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Rim Aug 22
In Mother's womb
We were swaddled in soft rosy layers
But let us not squander time
For once we hear the closing clock chime
We will find ourselves against all prayers
Asleep next to Mother's tomb
Johnny walker Jul 16
It seems to me that the clock Is passing time just for me but the clock as stopped ticking life now stood still the hands of time don't move anymore at least seems
Sometimes that way for
As If frozon In time never to move on since my darling
has gone for I'll not hear
that clock tick ever again
for once this clock was tickling my life
For the hands of the clock that was ticking my life
away won't sweep the face
of clock ever again for time  has stood still since sweethearts passed
An old horse smiles behind my mouth.
Scars of time hang from its gums.
Physical renditions of the ticking hand,
Going around the sun,
Beating down,
Weighing down.
Johnny walker Jun 18
A silence fell apon
the midnight air that crept
Its way through my
open window nothing
to be heard than ticking
of the clock on the
A deathly silence now descending on my life
now alone just the tick
tick of the clock It's hand slowly sweeping Its face
Since my sweetheart left
this life
clock now has started ticking just for me I hear It ticking my life away as a silence
fall upon the the midnight
air there to creep slowly through my open
Mythical May 26
Inside this poetic mind of mine,
Lies a monster that's ticking time..

A monster who is being pushy,
Making me write everyday..

Even when I got nothing to share,
He whips his whip without care..

Making me bleed my words out,
Blood turns into ink...

Until I've come up with something new,
The monster will continue to torture me..
Perdue Poems Apr 7
Ticking Tocking never stopping
Beeping Booping always bopping
Never stopping, always going
Ticking Tocking Beeping Booping

Sliding Slipping never ending
Scratching Scrawling always working
Never ending always weeping
Sliding Slipping Scratching Scrawling

Clicking Clacking never ceasing
Flipping Flashing always blending
Never ceasing always numbing
Clicking Clacking Flipping Flashing

Pulling Praying never halting
Wanting Wishing always failing
Never halting always craving
Ticking Sliding Clicking Pulling
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Humans tend to believe they're all powerful but
faced with the true force
of nature's elements we
are nothing
ants swallowed up In the vastness of ever changing
environment more heavy rain destroying winds rising tides and arctic melting
This part we have to hold our hands up and claim responsibility for we
have caused global warming
Which will destroy us all trying to reverse the process far to
the clock been ticking on the situation to long to reverse
Soon It Will Be Goodbye World for everyone
A world already ruined no reverse gear to shift to, the clock Is already ticking on an already doomed world and It's our doing
Jacob Parnell Dec 2018
the sound was still ticking.
Tickling my mind.
Yet inside there was something still missing.
I'm behind the curve.
My mind can't keep up with my words.
My brain can't pass its turn.
Trying to stay awake is like biting into a stale steak...
Its hard.
My arm is so far away I can barely lift it.
My legs are so stray they won't stay near me.
Suddenly my eyes go black and I can think clearly.
"Relax" says the cataracts of my soul (at its best).
My synapses rest as I prepare for the synopsis of what's next. Dream on...
Time moves fast, but the ticking chime moves so slow, everything in my mind goes out the window.
This is part two of the ticking clock poem where I fall asleep.
sushii Nov 2018
the colored light forms the hours
the minutes

time ticking away
there is nothing left for this day

but i cannot go to sleep
for i always have light on me

you can’t unplug me either,
because then you cannot wake up

i can’t wait for the power to go out forever.
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