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Jan 2018 · 594
Allow ~ by Danna Faulds
handsinspace Jan 2018
There is no controlling life.

Try corralling a lightning bolt,

containing a tornado.  Dam a

stream and it will create a new

channel.  Resist, and the tide

will sweep you off your feet.

Allow, and grace will carry

you to higher ground.  The only

safety lies in letting it all in –

the wild and the weak; fear,

fantasies, failures and success.

When loss rips off the doors of

the heart, or sadness veils your

vision with despair, practice

becomes simply bearing the truth.

In the choice to let go of your

known way of being, the whole

world is revealed to your new eyes.
Apr 2017 · 533
handsinspace Apr 2017
tossed in waves
looking to the promontory

It says:
read swells
keep your sight
find harmony in the stir
understand how and when to climb
for this is an abrupt hardness
to fall broken

nearer hope
is a mercy
a trough
to reveal clear footing
and hands still strong
shake in lifting

regain sight upon upon the high ledge
the froth below and turmoil ebb
my heart
still beating
Feb 2016 · 941
in Clouds
handsinspace Feb 2016
In truth
In waiting
Through blue
Wide open
Heart sky
As you are
Grounded free
love, fly on wings to my kindred soul... away, but not apart, from me
Feb 2016 · 430
handsinspace Feb 2016
drifting at sea
your voice the rudder
my soul
the wind
gusting and twirling
our constellations
catch and billow
in joy
our dawn
rising on the edge
looking for
your smile
to me
Jul 2015 · 593
petals unfurl
handsinspace Jul 2015
I ask you to open to me
open in me
there's nothing to fear, my love
Apr 2015 · 1.1k
handsinspace Apr 2015
My sketchbook is getting damp from the spray
It's a torrent unleashed as
thunder rolls
Midnight black stripped in hot flashes of punctuated amens
Rounds of sounds of liquid laughter shake in the atmosphere
Lyrical clapping voices arise
Millions of drops on millions of leafy palms uplifted
The canopy dances
now in a roaring delight
I hear a waterfall singing your name
because you're missed most intensely in these spaces of awe
You can
You are
Mar 2015 · 1.0k
your particle, my wave
handsinspace Mar 2015
into you

signal caressed
these primal fountains
roiling together
this great smiling heart
sun of our living impulse
seed of our being


two into one

holy frequencies

into you

for the one I love... as we are joined again
Feb 2015 · 631
handsinspace Feb 2015
The day was perforated by a threshold
A distracted post and lintel technicality
All a part of this door I've been painting
It opens out
It opens up
Into joy
But while I was placing tiny brush strokes
In incremental positions
Adjusting for full light
You swung it wide open
You swung it wide open

Let's go!
Love of my life, I'm so happy you're ready
Feb 2015 · 295
handsinspace Feb 2015
love's light isn't extinguished or dimmed when only eyes close
"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye" -- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Feb 2015 · 564
saint valentine's review
handsinspace Feb 2015
please no chocolate heart
syrupy sentiment mass produced
slid into an envelope
pre-made for a day in a year in a life

please yes warm hand in a cold world held
jumping together into the unknown
adventure made true by love
unafraid to live new
everyday every year this life
please yes my truest love
Feb 2015 · 555
I value most
handsinspace Feb 2015
I want to write my heart to you
and joy in a baby's laugh
and the dance of a field of flowers
and the soft honeyed interior
a warm hand in the dark
and the flame flaring and arcing
the wave's swell, crest and crash
and the mirror opening out
I want to speak to you
of the road home that I know

