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Oct 2016 · 834
Sunset Dreams in Fugue
PrttyBrd Oct 2016
Through bloodstone eyes
to a soul too far away
Distance over time makes speed
though no haste is made
A beach in grains of broken shells
lines sunset ocean dreams
in brilliant golden glitter
All that lies between the person and the picture
is a mind in fugue
tied to a heart stuck in oblivion
Lost in bloodstone eyes
of a soul too far away
Oct 2016 · 597
PrttyBrd Oct 2016

in anticipation
          in fear
                          or desire

from cold
          or sickness

in the emptiness
          of a world without love...

...I tremble
Oct 2016 · 600
Amazing Grace
PrttyBrd Oct 2016
The bubbles in her hair were pink
Laughter on a breeze
Grace was all she wore
And it was stunning
Oct 2016 · 1.2k
In the Heart of a Dream
PrttyBrd Oct 2016
Fearless dreaming has brought me here
The warmth of spent flesh
asleep in the tides of a fickle moon
a cool breeze in a windowless room
I pull back the sheet slowly
and watch as tiny bumps form in the chill

Peaches and cream perfection
Dare I touch
Dare I risk awakening
The warmth reaches me before I reach the truth
Hesitation and a slow exhale

I have dreamed this dream before
The dream where there is no time, no rules, no distance
I have dreamed of joy and love
I have dreamed this very dream
and as I touch you... I cry

In those moments lost in the union
of love and passion
right and wrong are a blur
on the edges of souls bound in time
I touch you and
for a moment
you are my truth, my reality, my dream, my life
Gone in the gasp of a waking sun

Dare I risk losing you once more
My heart breaks anew as the new day dawns
But how do I yearn and not sate
Yes, I touch
I love so that I may live in that moment a lifetime

The warmth of your skin greets mine
as you turn to me in your slumber
embracing all I could hope to be
Your comfort with me melts doubt
And I pray that the sun never shines
I pray that this moment is my ever after
That you and I are where we once were
where we should always be

I open my eyes at daybreak
and still feel the warmth of you
I bask before the tears come
I love you more with each moment of perfect slumber
I dream
That you will keep me with you
so I shall ne'er again wake
to a world where you no longer reside
Oct 2016 · 18.9k
Sugar High
PrttyBrd Oct 2016
She glistens in shades of rose wine
Warmth melting inhibitions
Flesh begging to be devoured
A hint of its sweetness
beckons as it lingers on still air
Molten steel
Heat rises
A gentle touch
Electricity liquefies
There, in the light
transformed by a glance
that holds a promise of passion
Aquiescence in liquid candy
She is consumed
He is ravenous
yearning to be sated
Yet, feeding the very hunger
that drives him
straight through her soul
PrttyBrd Sep 2016
Do not look at me
with sad eyes
reflecting a life
you choose to hate

Good intentions backed by bad juju

I see it
behind your dead end job
hidden in your lack of hobbies

There in the emptiness in your mind
is the remnants
of the dream you let atrophy

As it got weak
you got stuck in a place
you thought would be another stepping stone

Do not look at me
with eyes shooting bile
behind a smile that breeds contempt

I refuse to be touched
by your silent hope
of my failure

You cannot **** my dreams
just because
you let yours die

Do not look at me
with eyes that plead for me
to carry you along for my ride

It is mine alone
My dream
cannot feed you

I will not lay it at your feet
to sully it's purity
with the soles of the shoes
you use to walk
through your own crap

Do not look at me
with the hope that my dreams
With give their life for yours

"Smile and the world smiles with you"
only works
when hope springs eternal

There is no hope
in that job that grows
while watching your soul die

So I do not smile
as I walk down the street

I look straight ahead
holding fast
to all that makes me whole

And if I do look at you...

I look at you
with kindness
and I am happy for your success

I look at you
with understanding
for we are all going through
the consequences of our choices

I look at you
with hope that you see me
and remember you once had a dream

I look at you
and wish you love and peace

and maybe

Reflected in my eyes
You can see
the best of who you are
Spoken word
Sep 2016 · 1.1k
The Long Haul
PrttyBrd Sep 2016
I promise to love you through it all.
Through all the pain and distance
Through the emptiness and fear
Through the nothing that feels like everything
And through the everything that feels like love
I will love you
Sep 2016 · 829
PrttyBrd Sep 2016
Fighting every moment
To be less than
And more than
Aug 2016 · 1.4k
Ink Stains
PrttyBrd Aug 2016
I want to write love
But I only bleed pain
Aug 2016 · 2.0k
Letters to My Lover XVI
PrttyBrd Aug 2016
It's been far too long
Since I heard your smile
Or felt beautiful reflected in your eyes

