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 May 30 Keerthi Kishor
I don't even care what it says
just as long as it's out of my head
Love didn't end wars
It started them
You mind your steps
   after you've stumbled.
You miss your home
   after you’ve left it.
You value your health
   after you’ve been sick.

But you can’t enjoy life
   after you died.
carpe diem
 Jan 11 Keerthi Kishor
I'm okay
is by far the
most often
lie I tell
and it's also
the lie that
always gets
me caught
So much to say,
So few people to truly listen.
Time doesn't heal.
And the wound knows it.
Layers gather on the ****
but the damage remains,
hiding itself deep inside
the secret scar
time healing wound layers damage hidden secret scar
 Jan 11 Keerthi Kishor
           I could be an athlete
           I'd win the marathon with
           Running away
                     - from all of my problems.
I’ve made friends
with the half-dead
in my bathroom;

we watch each other’s
attempts at crawling
every morning-

him, in any
general direction,
and me,
to ease my stomach
into the toilet bowl.

he cheers for me
as I retch
and retch
and throw up
a little
stomach bile,

wipe my mouth,
thank my audience;

he’s my
best friend,
but he
doesn’t drink
bite into my soul and taste your dirt,
inflict upon me your rules of hurt.

make a wish in the fountain of blood,
take a sip and you shall conquer the world.

hang me for all the world to see,
even in my death i shall walk free.

show me the strength of your crown,
let me be chased by your blood hounds.

cut me and scar me, tell me what have you found ?
for you walk straight but the world's 'round.

lock me in a cage so i cannot leave,
even in these walls i shall walk free.

burn my skin to reach my soul,
why break walls when i've opened the door ?

come inside, take away all i know,
feed my hatred by hating me some more.

erase me so i could never be,
even in my extinction i shall walk free.

tie my hands and give me a blade,
tell me who my enemies are and war shall be made.

whisper to me the words that degrade,
and i'll scream them at the world as i fade.

**** the lullabies so i can never dream,
even in my nightmares i shall walk free.

now take my hand and lead me to paradise,
fire of hell blowing through the kingdom of ice.

sit on your throne and try to swallow your pride,
for this slave will never be yours,
he's the master of his own life.

hang me for all the world to see,
even in my death i shall walk free.
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 Jul 2019 Keerthi Kishor
The poet lives two lives.
One on the outside,
And one in their mind.

When you look in their eyes
You could see an abyss.

If you looked long enough
You could sink into it.

But most people don’t see it.

Take the time to read the words, though,
And you would know for sure.

The poet lives in two different worlds.
A little escape from the madness.
Or maybe, into.
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