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Jun 2018 · 157
The Re-Union Song
ajit patel Jun 2018
Left for Goa with some trepidation,
Consoled Wifi and Boss
that, will resume service
with renewed vigour after 17.

On to the Re-Union.

It's been some time
since have met those guys,
and there are few girls too..
Some of them I knew
Some were acquaintances..

On to the Re-Union.

Did not know what we would do,
just a few rounds of drinks,
and old memories rekindled ,
was all I expected.

Yeah... On to the Re-Union.

Arrived a day late
and on to the contrary,
the excitement palpitated
through my rather smart phone
of the party already, started.
Instant messages throwing images
of bonhomie and ribaldry..

Ahaa its the Re-Union.

On seeing me the gang was excited
as I was tha long lost shipmate,
arriving from the dead..
The look of them, older and curvier,
with edges given way to gentle roundels.
Ample greys and ample tummies.
Eyes crinkled with Laughing lines,
foreheads furrowed with long worries..

Tis what happens at a Re-Union.

Love just overflowed,
as did the beeya,
we danced away like tiny teens,
each hug an acknowledgement
from another battered old soul,
of recognition,
that I am you and you are me,
not different from each otha.

That I have survived
and will thrive,
and will not let go now......
that I have found you...
For the Reunion of the gang at Goa in Jun, 2017
Jun 2018 · 280
A Warm Heart
ajit patel Jun 2018
A shining bright dot of a lamp,
on a frozen dark blizzard of a night,
I trudge with heavy leaden feet,
to a promise of a warm heart!
Thoughts for the other me.
Jun 2018 · 308
Tuning Into You
ajit patel Jun 2018
I sleep walked through life.
Bending to the will and needs of the others.
I concealed my sorrows,
and ****** back the tears
I closed my eyes and
Closed my ears.
To the world inside and out.
Floating in slow motion,
Counting each day as passed.

Till I crashed into you.

You made me sing songs,
which I did not know
My closed eyes see beauty,
where none existed.
My ears ****** with gentle music
Waves of joys fill my heart,
My body vibrates in rapture
at your mere touch.

As I tune into the divine.

Through you.
Thoughts by the other me.
Mar 2018 · 267
A DP 'Sextet'
ajit patel Mar 2018
very mysterious DP....
you look deep in thoughts,
dreams flowing like wind,
through your mind and hair.
pink, a reflection of the soft warmth
of your *****.
Mood evoked on seeing her DP.
May 2017 · 368
Watching The Waves
ajit patel May 2017
I stand by a tiny lake,
nights fine just about cool enough.
Mesmerizing ripples play
a fine refrain,
on a Divine instrument,
being strummed by a being unknown.

Senses stand on the edges,
as Bacchus takes effect.
Its a cheap liquor,
but it will do just fine.
The darkness and me.

Stillness of water interrupted,
now a flip of a mermaids fin ,
a rainbow glint on her sinuous ***,
pale gold of her rising ******* illuminate the dark,
water and spreads in tiny threads,

A new moon rises,
its cool rays
outline the nearby glades,
silent observers
to my solitary pleasures,

A splash made by a frog nearby
adds  gentle rhythm,
to the slow music,
ripples caress the wet shore

I can spend a lifetime
watching the waves.

A souls purpose of being here
is to watch the waves.
Copyright : Ajit Patel 13th May, 2017
May 2017 · 382
Thoughts of You..
ajit patel May 2017
I know it's late,
But thoughts can't wait,
It would be futile
to call on you in the night,
to let you know, the churns
on in my mind,
as you would be busy,
with one of your many thingies
But my thoughts of you can't wait,
for the night


for you to to see,
what you  cant see,

No they can't.
Copyright : Ajit Patel, 9th May, 2017
Mar 2017 · 497
ajit patel Mar 2017
Umpteen years of gentle love,  
touching of souls,  melting hearts.  
Burnt lava nd acid too.

Two of us as one,  in a random epoch of time.
Is God ordained or  a throw of dice?  
A matter of deep speculation is.

Look at this humble Plumeria, Sweet Love,  
a hardy plant it is,  
It's lived through a couple of droughts,
two leaves still shiny,
look forlorn on its gnarled trunk,  
for It's tiny buds long burned by heat,
refuse to sprout any further greens.

A hope in its will to live,
and flower once every year.
What better a symbol of our  connect than
this mute brute of a shrub.

I give this plant to thee my dear,
take good care of it,
water it and watch it live,  
for its life is a symbol of our love..

Do not worry too,  if it dies,  for its only a glyph..

