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Knave of Hearts Mar 2018
I opened my eyes to see; celeste sky,
stretching over the cyan sea,
as the golden sun kissed
the aurelian sands of the shore,
I heard a giggle of a lavender blush bride,
blinked and was awestruck, as the emerald sweat
of hard work reflected in chartreuse fields.
The glow of amber in faiths they lit,
with a touch of mahogany of rust.
Then I spoke to the history of past and
twilight caged scarlet- folly darklings to groovy beats.

I experienced a realm of colors & the dawn of life
peak of history & paradise like a craving knife.
Forever more I breathe Goa.
Whisper Yes Oct 2017
Expanse of sand
Expanse of ocean
Expanse of sky

People with stories
On a beach with as many
In a country with more

Stories I don’t understand
But can feel

Aging hippies
People on the run
The run from normality

There’s a sadness
A sadness in the too thin aging women

Tattoos drooping
On the run from time

Beautiful and used

A story to tell
The aging hippy dream

Let it go?
Snehith Kumbla Feb 2017
Goa Goa Goa
a whisper on my lips

Goa Goa Goa
way she moves her hips

Here at this drab desk
On a drab drowned day

Goa Goa Goa
sings the wind in my hair
ajit patel Jun 2016
It's goa my love,  
the piece of earth that you cherish.  
Streets are narrow and quaint,  tiled roofs falling over each other,  
clinging to the beam by their nails.  
Atmosphere is sultry with sun,  *** and surreality.
Surrounding me is you,  in a warm womb of induced coma.
How will it be if my head were to be in your lap,  
your fingers combing through my curlies?  
Should death come at this moment,  
I would welcome it with an embrace.  

Heat,  a beating heart and a stiffness in my *****,  
my last few vestiges of emotion.
(C), Ajit Patel, 6th , May, 2016
Snehith Kumbla Jun 2016
once dear
if not again

we must be in
Goa when it rains

find a place with
an open terrace

among trees
and lay there


for days

— The End —