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I'm often faced with the question
"why don't you just take medicine?"


do they take away the memories
or replace the words slipping through their mouths?
do they stop the fluttering of thoughts racing around my tired brain?
do those tiny capsules create apologies or never said goodbyes?
do they stop my thoughts at the late hours of the night?
do the scars on my wrists magically disapear?
do they erase the images of every bad thing that's ever happened?
do they suddenly make me good enough for everyone I wasn't?
Anonymous Mar 2014
On December 14, 2012
Children hid in cubbies,
They hid in shelves.
Teacher's surrounded
And spoke them kind words,
For out in the halls,
The shots could be heard.
Just an elementary school
Filled with laughter and joy,
Was stripped of its fun
All because of one boy.
A tear fell from America's eyes,
As we heard the news,
For now twenty-six angels,
Our country did lose.
Newtown, Connecticut
Will never be the same.
Engraved in its heart,
Is sorrow and pain.
Twenty children,
Six adults.
They didn't deserve it,
They weren't at fault.
Now all of our hearts
Are filled with sorrow,
We never expected
They wouldn't see tomorrow.
Twenty-six angels
On a friday, flew away.
Rest easy, sweet angels.
In our hearts you will stay.

— The End —