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Jun 2016
A dark Cloud of obscure atoms swirl around in Brownian chaos..
Time's a bit different  ere.. Eons  but a flit on tis clock..
Quantum effects play poker probability,
gravity the sinister Attractor ..

The cloud congeals,  darker still than b'fore..
Attraction,  it's nature Hot and crushing at primeval depths..
Ignites a fire so deep,  fuses the insides at the wave level..
Particles unite,  merge into each other,  
becoming something new altogether..

Out pushes the brightest light the universe's seen..
The light of God,  searing, nourishing and warm ..
drawn out of the breaking,  fusing hearts,
Ignites Life on a distant Rock..

The cloud now a big Star..
Observes in rapture as Life grows from infancy to Damsel in frenzy... She Remembers the ancient pattern,  dances around in fatal Attraction.. Fornicating, Merging, consuming, birthing  in Heat..

Blues fade into greens,  white streaks surround browns ..
Colours pulsing, coursing in a ballet..
Star is hypnotic,  it watches..
******* a flare or two at ecstatic moments...

Smitten by Attraction, Star wants to hold Life to its passion..
Can't bear the distance tween the two..
It burns and turns,  curious quarks, neutrinos play havoc inside,
turn Helium to Dark Carbon..

The Star sickened of burning and watching for Gods years,  
spreads it's arms to hold Life in its magnetic swarms..
It's million Kelvins approaching in Love, Blow Dry Life,  
Evaporate the tiny blue Rock..

Star muddled by tis sudden development,  
can't put its tendril to why tis happened..
It's heart broken, embraces empty space,
where Life pirouetted a few ages ago..
burns all the more, turns Carbon to Heavy Iron
and novas in green,  orange and gold.

The dust settles,  
Star now a mere smoldering lump of Neutron..
Looks in the dark depths in feeble ruddy light,
pulsing out signals to find its beloved Life.
Rueing on the beauty that was..

Destined to wait..
For the Clouds to congeal again..
(C) Ajit Patel, 20th June, 2016
Written by
ajit patel  Cochin
     ---, Chi Zhang, ---, ---, Kyle madill Baker and 10 others
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