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Sep 2014
The questions eat me whole
is this really happening?
What a beautiful nightmare
This has been.
where will this take us?
I am uncertain
Scared as I may be, I continue
There's no reason to stop
Pointless to go back
I am already drowning in your love.
Slowly and surely...
I don't know if I ever want to get out.
Its fate that our paths cross.
Our ways and world collide
Seeing each others flaws
With a touch it fades.
You're too careful not to break me
be reckless
I can take it
I choose the people who hurt me
I know they're capable of doing so
But I take the risk.
One things for sure
this last question
I know its true
For the scars and frustration the others give me
This is the cure.
This is the start of something beautiful,
Something worthwhile
Bittersweet, it may be
Not perfect, not pretty
Real or not real?
Wth a touch of everlark at the end :)
Frustrated Poet
Written by
Frustrated Poet  Hogwarts
   Angelica Tanaquin, rufus and Erenn
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