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aniket nikhade Dec 2016
Time flies
Time moves fast and world seems to be very much different than what was initially thought.
Present becomes a thing of past and past becomes a thing of remote past,
what remains in mind are moments from past.

Images and instances from past
Quite a few glimpses from past
Essentially what remains in the mind are moments that went on to define the past.

Annoying facts
Bitter truth
A past that cannot be denied, even if it was disturbing
To add to it there is an undisclosed future, which largely remains uncertain.

In all the chaos and confusion of life quite essentially what remains in mind is the present moment in time, which won’t last forever
It’s always better to remember that the present moment in time belongs to the present, which is the best thing to happen in life.

How fast things have changed in life over a short period of time, which brings the mind back to present moment in time.
Is this the thought that comes to mind over a period of time with regards to what’s going on in life?

If yes,
then better remember,
neither facts and nor truth it changes.
It’s the perception that changes.
Hence even if for a moment or so it’s thought that rest of the things in the world are the same as it is,
as it was,
as it used to be like it was thought prior still facts and truth will remain the same with regards to the present and past.

Hence the best thing to do is to be what you are.
Be what you are
Do what you want
In doing so always remember not a single moment in time is going to last forever
Hence never waste any moment in time lamenting over what has been lost with regards to everything that happened in past.

A thing of past is a thing of past,
from where it came,
to where it belongs.
A thing of past is a thing of past and it will remain in past.

The world is a fast changing place where everything that belongs to the present is going to change with regards to what’s best that’s possible in an uncertain future.
Given the chaos and confusion in life what needs to be thought is something certain in the present, which will also have a place, space and position in the future.

Initially something like this was neither planned,
nor was it thought,
however something like this has happened in life and not only happened,
but now it’s part of life.
A force greater than what was thought continues to exist, remains in life and guides every individual in the best possible way
In whatever form every individual recognizes it,
finally it’s called by the name, God.

First you have to believe in yourself,
then believe in the world around you.
Finally your life belongs to the world in which you live.

So think positively in life
Be positive
A positive attitude towards life is what is going to shape life in a better way

In all the walks of life,
always remember,
if you have a positive mindset,
then the outcome is going to be positive.
aniket nikhade Nov 2016
A sense of satisfaction must be followed by the desire to win,
a dream to achieve and accomplish with regards to what has been thought of prior.
The desire to win must be followed by the drive to do and get everything done in time.
In more than one way, a few things that give life it’s meaning and substance include peace, love and accomplishment.

In short while from now, in sometime from now things will change, since everything will not remain as it is in the present as it used to be in the past, when everything was thought of the present while in past.

In short while from now, in sometime from now, past will become a thing of past, then a thing of remote past, since somewhere down the line present has become a thing of past.

In shortwhile from now, in sometime from now things will change,
a moment in time will pass and become a thing of past,
the moment,
which initially,
in the first place itself used to be the present moment.

In shortwhile from now
In sometime from now things will change,
everything will not remain the same,
since time will move on.

Definitely uncertainty is a part of life,
will remain in life and continue to be a part of life as long as life remains.
In life and death,
in past, present and future,
one thing remains the same,
definitely for certain,
it’s the future that remains ucertain.
The sooner it’s accepted,
better it becomes,
since it changes the way of doing and getting things done while in present.

At the back of mind where all the planning is done,
it’s the present that plays it’s part in shaping the future,
which even then it’s clear future will remain uncertain.

The love for life will change the way of life,
if life has found it’s meaning in the way of doing and getting things done and love has found it’s meaning for life.
Definitely the only thing that remains certain in life is future,
which in more than one way,
in many, many ways remains uncertain.
aniket nikhade Nov 2016
Initially everything seems to be clear in mind with regards to what needs to be done at the present moment in time, since steps are there to follow.

Step by step one step at a time.
One by one, only one step at a time.
Every step that is reached upon gets registered in the mind with the next step to follow.

Definitely a moment in time will come when destination will be reached,
however, later on it’s realized that destination is part of what’s there in mind while steps are part of the present moment in time.

In one way or other,
in some way for sure,
what seems to be there at the present moment in time in the present is not what seems to be going on in mind.

Twists and turns are part of life and life is not that simple as it was thought to be in the mind, initially at the first instance itself.

Over a period of time it’s understood, realized, agreed and accepted that with experience many things change in life, however, there are certain things in life that remain the same as they are,
as they were,
a few amongst them are as follows.

A few things are difficult to learn and at the same time a few things that you know are quite difficult to explain.
A few things are difficult to adhere to, but if not done will lead to and result in chaos and confusion while in the present with regards to future.
A few things are difficult to know,
initially at first instance itself,
but still the mind remains firm,
makes a clear resolution that at all cost I will know and learn this new thing of which I have got something at the back of my mind.

Amongst everything and all that you know,
one thing remains clear for sure,
where there is a will there is a way,
make a way of your own and if that’s not possible,
then find one.

Interesting are the ways of life when it seems that things will fall in place,
but then it takes much more time than what’s required by them initially to fall in there respective places and then to follow them with regards to what's next that needs to be done.

Most of the time the desire to achieve success in life is not greater than the drive that is gathered in mind over a period of time,
success then becomes a part of life and life seems beautiful.
Definitely, where there is a will there is a way.
aniket nikhade Sep 2016
Success is sweet to taste while failure bitter
Everything is not what everything is,
as it seems,
as it does,
as it initially used to be in the very first place.

In the fast changing world past becomes a thing of past,
over a period of time thing of remote past.
Again after a while present becomes a thing of past and future takes it’s place to become present,
however, even then in the present moment with regards to future life seems and remains uncertain.

Adapt to a change to adopt to the situation so as to make a difference in the future with regards to the present.

Even when thinking the other way round, if everything is what as it seems
Everything is according to what was thought prior,
everything is in it’s place with regards to what was desired,
still if there is a hesitation in taking the next step forward,
definitely somewhere the cause seems to be lost somewhere.

Time now to think again with regards to what was thought prior
Time now to revise before taking the next step forward.
Dilemma is a state of mind that needs change of time, place, person and situation, however, this is something that rarely happens. Right information is need of hour, however that must also be complete. Hence it's always said:
“Information can be such a double-edged sword.”
― Jessiqua Wittman, A Memoir of Love
aniket nikhade Apr 2016
Decide something
Decide for once
Once decided, then don't look back
Go for it.

No point in it
There is no point in discussing over something, which has been decided prior.
Agreed that it won't be possible to give your best initially in the first instance itself, however, something is always better than nothing.

What's the harm, if better is achieved initially in the first instance itself
At least you will know and understand where you stand
So forget the rest and go for what has been decided prior.

Give your best,
think of the best,
definitely you will achieve better,
if not the best.

So before getting anything done, it's always better to decide first.

Decide something
Decide for once
Once decided, then don't look back
Go for it.

— The End —