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Yogi Devi Pada Sep 2018
I had everything the world can give but not you,
I was lonely in my heart and no idea what to do,
I was a hero and martyr in front of others,
But hidding my saddness and weakness in many colours.

I've could have stand againt an army alone,
But crying in the night when everyone was gone,
I have no fear for anyone in this world,
But I pray the suffering I've had no one would ever unfold.

You filled my heart with that which was missing,
The first time we were kissing,
I've felt how your soul enters in mine,
Now I'm complete, Oh my Love! ; you made me so Divine.

Maybe everything will finish soon,
But meeting you is my greatest fortune,
Even thought everything might break apart,
Know that I'm greatefully eternal to you in my heart!

And if it doesn't , I swear to God,
I will make you a queen and people will scream your name loud,
I will give you everything that this world can have,
Even beyond and even my heart!
Yogi Devi Pada Sep 2018
I send people far away,
Not because I hate, but because I care about they,
Used people as I use an ashtray,
When they love me unconditionally, I betray,

I would like to apologise, but there is no way,
Deleting the suffering I've made to they,
But I pray, but I pray,
That God takes everything from me and gives to they!  

The more I send you away,
Know that I love you, and I pray for you everyday,
Please send everything you have bad inside of you to me,
Im a garbage collector and that was meant to be,

If you have a problem, give it to me,
Hate none, except me,
I pray that I will have this opportunity,
To take all the bad from your destiny.
Yogi Devi Pada Sep 2018
There is a beautiful Saint, disguised in the body of a girl,
She tries to hide it, but the curtain tends to fall,
She is tuff, but sweet like honey,
She must be strong, because life is not always funny.

She holds the Earth on her shoulders, but inside she is a child,
Trying to tame a lioness born in the wild,
There is a time when people will see,
Not the sweetness, but the tremendous force she is ment to be.

And the world will sing her name,
Not of glory, nor of fame,
They will pray for salvation,
Because she's the one that give it with no hesitation.
The lute of my heart
Sways to sweet tunes
Come,o come
Glorious conscience
The song filled
Lotus garden
Of my heart awaits you
O one who stays
In realms unknown
Holding the lute(veena)
Of my conscience
In her hand
Under her control
Not only is she the
Manifestation of
Ambrosia filled
But the sacred
Goddess of the word
By whose divine touch
What surrounds her
Is blessed with such goodness!
Her very image
Is like the glory
Of light
Of a diamond
The beauty
Of the dreaming
Eyes of a deer
O somewhere
That radiance
Does reside
In my heart's place
By the presence of whom
This day and this night
Are sweet to enchant
To their heart's glory
O the fragrant enchanting
Touched by the honey
Of the cuckoo's song
O show yourself
O goddess
In this radiant glory
Let my eyes
Be blessed
Once by
Your divine grace
O do not
Reside anymore
In the realm
Of my mind
Under the veil of
Shadowy illusion
Manifest yourself,o Devi
Let your grace enlighten me!!
To one who is fair
Like the kunda flowers adorning her
Who is adorned by white clothes
Whose hands are always
In a posture of benevolent grace
Who sits on the white lotus
ajit patel Mar 2016
O devi, how should i worship thee ?
All the fragrant  and pretty flowers have but sprung from thee.
The sweets on my plate are all thy creation.
The light of all the lamps in this world pale  in front of thy  brilliance.
The temples are a poor reflection of thy  infinite glory.
The mantras cannot describe thy ethereal beauty.  
I am left with nothing but to offer thee  my self,
which also is but an extension of your own conscious...

I am utterly confused and drowning in a sea of ignorance.
Hold me and draw me into thy warm  *****.
ajit patel Mar 2016
Devi is an ocean.

standing on the beach,
ocean does not affect me,
is completely indifferent ,
howsoever deeply I love being there,
the wetness has not touched me!

To truly know the ocean
enjoy it I need to immerse myself,
and go deep diving so see its true beauty.
Ocean will still not care who I am,
but know I will be a changed person.
ajit patel Mar 2016
Peace and tranquility would be, not to disturb the natural order, flow of things, energy.
To contemplate on what is the natural order of things and understanding it would be Shiva or Devi.
K Balachandran Sep 2014
I just stood transfixed, letting her eyes light
the smothered wick in me that needed the oil of love
with  anxious stutter I asked, "Is your name Grace?"
"It really is, you are right there, but pardon me
I am Grace Fallen" I took it as a joke and smiled,
"Dear fallen flower, your grace resurrects my crucified spirit"

I have seen them all, blooms, perfect, fragrant,
the ones that catapult one to momentary bliss
with a wink,  a word that touches somewhere tender
or share love, fresh like butter, that seems gushing from the depth
that not even  expect any kind of reciprocation,
blowing like fragrant  breeze, caressing drooping trees.
Women with such luminance ,bless their ilk
whom one only could think as incarnates
came down  to lift this miserable world
up from the quagmire, the ***** pit  it has fallen
because of the absence of feminine grace in abundance

— The End —