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Jun 2018
I sleep walked through life.
Bending to the will and needs of the others.
I concealed my sorrows,
and ****** back the tears
I closed my eyes and
Closed my ears.
To the world inside and out.
Floating in slow motion,
Counting each day as passed.

Till I crashed into you.

You made me sing songs,
which I did not know
My closed eyes see beauty,
where none existed.
My ears ****** with gentle music
Waves of joys fill my heart,
My body vibrates in rapture
at your mere touch.

As I tune into the divine.

Through you.
Thoughts by the other me.
Written by
ajit patel  Cochin
       BLKORCHID, Kauthar, Jerry K, Fawn, PoetryJournal and 3 others
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