fear
that need place to be exposed.
YELLOW aligns with rays
like sun to warm heart.
And GREEN sings like birds
passing verses of song along.

We find BLACK,
inside pallet to scribe words
when feeling alone or crestfallen.
BROWN like earth to ground
planting seeds of insight.
PINK as playful words
that awakens child in mind.
And ORANGE to fill pallet
with an eyes meal for nourishment.

GOLD to offer riches of words
that float on page.
SILVER adorning moment with
waves of jargon that shine.
And PURPLE to launch dreams,
as if pen becomes rocket-ship.

Yes, we writers are artists
who scribe with colorful
passion and purpose.

Purpose to use pen as brush
leaving reader
a snippet of our lives
inside a masterpiece.

StarBG © 2017
Playing with colors to connect them to a writers words.
Julie Langlais Mar 2018
As a kid, I felt lost
Unsure of the whys of my life
Unsure of my journey
I was a salmon swimming against the currents
Trying to fight life with the strength I was given
This was my flow
until I reached stillness and happiness
I was now a young adult floating in peace
Far from where I started
I felt accomplished

The quiet lake became an ocean before I could even glance at the wonder
Unfamiliar and vast
I found myself lost once again
Breaking through the waves of life
Unsure of the whys
But believing in the journey

Until one day, the deep urge to go home
To that stream where the currents were strong and familiar
For the first time in my life
I stopped swimming,
I had to go back to the mud
where my roots remained untouched

Now here I am
In nature’s water
I understand that home is not a place
Home is the current that leads me
I now swim with the tide not against it.
I stopped asking why
And started looking up
Where I can enjoy the sky
Basking in the beauty of this moment
I am trusting my path
Exploring moments without destinations

Jl 2018
  Feb 2018 Julie Langlais
Saddal Diab
Breathe in reach in me

rooted bark and flaming leaves

Seeking embers free
  Feb 2018 Julie Langlais
helena alexis
pin me up against
the wall and show
the world your
humans are a work of art
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