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Jan 2015 · 5.9k
Frustrated Poet Jan 2015
A vast blanket of darkness, the world at night
Bombarded by the explosion of light
Were you bedazzled by my kaleidoscopic luster?
You were silenced with awe
And your eyes manifest wonder

My splendor of lights were formed from the shadows
And in its depths I'll return
Sadness and hurt made indigo
Bliss and jubilance made yellow

So light me up, ignite me
be the flame to set me afire
colliding thoughts had lifted me up
This is my extravagant goodbye

As the last glint of light flickers
in the last seconds of my show
as it falls slowly to be one with void
i'd like to see one last smile aglow

you're the spark that triggered me to combust
i was once a firework show
now one with dust
I thought of this while watching the fireworks last new year.
We are all fireworks just waiting to be lit. Concealing feelings til we can't take no more. A firework for me is a grenade's beautiful way to die, so you're lucky enough if you find someone who'll either light you up or pick up your pieces when you explode.
Jan 2015 · 566
Pace (6w)
Frustrated Poet Jan 2015
Life is ever changing. Cope up.
Change is the only permanent thing in the world. Ironic but true.
Jan 2015 · 746
Frustrated Poet Jan 2015
You keep telling me to be glad
For what we have while we had it.
That the brightest flame burns quickest

which means you saw us as a candle
and I saw us as the *sun.
(C) anonymous
Oct 2014 · 2.8k
The Lonely Queen
Frustrated Poet Oct 2014
She owns a castle
Feeble as glass
crumbling walls to repel the past.
As the roots creeps higher onto the castle walls
Years passed and no one danced the waltz
Medieval old music keeps playing
She was abandoned, lost and dying.
she was an unsaved princess left alone
all her sadness never known
a dainty flower
meant to wither

She stared afar
Eyes locked on a nearby tower
yet she seemed distant
Vowed never to speak of love again
she was silent all these years...
she was empty, alone, forgotten
Just like her castle

She sits atop the velvet chair
Stood up at the veranda on the cliff
Pain was all hers to keep
what could've happen
if she'd just leap
She owns a magnificent ocean
of glistening tears
You'll hear her screams
blend with the roaring waves
On sleepless nights she wanders
The great garden
The ambiance of melachonly
The field of haze seems to widen
A ruler to all the shadows casted
A subject to her desires neglected

The doors are shut
Countless barricades will bombard you
Before you could walk up to the bridge
So brace yourself and your white horse
She wont let you get to her
She waited,
Oh how many years has it been.
Kneel infront
Of the *lonely queen.
What couldve happened to Aurora if she was left there, awake. To wait for her prince.
Sep 2014 · 5.8k
Man vs. Woman
Frustrated Poet Sep 2014
Man and woman, though different
Are equal in the eyes of God.
inexplicable though true but still
Unacceptable for some perhaps

Man is the highest of all creations
Woman is the most sublime of all Ideals.
God made for a man a throne,
for a woman an altar.
the throne exalts,
The altar sanctifies.

Man is the brain.
woman is the heart.
The brain fabricates light while
The heart produces love.
light fecunds,
Love resuscitates.

Man is the code.
Woman is the gospel.
The code corrects
As the gospel perfects.

Man is the genius while
Woman is the angel.
The genius is undefinable
And the angel is immeasurable.

Man is strong in reason
but woman is invincible in her tears.
Reason convinces the most stubborn
Just as tears soften the hardest of mortals.

Man is the ocean
And the woman is the lake.
The ocean has it's pearls that adorn;
The lake has its poems that dazzle.

**Man stands where the earth ends;
And woman where heaven begins.
This was made by my mom when she was in college. She asked me to post this. Im so proud. Love you mama! ❤
Sep 2014 · 1.8k
The Poet Painted
Frustrated Poet Sep 2014
I sat on an old bench
Near that oak tree
Searched for the ideal spot
Provide the perfect lighting
From where I shall picture the view.
I stared at the vast blue blanket
Listened to the beautiful noise it makes
The atmosphere hovered with tranquility
I am at peace, drifting in serenity
I watched as the sky turned to
fiery red to comely orange
Slowly indigo creeps in
with a touch of navy blue
All shades of strong hue.
I took a deep breath and sighed
Another attempt to interpret your loveliness
On a blank canvass
I see it clear in my mind
And I started to sketch.
A stroke tinted to perfection
Lines and circles to describe affection
A shade to remind me
how bright your eyes glistened
Down to emptiness shown by your eyes' darkness.
It'll take a lifetime to draw
Something as stunning as you
I'd paint the universe, if I can
Of my love for you

