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m h John Mar 11
i feel the whirl in my eyes
since you’ve left,
unsure of which direction
i’m floating in.

terrified of myself,
i screamed your name,
if it wasn’t for that day
you picked up the pen
and drew yourself in

i would still be in the air
looking down at myself
like i’m some sort of dove
afraid to lift my wings
to fly in the air
arian Dec 2018
The world is spinning,
The crickets are singing,
The sea salt is climbing—
What a beautiful morning.
Tori Ginter Nov 2018
not everything has to hurt anymore
don't let it
we may be damaged broken fools
but we can still be happy

(please read below)
so earlier this year I was diagnosed with vertigo causing extreme dizziness for weeks. I was lost. I couldn't go to school, I didn't see my friends and slowly lost them. I felt like my life was ripped away from me. Since, I've gotten better. this morning I woke up with extreme dizziness once again and went strait to the doctors. they said its possible that it is back. but I will not let it rip away at my life and hold me back. I will do my best and stay positive. life is meant to be lived and lived happily. I love all my supporters on this website. and no matter what it is that you're going through there will come a day where you see the light. it could be in a book, a teacher, a friend, or maybe it just has to come from yourself.
ryn Nov 2018
Weakened knees
on firm, hard ground.

Futile footfalls
on sinking sand.

Dazed and confused
by the sights and sounds.

Losing balance
in familiar lands.
MacKenzie Warren Oct 2018
my world hasn't stopped spinning since you left
diagnosed with vertigo
a constant whirl of hazel eyes
a monotone voice on replay
a skipping record in my head
unsure of which direction i'm going
one second i'm next to you in bed
wrapped in white sheets
your breath hot against the back of my neck
and the next
i'm surrounded by darkness
i turn for you and
i sink deeper into this empty bed
love becoming a word covered in dust
i am covered in dust
trapped in the memories of yesterday
trapped in my own head
constantly spinning
Nicole Sep 2018
The vertigo invades my brain
And as I lay awake
The self diagnosis makes me question
My intentions

If only he’d be able to hear me
Without me saying a word
You’re lazy, you’re lazy

Restless silence
Bubbling water
Inconsistent ticking
I fall asleep

And yet
I must talk myself into sleeping
Convince myself that
My pillow loves me
Just as a lover would
GreenTrees Oct 2017
Your love bridged the abyss.
The chasm of our first kiss..
Rooh Feb 2018
Your slick moves,
under the smoke we sit,
breathing in vertigo,
the intoxication that never leaves
and a scent to burn
our insecurities.
Your slick moves,
under the light that oozes,
has become my kind
of lifeline.

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