The warmth of your skin
Is a vibrant memory
That tucks me in at night

It's the only reason
I bother trying to sleep

Memories taste sour
When waking
From the reality of dreams

The universe is cruel
While love is kind,
Or perhaps that's backwards

It's just been far too long
Since I heard your smile
Aug 2016 · 1.4k
i bet
PrttyBrd Aug 2016
only gamble
what you know
you can afford
to lose
Jul 2016 · 1.1k
PrttyBrd Jul 2016
Polished stone in gray-hued splendor
I see you seeing me
The real me
Beyond the facade
Through the masks
Can you see me seeing you
Behind your pain
Steeped in love
Truth hurts
So they say
But it's lies we tell ourselves
That gouge the deepest souls
Show me what you will
I will see what I will see
Baby steps to normalcy
Or giant leaps toward love
Fear tempered loneliness
Joy casts no shadows
In eyes of burning smoke
Pure light
In darkness breaks
Darkness breaks
In pure light
Why must one break another
I am fragile, cracked
Will you break my darkness
I am void
The absolute absence
Can your light
Penetrate the power of nothing
Why must one break another
Why must we torture
Those who won't shatter
Jul 2016 · 1.1k
PrttyBrd Jul 2016
I'm lost
Floating without purpose
Living lifeless
Away from love
Jul 2016 · 576
Vacuity In Excess
PrttyBrd Jul 2016
I wander aimlessly through this world without you
As I have countless times before
Ever feeling unwhole
Once we happened upon each other
Bound by distance
What was once empty
Is now a void able to be filled
Only by you
I am able to be loved by you alone
Loving what has always been mine
Still, forced to wander aimlessly through this world without you
Jul 2016 · 613
PrttyBrd Jul 2016
You have the power
To destroy
Those who love you
Jul 2016 · 818
Concrete and Rainbows
PrttyBrd Jul 2016
carbon copy
******* kids
all square and full of holes
someone else's dreams
doing only as they're told

gaping wounds
it's useless to resist
grayscale thoughts
behind closed eyes
rainbows do not exist

follow the leader
play pretend
grown-up rules, abide
broken backs
and camel straws
there is no place to hide

it was just a game
forty years
of servitude
society's to blame

here and now
when youth is young
and colors bold and bright
uncharted paths
with neon skies
teach them hold true and tight

planets turn
and water flows
when dreams, have yet, to die
more than yesterdays
the young see bluer skies
Jun 2016 · 919
From the Hilltops
PrttyBrd Jun 2016
Tell me
Whisper in my ear
The love in your heart
Show me
Open affection
In the face of all
Love me
Out loud
Jun 2016 · 1.4k
Today I Saw Love
PrttyBrd Jun 2016
Misty sunrise beautiful
Pale gold and icy blue
Steeped in iridescence
Each color alive within the other
Today I saw love
And it felt like you
Jun 2016 · 626
PrttyBrd Jun 2016
Little boy
Little boy
Come let me be your friend

Little girl
Little girl
I do not play pretend

Little boy
Bathed in light
It is not a game to me

Little girl
In the shadows
I am not what you think you see

Little boy
I see* You
Not what you show the world

But I know you
From eons past
You are not a little girl

I am
What you make of me
Sweet angel in the sun

You will
Be the death of me
As it has since begun

Your smile
Is my very breath
Sweet gray-eyed boy of mine

And your love
Is worthy of my soul
I'm yours through all of time

Then how, pray tell,
Could I lay to rest
The purest form of light

By holding you
Sweet love of mine
You blacken all that's bright

Brighten my shadows
With your love
I promise I will learn

I will not change
The you I love
I'd rather lose a turn

A turn at what
I cannot see
I do not play this game

I'll find you
In the next life of ours
As it is all the same
Jun 2016 · 1.0k
Tell the Truth
PrttyBrd Jun 2016
Who am I
When your joy is all I seek
Yet, your sorrow grows
From the words I speak
Your pain expands
When I beg your smile
Your tears
A river's breadth, a mile
My love surrounds you
In warm ocean waves
And drowns your soul
While I mindlessly bathe
Who am I
Who gives you all
Though all seems
Rather boldly small
When my best attempts
To lift you high
Leave you deeper
Tell me,
Who am I
Jun 2016 · 350
Reverie of Future's Past
PrttyBrd Jun 2016
On the eve
Of the eve
Of tomorrow
I heard a distant cry

On the eve
Of the eve
Of tomorrow
Was never answered why

On the eve
Of the eve
Of tomorrow
Now isn't as it seems

On the eve
Of the eve
Of tomorrow
Today was but a dream
Jun 2016 · 921
With Pierian Regard
PrttyBrd Jun 2016
Both in love with
And drowning in

