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Dec 2017 · 171
Luna Marie Dec 2017
I can't let it go.
Any of it.

The way you kissed me.
The way you smelled.
The way you smiled.

The way you touched my waist and pulled me in.

The way you looked at me.
The way you danced.
The way you said my name.

But I have to let it go.
Because you're not mine anymore.
messy, but I need to write it down
Dec 2017 · 293
Down the Rabbit Hole
Luna Marie Dec 2017
I woke up and felt arms around me,
I rolled over and noticed it was you.

This was everything I hope it would be,
The sun was shining and the sky was blue.

I smiled and extended my hand to touch you,
But you opened your eyes and move away.

You were out of my reach and there was nothing I could do.
I screamed your name, but you couldn't hear anything I would say.

My thoughts were then surrounded by a sound,
The faint ringing of a phone

I followed it and fell into a hole in the ground,
Then I woke in my bed alone.
Oct 2017 · 351
Luna Marie Oct 2017
what changed?
all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to be in place,
but then they rearranged

did I do something wrong?
I thought we were happy
and our love was headstrong

will I feel like this everyday?
it doesn't matter,
it all ends in tears anyway
And just like that he's gone.
Jul 2017 · 761
Luna Marie Jul 2017
A mixture of green and blue.
They remind me of the sea.
Bright and dreamy too,
Your colors surround me.

I only get this feeling when I'm with you.
I want to see those eyes everyday.
You have no idea what they do,
And I wish you never looked at me that way.
You give me life every time you look at me
Jun 2017 · 517
Love's Mark
Luna Marie Jun 2017
Your calloused fingertips
Carresed the inside of my thighs.
They navigated around my hips,
As pleasure was signified by drawn out sighs.

The room was covered in dark hues
As you land soft kisses unto my skin.
Heavy breathing insues,
Inflaming the desire within.

As you were kissing my neck,
You gave a quick bite.
Smiling, you said sorry,
I was gifted Love's mark that night.
Thank you for taking care of me through everything and being someone who loves me for being me. You've given me something to smile about everyday, but you don't even know it J:)
Jun 2017 · 723
Luna Marie Jun 2017
That look you give me makes me blush.
When you get close to me,
I hold my breath and hush.

You were first a great friend.
Always had my back,
And was there forever till the end.

But now you're holding my hand.
We traveled together,
And laid side by side in the sand.
Still 1 more month of school and yet with him, it feels like summer.. :)
Jun 2017 · 729
Private Chateau
Luna Marie Jun 2017
Only in the coolness of the night,
You touch my skin,
Underneath the moonlight,
Causing me to grin.

Your sharp teeth give quick bites,
Causing me to breathe in sharply and shiver.
The flame between us ignites
And the world around us grows fainter.

Everything you do sets me on fire.
I may try to pull away, but don't let me go.
It's all just an act to cover up my desire.
Kiss me everywhere and be thorough.

My vision starts to blur.
Oh my Romeo,
All this pain is outweighed by pleasure
In our private chateau.
May 2017 · 703
Luna Marie May 2017
Don't fall in love with blue eyes.
Because when you go to the ocean,
You will find yourself looking back at the colors
That you used to get lost in .

Don't fall in love with green eyes.
Because when you go to hike in the woods,
You will look up to see his eyes above you
And you will know you're doomed.

Don't fall in love with grey eyes.
Because on rainy days,
The clouds will remind you of him
And his absence will hurt even more.

I can't travel anywhere without seeing him.
Everywhere I turn, he is there.
My brown eyes have since darkened to dirt
And I've been hiding inside of them.
Hi, sorry I've been gone for a bit, but I'm back :) Thank you to all that have prayed for me, they are working <3 Take care
May 2017 · 1.0k
Luna Marie May 2017
I want you to wrap me in your arms.
Hands intertwined.
Skin against skin.
Play with my hair.
Sing me a song.
Read me a poem.
Let me lay my head against your chest
And fall asleep to the sound of your heart beat.
May 2017 · 860
Je suis tombé amoureux
Luna Marie May 2017
J'ai lu nos textes
Encore et encore.
Quand je pense à toi,
Mon cœur bat plus vite.