I want to dress my heart shining
with ribbons and colored paper
the gift you're happiest to open
the one you value most
pour mon miel bébé
Feb 2015 · 353
handsinspace Feb 2015
yesterday I was asking you
to please
not hide your tracks
too well
today I started looking
at my own
unsettling feeling
that you are pulled
in a tidal tug
by a newer moon
but when I see your truth
with my real eyes
I know
maybe this distance is to blame
for my distortion
love is not blind, but true seeing
Jan 2015 · 847
de vivre
handsinspace Jan 2015
words from your open heart
mirror my sacred place to be
Jan 2015 · 698
handsinspace Jan 2015
lavender light
polarized bright and stormy
the lush green sweeps
rising and falling
in a joyous dance
in music brushed by a thousand leaves
every color, a jewel
I turn to find you
in this perfect moment

we are
this light
this sweeping dance
this one goes out to the one I love
Jan 2015 · 532
Walking At Night
handsinspace Jan 2015
Branches lace the moon
Tracing beauty in wildness
I imagine you
far but near
Jan 2015 · 2.9k
handsinspace Jan 2015
traveling through a large plane
an opalescent sky
wide, encompassing embrace
soft lavender-gray clouds float on a string
hovering like distant islands of heaven
a land promised
tender gradient pink to gray
mile-long notations drift
isolated in blue and soft gold

in shifting rays
your voice is holding me aloft
burnished and blending
drawing me
filling my movement
rounding my heart
the rising moon
the sweet aching fullness
the deepening
twinkling colored night
is to you

I'm drawn
For the one I love... you make me feel fully alive and I thank you
Dec 2014 · 563
handsinspace Dec 2014
pull me into a broom closet
urgent and hot
your mouth open to me
as stars fall
in your touch
waves crash
eons wink
anywhere with you, my heaven
Nov 2014 · 950
handsinspace Nov 2014
To be in my own skin
To feel like myself
You loved me there
C'mon silly
How can a hollow man do that?
my super hero, my love... even though you may scoff to believe you have such powers, you do
Nov 2014 · 577
dream to there
handsinspace Nov 2014
She floats on reflected sky
Dueling breezes knitting around her

Flower petal skimming

She slices silver travel lines
Rippling out on hope's own hand
And trusts her bright day journey
All that she needs for the way

Reaching the shore above
She finds him there
Standing in leaves
Kisses waiting
The moon on his shoulder
Nov 2014 · 1.0k
with you
handsinspace Nov 2014
finding a symphony in the brief hum of daily life
Ten words inspired by PrrtyBrd's 'a bit 'o nothing'
Oct 2014 · 11.7k
handsinspace Oct 2014
Bad news from your lips is outweighed by finding
how do you do that, ma douce?
Oct 2014 · 3.0k
Twin Flame
handsinspace Oct 2014
A puddle of existence
Awake in bed alone
I turn and turn and try to relax
Wryly acknowledging to myself
Trying is not relaxing
So I dive headlong
Into our deepest waters
And I hear your voice
And I know everything will be alright
And you aren't always going to be so far away...

And you are sharing my pulse
And you are breathing with my breath
And my eyes can see with yours
Holding you close

Hoping for soon
Our now
I'm in agony without you my love; you are my burning light, my soul's home in this and every world
Oct 2014 · 409
the one I love
handsinspace Oct 2014
how have you ignited my flames dancing
from across that long, cold distance?

just being you
Oct 2014 · 1.6k
handsinspace Oct 2014
sweet lover
you are woven into me
closer than marrow and lacing nerve
joined in harmonious vibration
the pulse deep in life's current
closer to me than I am to myself
there is no self
but in us combined
Jul 2014 · 531
gardens ong
handsinspace Jul 2014
my words have become a
ceaseless call to my only mate
lost in the underbrush
engulfed by earnest one-track longing
bethere be there beth ere be there
be there
where has my voice gone?
powerless, it seems
to reach your ear without water
or wind between us

yet still I feel our shining bond
tether sweet
intoxicating scent in the crystal air
holding all I know
I want to know
so yes, precious one
last of our leaf and line
love me into this life
let me
I sing out
touch you
such joy
May 2014 · 1.2k
handsinspace May 2014
his opening mouth
feeds my heart like none other’s can
I fly home to him
on wings of joy
May 2014 · 1.9k
this love
handsinspace May 2014
even just a small piece
it feels like a world

— The End —