I'll plant another tree for you,
This time a mango,
which will grow big and olive under your tender hands..
to again ikonize a new phase..
One that gives fruit and shade,
to generations of birds and bees,
us in our old age,

and an abode to our Haunted Undead Souls!
(c) Ajit Patel, 9th March, 2017
For  M
Feb 2017 · 218
A tiny little thought.
ajit patel Feb 2017
Enchanting sorcerer
A bewitching witch
With whom,
On a broom
I will happily hitch.
a tiny little thought for my enchantress.
Nov 2016 · 530
A Forgotten Song
ajit patel Nov 2016
Times between night and mornin,
Just when the chill about sets in,
Limbs frantically search for that crumpled quilt
Increasing warmth and ahh sweet grogginess.

A dream floats in my blank sleep
You and me tootling along a forgotten, familiar street
In a battered old Hyundai Santro?? it is.
Twenty years of acquired cobwebs melt
Evoke fond memories and unexplored possibilities
Overlaid with a wild imagination, the images move in slow motion

Me driving, your gaze surveying the landscape
You are older and plumper, I have a beer belly and a bald patch
There is not much to say, or too much to say but no time.
Four Eyes frequently lock and search for something
Knowing it but daring not to say.

Your sultry liquid voice breaks into a song, an old Urdu ghazal,
Of obscure origin and meaning,
The notes glide and acquire shapes in your husky abused throat,
Silvery quicksilver, flowing, and always round  at the edges
Unfettered and undisturbed by the bumpy ride and noisy springs
Brings whole of creation in the Battered old Hyundai Santro Still.

The vocal vibrates and resonates in my bones and skull and in my soul
Stimulates humours I didn’t know exist
Eyes lock again, a mild smile is exchanged,
We understand each other
Know the limits and improbabilities
Its not going to be in this life time dear.

Let’s seal it with a kiss
An embrace exchanged over the gear levers and handbrakes
Oblivious to the barreling old Hyundai Santro
Your tiny ******* and Pantene scented hair
Your lips still perfect, soft, warm, moist and downy at the corners,.
Unfamiliar yet so familiar.
(C). Ajit Patel, 21st Nov, 2016
Jun 2016 · 899
Death of a Star
ajit patel Jun 2016
A dark Cloud of obscure atoms swirl around in Brownian chaos..
Time's a bit different  ere.. Eons  but a flit on tis clock..
Quantum effects play poker probability,
gravity the sinister Attractor ..

The cloud congeals,  darker still than b'fore..
Attraction,  it's nature Hot and crushing at primeval depths..
Ignites a fire so deep,  fuses the insides at the wave level..
Particles unite,  merge into each other,  
becoming something new altogether..

Out pushes the brightest light the universe's seen..
The light of God,  searing, nourishing and warm ..
drawn out of the breaking,  fusing hearts,
Ignites Life on a distant Rock..

The cloud now a big Star..
Observes in rapture as Life grows from infancy to Damsel in frenzy... She Remembers the ancient pattern,  dances around in fatal Attraction.. Fornicating, Merging, consuming, birthing  in Heat..

Blues fade into greens,  white streaks surround browns ..
Colours pulsing, coursing in a ballet..
Star is hypnotic,  it watches..
******* a flare or two at ecstatic moments...

Smitten by Attraction, Star wants to hold Life to its passion..
Can't bear the distance tween the two..
It burns and turns,  curious quarks, neutrinos play havoc inside,
turn Helium to Dark Carbon..

The Star sickened of burning and watching for Gods years,  
spreads it's arms to hold Life in its magnetic swarms..
It's million Kelvins approaching in Love, Blow Dry Life,  
Evaporate the tiny blue Rock..

Star muddled by tis sudden development,  
can't put its tendril to why tis happened..
It's heart broken, embraces empty space,
where Life pirouetted a few ages ago..
burns all the more, turns Carbon to Heavy Iron
and novas in green,  orange and gold.

The dust settles,  
Star now a mere smoldering lump of Neutron..
Looks in the dark depths in feeble ruddy light,
pulsing out signals to find its beloved Life.
Rueing on the beauty that was..

Destined to wait..
For the Clouds to congeal again..
(C) Ajit Patel, 20th June, 2016
Jun 2016 · 2.5k
Its Goa My Love
ajit patel Jun 2016
It's goa my love,  
the piece of earth that you cherish.  
Streets are narrow and quaint,  tiled roofs falling over each other,  
clinging to the beam by their nails.  
Atmosphere is sultry with sun,  *** and surreality.
Surrounding me is you,  in a warm womb of induced coma.
How will it be if my head were to be in your lap,  
your fingers combing through my curlies?  
Should death come at this moment,  
I would welcome it with an embrace.  

Heat,  a beating heart and a stiffness in my *****,  
my last few vestiges of emotion.
(C), Ajit Patel, 6th , May, 2016
Mar 2016 · 279
Sweet M
ajit patel Mar 2016
Sweet M,  you have grown in my heart like a succulent plant,  nourishing my mind and my soul with divine manna from heaven.

I partake of your divinity through my eyes,  ears, and mouth

Your soft tendrils play celestial music on my skin.