Sa pagtingin sa iyo
Gumagawa ako ngumiti.
Ito ay ang mga mata gusto kong
Dumilat sa magpakailanman.

It's so easy to feel close to you
And without knowing it,
You were slowly making a place
For yourself in my heart.
1st stanza is in French
2nd is in Tagalog
3rd is in English
~they are all different things~
I'm sorry if my Tagalog and French are shaky :D I've only been speaking French for 3 yrs and I haven't used Tagalog in a long while (it's my native language :)
May 2017 · 842
Luna Marie May 2017
A car comes rushing
Bullets pay no attention
To me, flesh and bone.
Hi guys. Sorry I was gone for a bit, but I'm back now. I was hit by a car walking to a meeting on May 6th and it caused me small head injuries and impaired my breathing, but I am better now. My accident is what inspired this haiku-ish poem.
I hope you all take care <3
May 2017 · 2.7k
Qui es-tu? (6w)
Luna Marie May 2017
Then suddenly,
You became a stranger.
May 2017 · 2.0k
My Heart
Luna Marie May 2017
Piece by guarded piece,
My heart that had been tethered
And tossed into the depths of the tides,
Ascended to the surface
And joined yours to watch the moonlight.

The warmth of your touch,
And the soothing sound of your beating heart
Claimed me.

Every smile that graced your lips
And each time you tenderly took my hand,
You unlocked something buried.
It was unstoppable and I did not stand a chance
May 2017 · 789
Secret Garden
Luna Marie May 2017
Within the vast wilderness,
Is our love hidden from all.
Invincible, but merging
Forbidden to bloom
Been learning some different poetry forms. This one is a dodoitsu, has a syllabic structure 7-7-7-5 and no rhyme and often concerns love
Apr 2017 · 2.0k
Je ne peux pas te quitter
Luna Marie Apr 2017
She was mesmerised by his dreamy eyes.
That stupid twinkle in his eyes blinded her.
She believed all of his lies,
Because she couldn't see the monster.

They said, "He won't do anything, but harm,"
"Leave him, he'll just suffocate you."
I wanted to be in your arms.
And you only wanted to *****.

Still, when I see you, it makes me want more.
"Ignore him," but I'm under your spell.
Your touch makes my heart soar,
You're my Heaven, my Hell.

In my head, there's a quiet voice.
But I can't hear that voice when your heart beats next to mine.
You left me with no choice.
You smiled as our bodies intertwined.
I can't quit you
Apr 2017 · 604
Into the Unknown
Luna Marie Apr 2017
When two souls fall in love,
There is nothing that can get in between them.
They can power through anything,
Even through all the mayhem.

The feeling of being held,
Conquers the feeling of anger.
They don't know the concept of time or distance.
All they want is to be together.

When they look into each other's eyes,
Everything that they need is what they see.
So I'm jumping into the unknown,
Hoping that you will be the one to catch me.
Apr 2017 · 1.3k
Luna Marie Apr 2017
Before we had divided,
We loved each other to no end,
Until you had crossed the line.

When our paths again collided,
My idea of you started to bend.
You got me thinking about when you were mine.

You just want my innocence.
You don't really want my heart.
Maybe you just hate the thought of me loving someone new.

You just liked my appearance.
And now that we're apart,
Is this your way of making sure that I'm not getting over you?
Help me let go of you.
Apr 2017 · 1.1k
Amants Maudits
Luna Marie Apr 2017
His stare had pierced through me.
His kisses had stained my lips with ecstasy.
This was the love that I wanted to keep,
But when I think of it, it makes me weep.

Our pathways had met, but never crossed,
And all hope for the future was quickly tossed.
In our dreams we got lost.
Just as the Sun steals from the Autumn frost.