They are freedom
And the most advance weaponry

Words are powerful
Able to heal old wounds
And rend flesh from the heart

Each a line a thread
Or a tear
In the fabric of life

Able to inflict
Mortal wounds
With one lash

Able to imbue
In a tone

Unlimited hues
Of unlimited descriptions
Words paint the best pictures

Both in love with
And drowning in
May 2016 · 620
PrttyBrd May 2016
Neither darkness
Nor silence
Is intolerable
Lest they be united
May 2016 · 734
Voidable or Vividity
PrttyBrd May 2016
Unable to breathe
My heart, in a state of panic
My soul, half joy/ half pain
With the darkness a true void
And the light, divine
So twisted in two
That breaking is imminent
Which survives
For to live as two
Is not living
May 2016 · 1.4k
PrttyBrd May 2016
It's a struggle
To exist
With only
A soul
Apr 2016 · 2.4k
PrttyBrd Apr 2016
Weeping turtles
On angels' wings
Electric harps
And choir sings
Traveling time
As an era
Comes to close

French chabot
In fruited hues
Revving engines
With horses used
Nothing that
Compares 2 U
And songs
We'll never know

From pain
Was born a troubadour
Pushing limits
Breaking doors
Songs with
Silent lines

A legend lost
Within the mist
Of mewling souls
Taking time
To reminisce
The party ends
In nines
Mar 2016 · 317
PrttyBrd Mar 2016
Love is timeless
Yet the hands of time
Tick in the slowest of motion
The seconds pass in millenia
Straining an already broken heart
Which barely beats on its own
Pieces of me die in absentia
Drifting on the breeze
Hoping to land in wounds
That used to keep me safe
Now residing a thousand miles away
As I search each breeze for pieces of you
To infuse love-filled saline into the shards
Of desiccated arteries
I yearn for a chance to breathe-in
The dust of you that searches for me
And exhale the warmth of your love
To surround my dying soul.
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
Whatever Will Be, Will Be
PrttyBrd Mar 2016
Be chased
Choose us...

**Divine Intervention?
Mar 2016 · 881
Like a Clay Pigeon
PrttyBrd Mar 2016
Frozen behind a weary mind
Thoughts like a blizzard of pain
Unable to be sorted
Unwilling to be tamed
Helpless, left to ramble
At peace from without
Tumultuous within
Life passes while standing still
Loved and Alone
Smoke chokes lungs
Sun burns eyes
Stillness in body
Burning soul steeped in pain
Wings bound by fear
Brittle from the war
With heart and mind
To languid to move
Motivated only to disappear
I can see in through a window
I can feel from across the room
But the sensation of life
The will to fight
Has all but disappeared
A ghost in the real world
Filled with the pain
Of the memory
Of love
Mar 2016 · 457
Night Vision
PrttyBrd Mar 2016
Through midnight blue
Life eludes
Naked eyes
Accustomed to
Mar 2016 · 794
PrttyBrd Mar 2016
I can live
In the joy of moments lived
If I knew
You found joy
In those moments...Even now
Feb 2016 · 2.0k
Soul's Amaranth
PrttyBrd Feb 2016
Hidden in the shadows
In the light of the moon
Is a secret born in the inception time
The whisper of legends
The Truth in the tale
Alive within dreams
A reflection of souls dancing
Diaphanous in the rays of the sun
Like lingering cold
As mist succumbs to the warmth of morning
Never to be found when looking
Unseen in plain sight
Wrapping its equal
In a swaddling of peace
Only to be known as two become one
A whole felt before
Only in the shadows of dreams
Eternal by design
Known in this realm
As a myth, as magic
But this is the only truth
Created as one soul
We are all that there is
To Him
Forever and Always
Feb 2016 · 3.0k
Eternal Stardust
PrttyBrd Feb 2016
Tell me there's a chance;
That elation hasn't eluded us
That love in its purest form
Dwells united in our soul

Tell me we are what we seem
More than any other
We are Stardust and the semblance of time
For it ceases to exist in our reality

