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231 · May 30
Tell me
What is a writer without whimsy,
an artist without arrogance,
a poet without pain?
Keerthi Kishor Feb 2018
Do not fall in love with a Poet.
They'll cut you deep with their words.
They'll devour your pain and make tiny love notes out of it.
They'll bleed you out and call it Poetry.
"Lock your heart and bury the key if you find yourself falling for a Poet."
221 · Feb 2018
An Enquiry
Keerthi Kishor Feb 2018
What do you see when you look at me?

Brown hair
Short, Fair
Curvy around the edges
Lipstick shade everyone judges
Comfortable wear, totes, and wedges
Uneven nail ridges, mascara smudges
Goofy mannerisms, a subject of criticism
prodigy of individualism with a slight tinge of feminism
Smart, Cute
an acute brute or a complete hoot
a witch, a narcissistic *****
or yet another girl you can easily ditch
Incredible, gullible
Adorable or terrible
Cold-hearted, Introverted
or easily outsmarted
the biggest smile you’ve ever seen
the one who addresses herself as the Queen
Kind, mean or everything in between.

What do you see when you look at me?
"Because I am none of the above. Yet all of the above."
212 · Feb 2018
It's Ok.
Keerthi Kishor Feb 2018
It's ok to be born different.
It's ok to be abnormal, subnormal and normal.
It's ok to be scarred, to be scared.
It's ok that you once cared.
It's ok your childhood was a mess.
It's ok you're still a damsel in distress.
It's ok to wish for everything.
It's ok to have had nothing.
It's ok to be a child and still grow up.
It's ok to live in fear, to casually throw up.
It's ok to not fit the frame.
It's ok to not have hit the fame.
It's ok to talk to yourself.
It's ok to listen to others than thyself.
It's ok to dance under the moon.
It's ok to walk like a complete loon.

It's ok to have odd mannerisms.
It's ok to like everything everyone else says.
It's ok not to like everything everyone else says.
It's ok to be gullible.
It's ok to be shy.
It's ok to be fat.
It's ok to be short.
It's ok to be called ugly.
It's ok to fall in love.
It's ok to have lost the war.
It's ok to pour out how your heart feels.
It's ok to be shot down, stomped upon.
It's ok to be broken.
It's ok to cry your heart out.
It's ok to yell at the top of your lungs at random.
It's ok to pretend at times.
It's ok to laugh maniacally.
It's ok to make others laugh.
It's ok to show how you feel.
It's ok to hope, not to give up.
It's ok to want to go places and to adopt a pup.
It's ok to feel something other than happy.
It's ok to feel love, hate and everything in between.
It's ok to be a mystery than a mere tragedy.

It's ok to be this way.
It's ok to be okay.
It's ok to be you.
"A note to self: Hey, It's Okay."
211 · Feb 2018
Keerthi Kishor Feb 2018
Unbelievable are the names I have:


­When all I am ever is Unprefixed.
"Dear society, Unchain me."
204 · Feb 2018
Keerthi Kishor Feb 2018
Pain is inevitable.
You won't know when and how it will strike you.
The best you can do is pray and hope it doesn't find you.
"Story of my life."
200 · Aug 2019
Keerthi Kishor Aug 2019
It’s funny how
certain faces you see,
places you’ll be,
aroma of the air around you,
a random déjà vu,
how familiar the food tastes,
the warmth of embraces,
voices and noises
can take you to
a specific place, time, a moment
in your life, long forgotten.
“It’s a privilege I take to reconnect myself with the idea of a home, that only exists in my memory now.”
197 · Jan 13
Story of my sad life
Keerthi Kishor Jul 2019
Oh, I remember that happy child.

The one who believed that simplicity was the utmost delight.

The one who was not afraid to fall, fall and fall again until she could get up on her feet right.

The one who had the thirst to explore or unravel the secrets of even the darkest night.

The one who never shied away from anything and everything that made her heart light.

The one who was filled with hopes and dreams of meeting her shining knight.

The one whose smile was bright and laugh had a hint of daylight.

The one who wasn’t afraid to tell the world from what’s wrong or right.

The one who wanted to conquer hearts, to tell them countless stories of her might.

The one who never gave up on herself or the ones she loved without putting up a fight.

And tonight at the silence of these wee hours I sit and write

Wondering whatever happened to
that happy child.
Also when will she be back?
186 · Feb 2018
Keerthi Kishor Feb 2018
I guess Love is the only
natural, wholesome thing
that money cannot buy. Ever.
"I guess so."
171 · Sep 2019
Keerthi Kishor Sep 2019
You meet two kinds of people
in life.

The one that would ask you to dim your light.
The one that would want you to shine even bright.

Choose to be with the latter,
it’s better.

I hope you know that already.
I really do hope so.
170 · Jul 2019
Keerthi Kishor Jul 2019
Sometimes the best you can see is when you have your eyes closed.
The best conversations come out of
The best ideas evolve from the corners
of a mad brain.
Art arises from pain.
True love can happen from a broken heart.
And broken souls shine better.
Happiness happen from solitude.
169 · Jun 2
When I was five
I heard the word No
for the first time from my Mother.
The little rebel in me said to myself
I can’t wait to grow up,
to be taken seriously, to be treated equally,
change myself completely.
So that I won’t have to take
No for an answer.

When I was fifteen
I heard the word No from my crush.
The hopeless romantic in me said to myself
I can’t wait to grow up,
get a job, make a career,
change my life completely.
So that I won’t have to take
No for an answer.

When I was twenty five
I heard the word No from my boss.
The dreamer in me said to myself
may be I should move on, settle down,
change my life completely.
So that I won’t have to take
No for an answer.

When I was thirty five
I heard the word No from my kids.
I took a pause and said No
for the first time.
I said to myself wow this feels good.
May be I should say No more often.
My life has never been the same ever since.
“No - is a very powerful word.
The sooner you practice to say that out in your life, better it is. Your life will turn around to be great.”
160 · Nov 2019
You stupid, stupid heart.
Keerthi Kishor Nov 2019
You stupid, stupid heart.
You just had one job.
Pump blood that’s all.

Instead you had to mess it up.
Catch feelings, get carried away,
break and weep.

Brain asked me to warn you,
to hold your pace or else
to make you think of the last time
when you got stomped upon,
got shattered into pieces,
going after something that wasn’t
yours to keep.

To remember how much you cried
and almost died beating for someone
who wasn’t yours to hold onto.

You stupid, stupid heart.
Why would you turn yourself cold?
But most importantly when will you ever learn?
P.S: Brain says it’s never going to stop beating for the wrong ones.
104 · Jul 2019
Circus of life
Keerthi Kishor Jul 2019
Today I woke up
But tomorrow I want to
go back to sleep  
Currently dangling on the rope living to die & dying to live.
86 · Nov 2019
Somebody else.
Keerthi Kishor Nov 2019
Eventually, we all become somebody else.

Some become the fathers they wished
to have had in their childhood.

Others become the mothers
they despised growing up.

Some become the friends
they kept a rat race with.

And some others become
the man or woman
they want to marry.
But you’ll get tired of it sooner or later.

— The End —