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Dec 2015
Pain starting, a mild ache in the chest
A slight unease in the head, twitching of the eye,
A throb of blood in the temples,
Vacuum in the lungs, sinking in the stomach,
A needle piercing the skin, entering slowly,
severing nerves as it goes.
A blunt saw rasping at the bone.
Teeth gnawing on the tubes.
Lying parched thirsty in the sand,
blood slowing, blurred lake in a distance, cool moisture in the air,
Emaciated, hungry bile in the mouth, in sight of a barbecue.

Pain now a searing blue shaft in my head.

Fleeting glimpses, few and far between,
smiles and notes etched in the memory
Faint aroma of her skin, cool and warm at different places,
moles on her face competing to attract my eyes.
All stabs of frozen steel , Re-played forever in my mind.

The distance small yet unreachable.
Flowing thoughts interrupted by telephone networks.

Me in you and you in me, dreams, dance of the souls,
broken by lonely wetness.

Endless sleepless days and nights, tearless eyes, fading memories and slurred voice.

Pain, now has done its work,
Burnt me inside out, its heat and edge has killed the nerves
Left me severed and numb.

The blackness in a distance, approaching, engulfing
a promise of congealed tar to heal the wounds?
Written by
ajit patel  Cochin
   Ramin Ara, NV, ---, --- and its gonna make sense
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