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The wind in my sails,
carries me towards my goals.
The wind is my will.
Life's journey is hard for everyone,
but always try, as best as you can,
that it'd be a white-sailed ship
that will be awaiting you when
your odyssey comes to an end.

Przemyslaw Musialowski 10/25/2020
Sofia Ageyeva Apr 2020
Как много надо, чтобы стать Ассолью:
Нужна душа чистейшая как снег,
Нужна фантазия огромная как море…
И кроме этого обычный человек…

Просто Грей! Умеющий любить!
Просто Грей! Умещий понять!
Просто Грей!
Пришедший из мечты…
И мечту готовый исполнять.

И тогда взовьется алый парус!
Много ль надо… только две души
Только две надежны и две веры…
Только все же, Грей, ты поспеши!
Transl­ation to English:
So much is asked of you to be Soll!
You need a soul clear like a fresh snow…
You need an imagination as big as an Ocean…
And… you need a Man… not a prince Charming!

You need a Man who knows how to Love!
You need a Man who knows how to Listen! (God help him!)
You need a Man, who comes from your dream to Life…
You need a Friend… a Lover… a Listener…
What does he need from you?
To be a Friend… a Lover… a Listener…

Then… two of you will see Scarlet Sails!
You don’t need too much for that…
Just two souls…
Two hopes, and two faiths…
But oh Man! Can you please hurry?
… But dear David… How could I know, that I had to wait until I’m 49?
Colm Dec 2019
Somedays I am a ship which sails
No lull or shore could raise me to the ocean floor
When I am on a swell
And yet somedays I’m lost on an oceanfront
Without Wind In The Sails
Eloisa Oct 2019
Her heart hungers for the essence of her being.
She continues to search for enlightenment
and peace.
Thousands of heartaches and trials,
she met along the path of finding herself.
She carves out time every single day to reflect.
Then she realized.
There’s no need to search outside herself
for answers.
She found the answers
where she found the questions.
She found the answers inside herself.
Meaning is what makes one’s misfortune worthwhile.
The storm came to teach her how to sail
and she continues to catch the wind.
Confronting the ocean’s of life moment after moment,
she found the strength to leave her past
to the shores
and just brought the lessons she has learned.
Then out she sails for her new horizons ahead.
On life's vast ocean diversely we sail. Reasons the card, but passion the gale.
Alexander Pope

When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.
Napoleon Hill

To desire and strive to be of some service to the world, to aim at doing something which shall really increase the happiness and welfare and virtue of mankind - this is a choice which is possible for all of us; and surely it is a good haven to sail for.
Henry Van ****
Poetic T Feb 2019
We where sails torn,
    never catching

each others gusts....

But still we tried to blow
                 life into something,

that wasn't moving anywhere.

And then we knew it was time
             to abandon ship..

Then we realised,
                    that we
  sailed better alone.
Hunter Green Nov 2018
Running through the dark,
like you’re not scared of losing your heart.
I watch as you embark,
set the sails to the wind and change this ***** part.
Pain often leads to reluctance, but redemption pulls joy out of the dark.
de Negre Sep 2018
this verse arrived when in my mind did you
i know the voice sings clear but the heart speaks true,
a crippled old man, that heart tells tales
of the self and the journey, that gripping your sails:

losing to winds which chill our bones
the crack in my hull, boat sinking as stones
like ones in the river, which we threw when in love,
our lips have been sewn, but that's push come to shove,

upon the river banks comes that song we had sung,
washing up with the stones, and the remains of my lung.
in a hurry written in math class, bur(ry)ial of love.
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