When the sun sets and gives the earth its daily kiss
What lovers watching sure will miss
You're the inspiration for this moment of bliss
Your existence is art and I call it masterpiece.
I'll call it a day
And put the brush down
Another praise for she
Who has the crown.
Sep 2014 · 2.0k
Frustrated Poet Sep 2014
you're too busy targeting the next spot
you'll bury that knife
pierced not into my back
but in my heart

what we have is real and we're genuinely happy
and it's rare to find in this world that's ******
so stop meddling with ours
it wont do you any better
i hope you'll find yours
but you're clouded and bitter
stop being so **** judgmental. we're human too.
Sep 2014 · 3.6k
Wilted Flower
Frustrated Poet Sep 2014
Tis a dead end
I was taken aback
The atmosphere still and mute
I am glowing, afloat by foot.
I paced forward
Backwards and all around
Hopeless to see a glint of light
All  I see is pitch black
I am in eternal darkness.
I was released from the chains
Of lies and depression
Sadness, sorrow and rejection
To see one's  soul
You must look from with in
The transparent truth
I am falling into an abyss
The sight of reality and justice
Of hideous monsters lurking in masks
All I can do is watch as the spells were casted
If only you can see what I can see
You are mourning for a stone cold body
Dressed white and weeping for thee
The only thought came to mind:
Are those real tears for me?
My gentle touch in thin air
You'll never know I was there.
Thank you for coming
But I still know you don't care
Dressed white  linen and satin silk
To cover up the scars
The reminder of anguish
That moment when I breathed my last
Alas!  The relief, I was finished.
I lay there stiffly
With flowers all around
The scent of melachonly hovers
Its blending with the fake people around
Surpass the pain, the breaking
Let go of all this misery
So this  is what it feels like
To actually, finally be free
I am a wandering soul
Still exploring the unknown
My journey has yet been half through
I m the boss of my own cue
I am dead yet never felt so alive
With the gust of the wind
I was swooned away
Petals of a wilted flower
I am awake yet in deep slumber
My story in this life will fade
My footprints will be covered in dust
My name  will soon be forgotten
In the coffin they sealed me in
They will bury
All  I hope, in loving memory
Sep 2014 · 10.8k
Frustrated Poet Sep 2014
Before I thought of doing it
My neck cradles itself sidewards
A strange glimpse
Stood out with radiance
And I knew it was different

I catch myself looking at you from afar
Your eyes meet mine
Is it just coincidence
Or an accident that happens too often?

Our glances hold messages
Of undefined feelings
Words become fathomless
For our eyes manifest.

Your eyes wandered through the crowd
And mine roamed around
We both know
This is just an excuse, a distraction
Not to seem obvious...
Until they locked
And I swear I won't let this moment pass

Oh, your eyes
Inviting me to see
Bidding me to come closer
Wanting to let me know you deeper.

I'd look at them all day of course;
Because of all the eyes staring
I only care for yours*.
Sep 2014 · 5.7k
I ship gays. Problem?
Frustrated Poet Sep 2014
They all can see
They stare at us with eyes squinted
Prying mischievous eyes
Our every move noted
At the corner of my eye
I can see them exchange glances.
Whispers roam and coat my senses

Let them know
Let them see
This love is different
Why can't it be?
All we want is to be happy
To love who we want
Body and soul freely.

