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Kevin J Taylor Nov 2017
I don't care who your god is
        It's alright who your god is
I don't care how you pray
        It's alright
All I care is where my heart is
        Here. Here my heart is
What I do with it today
Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry by common means.)
Is this a celebration,
Or eternal death?
Is this a good thing,
Or an internal war?
Writing so much more,
The best filtered out.
But the poems never shown,
Maybe the best of all.
If poems are sometimes,
Actually true feelings
They will not be seen,
Because we cannot be honest
A poem every day.
Imagine that everyday, someone would give you
you would have to spend every cent of this money,
or else it would all be taken away
from you.
Though you get this money everyday,
you never know
what it's going to end.
What would you buy
dollars everyday?
you have to spend it all!
A house,
                        a car,
                                                     a business,
                                                                          an island?
Now how would you react if I told you
that you have this
bank of money
in your life and can use it
as you please?
Is money just
a diget
for you,
or is it more?
Then let me tell you that there are
86,400 seconds
in 24 hours?
How you use this time
and what you do with it
is up to you.
All I can do is suggest you use it wisely.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
Just remember
that even
worst days
only have

Madeline Rangel Sep 2018
I wasn’t nomb; I was hurt, upset, and disappointed. These people aren’t strangers they are my friends and family.  I spent my most of my life having the best and worst moments with these people. I never truly realized how forgettable or unimportant I was. It took 24 years to get the hint, I was never special. I’m given it my all to be there for them thick or thin and non of that even matters. My best friend ditched me for his new so called friend. My other friend ditch me for a wine tasting at the race tracks. The rest forgot or didn’t want to come to my so called birthday celebration. The one and only person that gave a **** was someone who I hardly talk to. *******, *******, *******, and **** everyone. This is what 24 feels like nothing but loneliness and fakers. I wish for the pain to stop and for a me to stop given a ****.
Enigma Jun 2018
Tonight, before going to bed, think about last night, when you were going to bed. Then, think it as something you did 24 hours ago. 24 hours is a long time. So much can be done in 24 hours.
It's something we already know, and a blow to the head at the same time.

Just a thought.
jas May 2018
twenty four years
pour a glass , cheers
do you like what you see in the mirror?

one time a year
celebration of all life
and all what you have in sight

a new beginning
a new promise
grab within reach
what is in your sight
or reach for w fight

another year only known of life

twenty four ounces of a glass
pour yourself a drink..

happy birthday to myself
Cat Lynn Feb 2018
T* wo
W eeks
E arly...
N ot
T he
Y oungest...
F orever
O btaining
R adiant
T wo
H ues

O nly
F or

F ew
E yes...
B right
R ivalries
U nite...
A new
R elative's
Y earling...

                          *Hello Again, My Reminder Of my Birth

(I don't know why the strong thing is up there it's suppose to be **T**.. of well XP
...okay not the best poem...but it was something different I wanted to try?

Okay for those who didn't understand it, but something that has been passed down in my family are two different colored eyes, they aren't that noticeable like they USE to be when I was a baby but if you stared into my eyes, and looked around the edges... you can see how different they really are. My uncle on my mom's side had them, and before him my grandfathers brother had it. It's been passed down for generations. And that was the first thing they noticed with me when I was little. I was forced to be born 2 weeks early, so I was a pretty small baby XD. but.. yeah... although i wish they were more noticeable... idk it's always something I've been proud to have... I am the second youngest of my family,  although i was SUPPOSE to be the youngest. ....but yeah..

The Yearling Part is weird I know, but a yearly refers to an animal of new birth, Since I am called "Cat" and so was my uncle, some say I am his "yearling" if you will.... yeah it's weird... idk XD

Idk it's a strange Birthday Poem I wanted to try I didn't know else what to write or even how to write it XD forgive me if it's terrible

Thank You Lord <3

Cat Lynn ///
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