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Jun 2018
Left for Goa with some trepidation,
Consoled Wifi and Boss
that, will resume service
with renewed vigour after 17.

On to the Re-Union.

It's been some time
since have met those guys,
and there are few girls too..
Some of them I knew
Some were acquaintances..

On to the Re-Union.

Did not know what we would do,
just a few rounds of drinks,
and old memories rekindled ,
was all I expected.

Yeah... On to the Re-Union.

Arrived a day late
and on to the contrary,
the excitement palpitated
through my rather smart phone
of the party already, started.
Instant messages throwing images
of bonhomie and ribaldry..

Ahaa its the Re-Union.

On seeing me the gang was excited
as I was tha long lost shipmate,
arriving from the dead..
The look of them, older and curvier,
with edges given way to gentle roundels.
Ample greys and ample tummies.
Eyes crinkled with Laughing lines,
foreheads furrowed with long worries..

Tis what happens at a Re-Union.

Love just overflowed,
as did the beeya,
we danced away like tiny teens,
each hug an acknowledgement
from another battered old soul,
of recognition,
that I am you and you are me,
not different from each otha.

That I have survived
and will thrive,
and will not let go now......
that I have found you...
For the Reunion of the gang at Goa in Jun, 2017
Written by
ajit patel  Cochin
     TD, Fawn and just my words
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