In jealous eyes we watched the Sun and Moon kiss,
Staring in awe of their eclipse.
We were two opposites that never met,
But it was the most exciting attraction yet.
"Amants Maudits" means 'Cursed Lovers' in french
Apr 2017 · 1.0k
Luna Marie Apr 2017
Although we knew that we could not be,
We still wished for the stars to be forgiving.
I still wish the stars could hear my plea,
And for you to feel what I am feeling.
Being thousands of miles apart,
We were separated by the depths of the tide.
Even if I had the feeling in my heart,
It was something I had to hide.
We thought our love was starlight-touched, but instead we were star-crossed lovers.
Apr 2017 · 1.3k
The Distance
Luna Marie Apr 2017
It's not that far, right?
Even if you're out of sight.
Will we ever see each other?
Because I want to be together.

We live under the same moon,
And I'm hoping I can see you soon.
This distance is nothing,
Because you are my everything.
I'll hold you in my heart, till I can hold you in my arms.
Apr 2017 · 708
My Prayer
Luna Marie Apr 2017
May our feet journey together,
May our hands gather in unity.
May our hearts beat in unison,
May our souls be in harmony.
May our thoughts be as one,
May our ears listen to the silence together.
May we forever, love each other.
I want something like this.
Apr 2017 · 606
Opposites Attract
Luna Marie Apr 2017
He is fire, and I am ice.
One look at him brightens my dark eyes.
The heat of his body warms my frozen heart.
I might melt, so we stay apart.

He is outgoing, I am reserved.
I am not the one that he deserved.
Yet he chose me out of everyone else,
And stayed with me to hear the morning bells.

He is the sun, and I am the moon.
I keep him out, but he's immune.
He is kind and very funny,
I have no idea why he likes me.

He is Springtime and I am Fall.
When he's here, I have a hard time keeping up my wall.
He plays the guitar and the piano,
And I have a hard time singing solo.

He had grace, and I was clumsy,
But that didn't stop him from loving me.
No one would ever think that we'd be together,
But we knew that we're meant for each other.
It's fun getting to know someone who isn't like you.
Apr 2017 · 1.4k
Waiting For You
Luna Marie Apr 2017
There are oceans between you and me,
We are thousands of miles away.
You're very hard to see,
Yet I long for you everyday.

I wait for the day I get to see you,
Face to face we will meet.
Everything: I'm willing to do,
Just to hear your heart beat.
My take on unconventional love...
Apr 2017 · 632
Love's Curse
Luna Marie Apr 2017
Love* has got me under a curse,
And life without it is making it worse.
When you walked in the room, I heard the angels sing.
So I'm asking you for one thing:
Kiss me on the mouth and set me free,
But please don't bite me.
Release me....
This was inspired by one of Troye Sivan's songs "BITE"
Apr 2017 · 720
I Lie (senryu)
Luna Marie Apr 2017
I am always wrong,
I say things that I don't mean.
*I do not love you.
I'll never say the truth... I can't
Mar 2017 · 935
Luna Marie Mar 2017
I always forgive you.
Over and over again, I cry.
I don't know what else to do.
To me, you're the only guy.

But to you, I'm not the only one.
Why do I keep coming back?
You have no idea what you've done.
Forgetting is something I lack.

I will forever remember,
The way you said my name.
But looking back, I don't think you were sober.
You don't think about it the same.
I need to stop forgiving you and blaming myself.. I need to start forgetting you, so I can get some rest.
Mar 2017 · 1.5k
For You
Luna Marie Mar 2017
I've been singing songs about you,
Though you'll never hear them.
I've been writing poetry about you,
Though you'll never read them.
I've been painting pictures of you,
Though you'll never see them...
Just like you never saw me falling,
So you weren't able to catch me.
I'm the only one falling.
Mar 2017 · 1.3k
Crash & Burn
Luna Marie Mar 2017
You always ask me why,
it's so hard for me to get close.
But when I actually try,
I lose my fingers and my toes.

I hate giving my all
and getting nothing in return.
And that's why I build my wall,
before I crash and burn.
Can you please stop playing with my heart? It's physically hurting me...
Mar 2017 · 937
Broken Love
Luna Marie Mar 2017
I'm broken.
I'm alone.
I'm nobody's token,
I'm a dog without a bone.

