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Nelsya Mar 27
crawling crawling crawling
resurfacing from
the distinct memories
hitting every parts of you
like an atomic bomb

bawling bawling bawling
feeling full
and empty
at the same time
vomitting words, tears, and memories

dying dying dying
but you’re not
you’re breathing
just unstable
somehow sickening, but it will pass
you’ll be okay again
Nelsya May 2019
Tricks could be dangerous
if it was done
by the wrong people

Disguised in pretty lips
and polished words
they were trained to manipulate

Be careful not to get caught
in their petty tricks
that are disguised in fancy lies

So it is best
to think before you absorb
and to have a mind of your own
Nelsya Nov 2018
i found myself in the world of solitude
lost in another dimension
to hide and protect
my sanity
from inhuman thoughts
and from too many mouths
i know it’s short but finally i managed to update after a year :)
Nelsya Nov 2017
i spend my days waiting
for the awakening
of these tides
inside my mind
i hope you don't mind

i depend my days
on my trembling feet
and shaking hands
gambling on what's to come
i hope to survive

i whimpered as
i have been trapped
i have been played
i have been manipulated
by myself and by the time itself
Nelsya Jun 2017
If I ever
Get to meet you
In another life
Or universe
I wish to
Recognize you
At first glance

And if you ever
See me then
Please at least
Give me a chance
To fix
What had gone wrong
In this lifetime
Nelsya May 2017
My captain sailed the sea
Of waves and hurricanes
Of lovers of tears

My captain who sailed the sea
He cried upon a shore
Mermaids wailed, fishes gone for help

Where is My Captain who once sailed the sea?
He was no more by the shore
Then the ocean started to mourn

He was found, My Ol' Captain
Laying rotten dead
Beneath the ship, covered red
It was heartache, they said
Nelsya Apr 2017
one of them drifted
leaving hearts wounded
some heals
some others never stay the same

the next one built
a new town
paving path
to a new home

third's a charm
he managed to glow
and growing pain
into flowers

the other one picked
a different road
and he killed his old self
to become a butterfly

and the last one's on his way
slowing the ride down
becoming a man of his own
while staying on his roots
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