They don't understand
We don't have to make them understand
We just need to hope that maybe
Our happiness can be their happiness.
Barricades of questioning and disgust
Their opinion doesn't define us
Stand proud for you are strong
Defying the boundaries of love itself.
Are there even boundaries?
Judgmental *******.
Sep 2014 · 863
Frustrated Poet Sep 2014
Why should i be
You're not even mine.
Or are we just waiting
for that moment in time?
The jealousy kicks in
when you're with others
When you're around him.
i feel the rage begin.
one moment he passes
He sways you away
My oxygen in this toxic atmosphere
I die
Bombarding you with his sweet strong words,
I cannot help but break inside
this is a curse
Let me tell you this,
I may not be as poetic as he is
In his vocabulary
I cannot compete.
Im desperately trying
To find the right words, words that fit.
I hope you can see, my queen, my elite.
i dont want to lose you
Im afraid i might lose you
My territorial side weakens
What am i compared to him?
I'm just a hopeless romantic.
Sometimes i wonder
The cause of all this
Is that im falling for the most unexpected; the most dangerous love
And the worst part is
i cannot stop.
I dont have the right to be territorial but with you, i want to shove all the others away.
Sep 2014 · 389
I Can Take It
Frustrated Poet Sep 2014
This shadow you cast
Is too strong
It engulfs the spirit in me
Devouring the flames, the spark
'Til all I am is weak.
Its not that easy for me
To accept fake smiles with glee
I know what I was about to face
Before I even walk the dark
In the hope that tomorrow will be fine
And that our love will shine.
I'm not giving up that easy
I didn't say against all odds for no reason
I try to stay calm, and try not to explode
Let that shadow tail me
Let it all be
Hold my hand, keep me still
If it weren't for you
I'd long gone flee.
Sep 2014 · 373
Red and Real
Frustrated Poet Sep 2014
The questions eat me whole
is this really happening?
What a beautiful nightmare
This has been.
where will this take us?
I am uncertain
Scared as I may be, I continue
There's no reason to stop
Pointless to go back
I am already drowning in your love.
Slowly and surely...
I don't know if I ever want to get out.
Its fate that our paths cross.
Our ways and world collide
Seeing each others flaws
With a touch it fades.
You're too careful not to break me
be reckless
I can take it
I choose the people who hurt me
I know they're capable of doing so
But I take the risk.
One things for sure
this last question
I know its true
For the scars and frustration the others give me
This is the cure.
This is the start of something beautiful,
Something worthwhile
Bittersweet, it may be
Not perfect, not pretty
Real or not real?
Wth a touch of everlark at the end :)
Aug 2014 · 1.5k
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
You are such a **** beast,
You gorgeous flirtatious monster.
Aug 2014 · 1.9k
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
Im scarred
Skin and soul
I never thought your words can heal
Your breathing in my neck is all I feel.
With a kiss
My flaws are long gone
They vanish with your touch
Until they mark none.
You're scent,
My oxygen in this toxic waste
The only fragrance I'd want to inhale
The only scent my lungs yearn.
Your every touch lingers,
Leaves precious marks,
Oh,your dainty fingers.

I'd trade any day
Just to be with you
only you
Let's run away
Far from here
Lead me there
I'll be right next to you.
We'll rest
Talk random and crazy
Share midnight memories
Under the moon's crest
Let's trace the stars
And name our own constellation
We'll be in our own little world again
It'll be our greatest elation.
Alive, real and radiant
Aug 2014 · 445
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
maybe ours would be as tragic
it is recorded, it still is
maybe ours could fake magic
it will never fade, it cant

maybe we could, maybe we wouldnt
but today was absolutely magnificent
lavished thoughts are scattered
and they are still recorded
Aug 2014 · 436
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
Eyes locked like we'd never see each other again..
playful glances, staring contests
Hands entwined..
My language with you
Scribbled words..
Carefully traced on my palm
Faces, inches apart..
*I can feel you breathing
I can hear your heart beating
I like teasing you
Sorry not sorry
Aug 2014 · 4.0k
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
This girl whom they thought
Was always whole,
Giving smiles and laughters
And of love was full

She blends her blues
With the night's darkness
Called the meteors for wishing
Wandered the unknown farthest.

