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aspen wilde Jun 2020
pretty tears guard my eyes
little jets of rainbows shoot when they fall
everything glistens, my face glows
crying is elegant they say.

fire burns my eyeballs
the hot lava turning my cheeks red
the world becomes icy, repelled by the heat
no, crying is raw.
Nelsya May 2019
Tricks could be dangerous
if it was done
by the wrong people

Disguised in pretty lips
and polished words
they were trained to manipulate

Be careful not to get caught
in their petty tricks
that are disguised in fancy lies

So it is best
to think before you absorb
and to have a mind of your own
Brittany Hall Nov 2018
I'm sorry that I stole her from you.
Even if your love wasn't true.
I didn't wait my turn,
Instead, I took it from you.
There's a hint of sadness in your eyes.
It was always there, but more disguised.
She needed more than shared taste in music.
I gave her my heart and she doesn't abuse it.
It's nice, for me, finally.
And it will be for you, too, eventually.
She's in a place that's years ahead,
Than finding comfort in boys, in bed.
At least I hope, that my words are true.
Just know I'm sorry. I stole her from you.
She needed more.
Austin V Apr 2018
Forceful thoughts fall from the seams
Like the nightmarish steeds
Of a hellscape dream

So carved into rock are the thoughts at hand
That I can not escape
Who truly I am

A monster inside
With a colorful broach
And just enough care
To help you approach

When the fear you should have
I help wipe away
To disguise the danger
That will always stay

Run as you should
But you never can
Because I glove my ugly with a caring hand

So take my hand and come with me
To a world of fantasy and make believe
So carefully painted with a velvety sheen
So as to not let it show this is all a dream

But the paint does chip
And so you will wake
To an external hell
With no escape
Deep within Earthen bowels
immensely distant from sheltering sky
amidst a thick fog enveloped landscape
with here and there a projected
craggy, derelict chasm

precipitously crooked
rocky claws pointing toward
an infinitely wide yawning abyss
dwelt kindred spirits

comprising soul asylum
where grateful dead (albeit marked,
via weathered tomb stones)
hermetically sealed
once vibrant corporeal mortals
betook their eternal slumber.

One among their number
included a misanthrope
who sported long straggly hair
bushy eyebrows shield

ding cold eyes of steel
straggly bearded clammy chin
in tandem with a hairy body
which when alive (long time ago)

upheld upon unshod feet, a severely
hunchbacked ******
Within dense pitch-black terrain
(Mother Nature enlisting

a menagerie of life forms
accustomed to hellish environment)
awash with unrecognizable
alien sights and sounds

mollycoddling bewitching warlocks,
mailer daemons, trolling trojan horses
imps of the pervert chieftains, fiery
long and fostered Golems

who called underworld
their private demesne
also alluded to Marcy's playground
holding hostage Alice in Chains

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
The Beastie Boys, Culture Club
The Human League, and
Village People a Crowded House

Emitting wisps of ethereal matter
appearing a small medium at large
chat snap ping, flickr ring
indeed joyus minions
exalting piety good and plenti.

Prone ounce sing proud purgatory
promoting protean phantasmagoria
hideous hulu hoop dancing holograms
highly distorted grotesque
silent 10,000 maniacs screaming
sinister semblance to banshees
slithering across escarpment.

Echoing one end of universe to the other
putting to shame initial big bang
ranking as a mere whimper
that original primordial blast

which cosmological exploits
generated heavenly sphere instantaneously
comparison viz Krakatoa times Googleplex
essentially reduced to insignificance
albeit on the analogous tinker toy
premised conjectures of brilliant minds

could gander feeble educated guesses
asper extraordinary natural phenomena
mortal mankind could never approximate
as belligerent threats punctuated,

via nuclear warfare
merely rates as a flickr
amidst uber kindle snap chat ting
tinder blinks, extinguishes,
snuffs out one lowly
Beatle browed bipedal simian.
ADS Apr 2017
Drowning in this bright white light
I’m alone on this stage like every night
Seeing all my fans screaming my name when I walk into the light
All I see every night is a sea of flashing lights
All they see is me hitting these low and high notes with ease
I make it look so easy while I dance to this beat
But when its late at night all I want to do escape
Escape this never-ending dream where I can’t find peace
Peace that would make me feel complete
Because my fans don’t really know me
All they see is me achieving a dream which is turning bittersweet
Bittersweet because they will never see the real me
So here I stand on this street corner all alone
Thinking about running away from this fame
That I once thought would make me feel complete
Just a poem I have been thinking about the past couple of days. I didnt really have a plan about how I was going to put my thoughts into words. Regardless here it is.
Rochelle Thomas Apr 2016
One of these days
Exams begin.
Didn't take long
to get right in.
No time was wasted.
In a better way,
Could not have won my heart.
Can't bare to open a book
when apart.
Only thing on mind
Is the art of making
Creating, of feeling so deep
And genius, warm and hazy

But, one of these days
Exams begin.
Sydney Queen Dec 2015
Pulling your blanket back on when it falls off in the night.
***** feet
and raspberry stained hands.
You, chewing on ice.
Me, sipping lemonade through red straws.
Moths that haunt the street lamps.
Dancing home alone,
ghosts that sing you to sleep,
old records on the table.
Riding your bike as the sun sinks sleepily at your back.
Being pressed up against the back door.
The seasons.
Naked, terrible beauty.
Watching your back receding down the long, sunlit hall.
The two of us,
always running away from eachother.
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