Tell me the joy in our hearts
Is fated through eternity
That we are who we have always been
Forever, we will share one heart
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
In the Darkness of Predawn
PrttyBrd Feb 2016
Your presence is tangible
Across the vast expanse
Yet, I hear not your voice
I feel not your longing
Mine, is the only heart I hear
Alone, for the first time in eternity
Alone, wrapped in your essence
Just a whisper of warmth
A choice all your own
To be alone
A choice that you have forgotten
Includes me
For we flow throughout each other
Still, here we are
I feel you trying not to feel me
And I close my eyes
Praying death over a life that begins here
And ends without you
'tis not a choice could I make
'tis not a life...alone
I adore you
Jan 2016 · 505
Remnants of Beauty
PrttyBrd Jan 2016
Whispers of yesterday
Soulful eyes in a frame
Forever loved
Jan 2016 · 448
Passing Eternity
PrttyBrd Jan 2016
Each second a lifetime
Each millimeter a mile
Without you
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
Letters to My Lover XIV
PrttyBrd Jan 2016
Oh my love
The miles are torturous
My spirit, frayed from reaching for you
How my heart longs to beat beside you once again
Oh my love
The sound of your sadness kills me
Like tiny acid tears dripping in my soul
Burning an eternity, yet making me love you more
Oh my love
If I could reach you by any means,
I would never leave your side
For in your arms is where I am who I am meant to be
Oh my love
You are my Spring in the dead of Winter
The very air that I breathe
Distance is a slow asphyxiation
Oh my love
It won't be long now
When we can live the life we've lived before
Together in all things
Sharing a lifetime in each moment together
Oh my love
Words cannot do justice to the exquisite pain of longing
Of knowing what we get to experience...together
Distance is temporary and we are eternal
Oh my love
I miss you so
I am lifeless in your absence, as you hold my heart
I have never truly been me, until there was you
I love you so very much
Jan 2016 · 666
When the Night Comes
PrttyBrd Jan 2016
In the company of darkness
Dreams float away unseen

In the company of darkness
Nightmares smile like a friend

In the company of darkness
Pain can be ignored

In the company of darkness
The world does not exist

In the company of darkness
I can feel you with me

In the company of darkness
Jan 2016 · 829
Remnants of a Dream
PrttyBrd Jan 2016
The familiar is all but lost
Relegated to monochromatic melancholy
This place holds no joy
Once soothing, now both dull and lifeless
This is not my happy place
This is not my comfort zone
This place holds no peace
Backed into a box of light gray
Don't speak, lest you be heard
Don't watch, lest you be seen
Don't care, lest you be hurt
This place holds no love
A hint of freedom long gone
An air of acceptance
Lured by what once was
This place holds remnants of a dream
PrttyBrd Jan 2016
Darkness glides over snow stars disappear behind invisible clouds
Jan 2016 · 908
Just Not the Same
PrttyBrd Jan 2016
Like minds
Open hearts
A world in words alone
Kindness, pain, compassion
Who's a poet to throw a stone
Share a thought or two
Running lies
It's fun and games
'Til no one's left
But you
Jan 2016 · 562
PrttyBrd Jan 2016
Here we are
Dead of winter
Dead of night
Jan 2016 · 942
PrttyBrd Jan 2016
A scent on the wind
A moment in time
Dec 2015 · 1.1k
In you, I am me
PrttyBrd Dec 2015
In the silence of your breathing
My heart heals
My tears dry
My soul is at peace
In the purring of your slumber
My stress dissipates
My fears are quelled
My broken spirit fuses
In the comfort of your aura
I am who I am meant to be
I am someone I always dreamed of
I am... whole
I love you so very much
You are such a blessing
Dec 2015 · 1.9k
PrttyBrd Dec 2015
There is a light
In that light, there is clarity
With clarity, one can see
The error of their ways
The truth of who they are
Their deepest desires
With clarity
One can become
Who they were always meant to be
One only has to open their eyes
To see
Dec 2015 · 1.4k
In All Things
PrttyBrd Dec 2015
so are you...

always have been
Dec 2015 · 724
Aequora Tuta
PrttyBrd Dec 2015
In the rush of the waves
There is stillness
While she dances
Her laughter;
A symphony of souls
The warm water
Cradles him
As he lies mesmerized
Entranced by Her
Something to aspire to
Nov 2015 · 1.2k
With You at a Distance
PrttyBrd Nov 2015
In the comfort of shadows
The warmth of the blankets
Lying next to me
Could be you my love, so far away

In the comfort of shadows
The world with you out of reach
Closes in tight
And you feel closer than you were

In the comfort of shadows
Alone in the dark
My tears silently rust the armor
Trying, in vain, to shield my heart

In the comfort of darkness
My loneliness fades
As I feel your soul dance with mine
And a smile escapes my tears

In the comfort of shadows
It's yesterday, my love
My life was whole
When you gazed into my eyes
In the light of the sun
Nov 2015 · 660
My Dichotomous Truth
PrttyBrd Nov 2015
I am
Very fence
On which
Nov 2015 · 916
PrttyBrd Nov 2015
I am
To be
I love you
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