Another day
Tomorrow a sunrise
Time to put on the mask
Give them a show
Fake a smile.
Aug 2014 · 416
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
The blazing fire
Died out quickly.
It was over
Before she felt the warmth.
Only an ember remained
A smoldering piece that didn't fade
She holds it, still.
Tried to ignite a spark
It didn't combust flames like it used to.
It died out soon enough
Until none was left of their love.
Aug 2014 · 680
never enough
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
She smiles to attract and force some light in her world.
That maybe, just maybe
Their happy
Could be her happy too.
She's drowning in her emotions
she smiles
She's in pain right now
she laughs
She needs you
You don't care.
*you never did.
Aug 2014 · 2.2k
Hold Me Close
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
Today was celestial
Safe haven I've homed
Your hugs, calmly and warm
Securing me in our own little world
So delicate yet so ardent

Don't loosen that grip
I feel so strong yet so vulnerable at the same time.
Oh, just a brush past my skin,
A tight clasp around my wrists
I melt.

In your arms I find comfort
And in it, a piece of solace
I feel infinite
You made today *ethereal.
For my bae
Aug 2014 · 1.6k
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
a poem
doesn't always
need to rhyme.
as long as its real
its a poet's work of art.
what i feel is real.
Aug 2014 · 1.3k
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
i feel like i am groping the wind
all i can see is pitch black
still i continue to walk
maybe i'll fall or stumble
but still i'll carry on.

i dont know what chance im grasping for
bu i continue to do it.
i discard the reason to stop
i know someday it'll make sense

people try to beat some sense in me
telling me its not going to work
but i feel there's something in there.
something great waiting to be unraveled

i'm still defiant
i am stubborn, yes
this is life.
not a game, nor a quest.

there's nothing pointless in loving.
the word futile is not acceptable.
Aug 2014 · 494
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
Stop comparing me.
I'm not like *them
Aug 2014 · 658
8: 37 8/7/14
Frustrated Poet Aug 2014
we'd be lying
if we pretend
there's really nothing.
yes, i too am scared.
this feeling's taking over me
i don't know what tomorrow will bring us
i just want to grab your hand and flee.
against all odds
let our feelings unfold
i want  to escape all this
go to the meadows, to the shore
find solace, find love
no words needed anymore.
not much of a poem...soo yeahh..amateur
for my ******. we even nao?
Jul 2014 · 2.3k
I'm Sorry
Frustrated Poet Jul 2014
I'm sorry
I don't know if its for me
but i fell for it,
your love trap captured me.

Or is it that
I wanted to fall?
for you to catch,
don't leave me to crawl.

I'm sorry
I see you in everything
the sky that cries,
the sun that bids me for the night

I'm sorry
but baby I want to
bombard you with my love
to hold your hand
to kiss you goodnight.

I'm sorry
I can't keep this anymore
You're my comfort, my escape.
My curse, my endeavor

Its a different kind of love
but I still do,
baby, I don't want you;
I need you.

These words I cannot carry
baby, listen to me.
I just want to tell you I'm sorry
*but I'm not sorry.
undefined feelings...
Jul 2014 · 868
A Story to the Moon
Frustrated Poet Jul 2014
As I struggled to find light
I didn't notice the moon
facing down giving a smile.

Her smile was warm
like a spark set ablaze
she stared back at me,
waited for a story as I paced.

Her gentle light touched my skin
inviting me

I told her a story
about a girl and her
unrequited love
I didn't tell her everything
there are words
i cannot fathom myself.

She told me: "What a sad story, child."
and left me there
darkness closing in from behind.

When I looked up,
I saw a tear trickled down her cheeks
then became a storm.
a sigh of grief escaped my lips
almost too numb to feel the burn.

She knew...She felt it too.

And now it's almost sunrise
I watched her disappear
from the earth,
from my sight.

The sorrow, the pain
gone with the night.
A story I once told the moon
out in the dusky twilight.
Jul 2014 · 521
Frustrated Poet Jul 2014
you're scarred
and you scream through your words.
i want to help you,
reach for you and hug you.
just let me in.
Jul 2014 · 4.2k
Potterhead Love
Frustrated Poet Jul 2014
"Wingardium Leviosa!" that's your spell.
But it didn't work, I didn't float
I fell.
"Alohamora!" you said to my heart
and again "Accio!" to find its broken parts.
We can love each other forever and always
like Snape to Lily.
Be hysterical and weird
like Bellatrix crazy.
Let's run away and be free;
free as an elf like Dobby.
A sock makes him happy, little things count.
It's precious just like this love I found.
You know, you're not that different from Harry.
Without the scar, you're the boy who lived for me.
It's like the world vanishes when we're this close,
time feels both slow and fast,
our words echoes.
You're as keen as the Ravenclaw
seeing beauty hidden in every flaw.
Loveable like the mark of the badger,
got that trait of Slytherin clever.
I found what I was searching for.
You, my strong-heart lion of Gryffindor.
inspired from the Harry Potter Series by the queen, J.K. Rowling :D
Jul 2014 · 3.3k
Frustrated Poet Jul 2014
I yearn for you, my love
your scent and touch lingers,
i feel your presence
in the wind that howl
your whispers.
Jul 2014 · 317
Capturing Light
Frustrated Poet Jul 2014
It pains me, darling
to see you go
once a whole picture
now a lonely glimpse.

