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gia sanchez Dec 2019
you are beautiful
you are unique
you are special
and never weak.
you can do things that they can't,
you have goals and you have plans.
you are independent
you are divine
you are patient  
you are kind
you don't care what other people think
your life's your own story and here's the ink.
You can get triggered
You can get hurt
You can get heart breaks and oh, do they hurt
but you are strong and never deceiving
so never stop your dreaming and believing.
words i describe myself with.
My dearest
My beloved
Rose of flowers
Peacock of birds
Diamond of gemstones
Sirius of stars
You are all of those and I am the lover.

I am the kite
and you are the string
You are my star
and you are the blink
I am the sky
and you are the ring
I am the flight
and you are the wings
I am the lover
and you are the beloved

Itunu Jun 2018
I am undefined by any person. I am my own.
I carry myself higher and higher, perched on the wings of glory,
Floating on grace and valor.
I am honey, sweet, addictive and precious.
I am not yours
I am not yours
Because I am solely mine.
Today. Tomorrow and forever.
Ronald J Chapman Mar 2018
You are my summer sunshine,
swimming, in your shining love, brightens my dreams,
warms my wintery Soul,

Chasing away my lonely cloudy days,
You are my longing dreams,
as my spirit floats to your warm heavenly embrace,

You are my wishful hopes in life,
my inspiration, for, living,
You are my love for each new day; a gift worth holding on tight,

Because of you,
I live my life
in the sunshine,

My love,
You are the happiest dream come true,
I thank God for you.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved
SoundCloud poetry recitation
ShowYouLove Feb 2018
I come before you open and broken
I come before you to write what is spoken
I come before you in humble humility
I praise you for and through this gifted ability
You are the source from whom all blessings flow
You are the sea in all it's majesty
You are the wind that sets me free
You are the mountains reaching ever higher
You are the spark that started the fire
You are great and glorious
Over sin and death, you rose victorious
I come before you in deep respect
I come before you pleading you to protect
To grant peace and strength and healing
To transform this guilt and hurt we are feeling
I come before you to ask wisdom and understanding
I come to ask your strength when life seems too demanding
You are the healer for our broken heart
Each morning you give us is a fresh start
You are the song that rolls off my tongue
You are the music of life forever being sung
As you pour your love down
In this flood of love, I drown
Fill me with a presence that cannot be contained
Bless me with the courage to share it unrestrained
ShowYouLove Feb 2018
Your love is deeper than the oceans
Your grace reaches through the valley below
So much more than just a savior, more than just a friend
So much more than just a power that I can't comprehend
You are truth, you are grace, you are joy I can't contain
You are love, you are life, and I'll never be the same
All the stars shining down on a clear night sky
You came to save a wretch like me I can't imagine why
So much more than just a light you came into my life and now I glow
You made a home inside my heart and softened every hardened part and I start to grow
I once was lost adrift at sea the wind and waves grew wild
Afraid I prayed and through the storm you heard and you found me
For years I was blind I could not see your face
But with open eyes I see the depth and power of your amazing grace
You aren't just a man who was born who lived and died
Son of God and son of man you were crucified
You weren't just a prophet a teacher or a king
You are the author of life and creator of everything
So much more than simple stories the parables you shared
Your death to show us just how much you really cared
You aren't just a healer a doer of good deeds
You tended to our spiritual needs
You are so much more than surface going right to my core
Satisfy this longing this hunger! It's you I'm yearning for
A reflection mirroring part of Amazing Grace
ShowYouLove Jul 2017
Lord, I’m longing to be in the light of your glory
I’m yearning to kneel at the foot of your throne
I hunger and thirst for your presence oh Lord
My soul longs for you, my spirit thirsts for you Oh Lord My God
How I wish I could spend just one day with you
To walk hand in hand down the heavenly streets
Just the two of us how beautiful and wonderful it would be
There is no greater feeling than the feeling I get when we are in sync
I can almost hear the trumpets blaring and joy fills the air
The feeling I get when you and I dance
Nothing compares Lord. Nothing comes close.
You are an oasis when I’m lost in the desert place,
You are a ray of light on a cloudy day.
Yours is the love of a father for his child
Yours are the hands that are rough and calloused with work yet soft, strong and gentle
Yours are the eyes that have taken in so much joy, so much suffering and everything in between
And still they are full of love, full of life and. They are kind eyes
Yours are the feet traveling many miles to find the lost again
Yours are the arms stretching out to hold the world close to you
Yours the heart with room enough for all and endless love
Yours is the way: the journey we take, the path we walk, the direction we try to follow
Yours is the truth: this is what we seek. We want to know truth, to know you. The truth that sets men free
Yours is the life: trying to imitate how you lived, loved. And the eternal life of a soul that rests in God.
You are peace when this world is at war
You are love when there seems nothing but hate
You are life for my soul like the air that I breathe
You are strength when I am at my weakest
You are good when my life is anything but
You are hope in times of great despair
You are light to drive away the darkness
You are true in the midst of many lies
You are perfect in my perfect imperfections
You are my God and I Am YOURS!
A copy. Exactly the same as the original. I don't know what happened.
You are,
Everything I dare not say
The things that scare me to live
The sound of the wind that continues without me
And a couple of nights when I can not sleep.
Pauline Morris Jun 2016
You are the single star in my midnight sky
You are the sun that brings the rainbow in my rain
You are the answer to my question why
You are the healing touch in the midst of my pain
You are the voice of reason when I go insane
You are the cooling breeze when my temperature rises
You are my knight in shining armor when the demons are in my brain
You are the new beginning that sets on my horizon
handsinspace Oct 2014
how have you ignited my flames dancing
from across that long, cold distance?

just being you
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