Two broken souls will find each other,
Hang on for life,
And find their lover.
But there will always be strife.

If broken recognizes broken,
And I am alone,
Will there be a time when,
I find my broken clone?

There's nobody around.
Is he someone I've already met?
Or have I just not found
Someone as broken as me yet?
Will my prince ever come?
Mar 2017 · 695
Ms. Taken
Luna Marie Mar 2017
Well that feeling was fun while it lasted.
And to think of the nights I wasted,
Thinking about you...
Man, If I only knew.

When were you going to tell me?
Was I blinded by the way you said "Marie" all lovingly?
I guess I was just desperate for someone to hold me safe and warm.
I'm such an idiot to think a love could form!

You didn't even say goodbye,
But that wasn't the part that made me cry.
She had always been there
But you certainly did not care.

I see that picture frame in my dreams.
And I tell myself that maybe it's not what it seems.
But then you said, all casually,
"This is a picture of my fiance and me"

But the way you held me so tight,
Seemed to me that you were loving me with all your might.
Did I just picture it all in my head?
How I wish I was dead.

Maybe then you'll remember me
and you would be able to see,
I'm better fitted for you
Than she is wedded to you, you have no clue.

What am I thinking!
There's something here that I'm not seeing.
I've fallen really hard...
Little pieces of my heart broke apart, shard after shard.
Was I mistaken, or just taken for granted?
Mar 2017 · 649
New Feeling
Luna Marie Mar 2017
There's a new feeling...
It came kind of randomly.
...It's not a bad feeling,
It feels kinda nice actually.

What is this feeling that I'm feeling?
It feels like something is coming.
Where is this feeling?
It sounds like my heart is drumming.

Why am I getting this feeling?
Oh man, it's him...
Is he the reason why I'm getting this feeling?
Woah, the world just went dim.

I don't know this feeling...
He just said "Hi"
What is this feeling?
Am I falling for this guy?
Mar 2017 · 428
Luna Marie Mar 2017
We travelers don't fall in love to be in love,
We let our hearts open for no other reason
Than genuine awe of another being
Who may or may not reciprocate our feelings,
So we'll laugh and cry bittersweet tears and smiles
Until either nothing, or everything is what's left.
This was inspired by one of my favorite poems, but I don't exactly remember what it was called though..
Mar 2017 · 298
One Way
Luna Marie Mar 2017
Love is like a street,
It goes both ways.
Unless it's like our love...
Then it's called *one way
And in the end, it was only I who fell in love.
Mar 2017 · 649
Take Leave
Luna Marie Mar 2017
He says that he's leaving..
And that it wasn't my fault.
I'm trying not to cry and yet his face is beaming,
He's hiding something in that vault.

He'll be gone for a year...
Where? I don't know.
Wherever it is, he'll be there and I'll be here.
He's really antsy, he really wants to go.

Thousands of miles apart,
He'll forget me and yet...
He will always have my heart.
They always leave me... Maybe the problem is me.
Mar 2017 · 328
Luna Marie Mar 2017
I'm somewhere right now...
I'm on that missing person poster,
I'm on the TV,
With people asking about me.
I'm hiding in some motel thinking how?
How am I in so many different places,
Yet I never cross your mind
Do you even think about me anymore?
Mar 2017 · 352
Your Kiss
Luna Marie Mar 2017
It's getting harder to breathe...
Is it because I'm hiding way too much underneath?
It wasn't like this the first time,
Or was I just blinded by your loving crime?
They were gentle at first,
But now there's this sudden burst.
...No, it's not passion,
Because it's not leaving me with any satisfaction.
It's dead, dark, and deceitful.
It's foul, frantic, and forceful.
It's not love
Am I just your toy?
Mar 2017 · 867
Luna Marie Mar 2017
When I was a child
I thought that stealing was okay
Because you stole my heart,
Took it away,
And never got punished.
How'd you do it?

— The End —