There's a different story
in your eyes.
I saw it yesterday;
but now, not even a sight.

I don't know where to start.
My chance is running out
like sand in a hourglass,
like capturing light by hand.

Forever was a different thing
from a flash and a fling
It makes me cry a tear
why is it you cannot hear?

I'm trapped in this world of mine,
banging, and crying, and trying.
As the current of the river break the rocks,
as my heart cannot find
the key to the door you've locked.
written with my good pal, Gabbie Tabilog :)
Jul 2014 · 1.9k
Frustrated Poet Jul 2014
The person I've become
is so unlikely
I found love
but at the wrong time

I'm afraid to admit that I am falling
afraid to tell you
afraid to realize
I feel your answer and I don't wanna break.

You're the key to my heart
a perfect fit.
I just don't want you to see
maybe you'd just close it,
or leave me bare open.

realizing there's no point
i vanished from your sight
but I so badly want
to drown in your love.

I'm scared to tell you the truth.
The feeling of regret haunts me.
It devours me
till all I'm seeing is nothingness.

The person I've become
is so unlikely,
always thinking this wont work
You'll never belong to me.
3rd :)
Jul 2014 · 319
Frustrated Poet Jul 2014
We chose the same path to take,
Grab the chance to make a change.
Maybe its destiny that led us here, right now, in this holy ground.
"Be brave" you said, that's what i read in your mouth.
I chose this to find myself,
live my life and be free,
but you came unexpectedly.
you were too good to be true,
and i never thought my journey could be better till i met you.
We found each other and i found my meaning in you, with every touch and kiss, its like flower spring bloom and sweet gentle bliss.
"I love you", its as easy to say than do,
but I'll prove to you,
I'll fight for us
till dawn to dew.
We're one and proud.
Our love stands strong.
its carved in our hearts that we belong.
I am yours and you are mine,
it's written in stars and stained in the hands of time.
I'll ride the train with you, even if it never stops,
even if its spinning in circles or countless tracks.
baby hold on tight,
we'll travel through the night;
through deep seas and starry skies
find life where our heart lies.
I know we're the only ones who can mend each other
it might take time so lets start with forever.
I'll protect you, fight for you, don't you worry;
cause i was born to love you dauntlessly.
Hi! if you've seen this poem from "Paradox", its probably because i asked him to post it for me recently coz i was shy at first. Paradox is a good friend of mine. BTW I'm Flerida the Wanderer :)
Jul 2014 · 627
Second Chances
Frustrated Poet Jul 2014
Oh what will you do,
if you see my shattered soul?
A song with no rhythm,
a thing without meaning.
I wont act like i'm perfect,
cause i'm not.
I've know that since,
I've long thrown the mask.

I'm broken, shattered to pieces
Fragile memories crushed by stone
little memories burned to ash.
There's nothing left of me,
Just misplaced shards.

The years faded like the wilting of a flower.
It was so fast,
i never realized it getting slower...
Now that you've come back,
I don't feel gravity affecting me.
I'm afloat, lost in my tracks
Its been a blur and you're the one i clearly see.

When you were gone, I've been a wreck.
But my love for you never broke.
Its the one part of me that's strong,
You're all i needed to be fixed all along
Faith in fate keeps me alive,
that burning feeling inside.
I was lost and you found me.
Lost in transition and serenity.

Oh what would I do
if you leave me again?
No. I've been given a chance to hold on to.
I'd cherish every moment,
every sentence of "I Love You."
first poem :) newbie here. hope you like it :)

— The End —