To see you sway to your own internal rhythm floods my heart with unspeakable joy.

The faint aroma of you wakes primeval desires in my marrow...

We are but a sum total of our love...
I am standing here waiting for you to wrap me in your warmth...
Grow on me,  
draw out my saps and let me drink on yours..

We don't know where we will be when the heavens crumble to dust...
Mar 2016 · 624
Q : How do you feel?
ajit patel Mar 2016
A : Feelings come and go...
Leaving their mellow tracers on my mind,
while my body is wracked in pain,  
my heart is full of thine..

I imagine thee on my  side,
soothing my hair with your fingers tine.  
That's mostly enough to relieve my pain...
Aah what to say of the fire that leaves behind?
Mar 2016 · 424
A prayer
ajit patel Mar 2016
O devi, how should i worship thee ?
All the fragrant  and pretty flowers have but sprung from thee.
The sweets on my plate are all thy creation.
The light of all the lamps in this world pale  in front of thy  brilliance.
The temples are a poor reflection of thy  infinite glory.
The mantras cannot describe thy ethereal beauty.  
I am left with nothing but to offer thee  my self,
which also is but an extension of your own conscious...

I am utterly confused and drowning in a sea of ignorance.
Hold me and draw me into thy warm  *****.
Mar 2016 · 561
Devi is an ocean.
ajit patel Mar 2016
Devi is an ocean.

standing on the beach,
ocean does not affect me,
is completely indifferent ,
howsoever deeply I love being there,
the wetness has not touched me!

To truly know the ocean
enjoy it I need to immerse myself,
and go deep diving so see its true beauty.
Ocean will still not care who I am,
but know I will be a changed person.
Mar 2016 · 2.2k
Nature of Shiva or Devi
ajit patel Mar 2016
Peace and tranquility would be, not to disturb the natural order, flow of things, energy.
To contemplate on what is the natural order of things and understanding it would be Shiva or Devi.
Dec 2015 · 831
Waking Dreams
ajit patel Dec 2015
Weaving a dream.
Wide awake..
Not a trace of sleep in my tired lids...
It's a fugue in technicolour...
Lots of green,  red and blues,  
pink of flesh,  a bit of yellow,  
Violet and ochre..
More there are..
That's not of it all...
Swirling and sticking in fractal patterns..
Vibrating colours resonating through my bones..
waves of liquid radiation permeating the cytoplasm.
Pheromonal colours casting heady notes..
The eyes see it,  the heart feels it,  
the mind studies it,  the hands caress it...
The senses,  limited by the  number six,  
coming to grasp the boundless!!!

Such infinite.....???


Dec 2015 · 634
ajit patel Dec 2015
Pain starting, a mild ache in the chest
A slight unease in the head, twitching of the eye,
A throb of blood in the temples,
Vacuum in the lungs, sinking in the stomach,
A needle piercing the skin, entering slowly,
severing nerves as it goes.
A blunt saw rasping at the bone.
Teeth gnawing on the tubes.
Lying parched thirsty in the sand,
blood slowing, blurred lake in a distance, cool moisture in the air,
Emaciated, hungry bile in the mouth, in sight of a barbecue.

Pain now a searing blue shaft in my head.

Fleeting glimpses, few and far between,
smiles and notes etched in the memory
Faint aroma of her skin, cool and warm at different places,
moles on her face competing to attract my eyes.
All stabs of frozen steel , Re-played forever in my mind.

The distance small yet unreachable.
Flowing thoughts interrupted by telephone networks.

Me in you and you in me, dreams, dance of the souls,
broken by lonely wetness.

Endless sleepless days and nights, tearless eyes, fading memories and slurred voice.

Pain, now has done its work,
Burnt me inside out, its heat and edge has killed the nerves
Left me severed and numb.

The blackness in a distance, approaching, engulfing
a promise of congealed tar to heal the wounds?
Dec 2015 · 697
ajit patel Dec 2015
Black is emptiness,
waiting to be filled,  
origin and end ..
solid coal,  shining,
ready to embrace the flame..
Abyss,  vertigo,  
spinning disc of nothingness ready to swallow my soul...

Inspire fear in me it does not...
Anymore than the tiny streaks of colour,  
white waiting in the wings to strike pain..
Take me in O lovely Black..
Stretch me end to end,  
show me the vastness of your length,  
depth and spaces between..
Be one with me.. Lest someone colour me Red.
Dec 2015 · 848
Lying next to you..
ajit patel Dec 2015
I am lying next to you and gazing out of the window.. Occasionally I will also gaze into your eyes and feel your warmth and smell your smell.
Dec 2015 · 577
ajit patel Dec 2015
Get well soon.. These are nice times to dream,
speculate,  get angry at yourself,  and others..
Imagine death and miseries leading up to it..
observe how your frail body falls victim to might of the microbes.
On the whole a few days of sickness does me quite good.

— The End —