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Jessica Bozie Apr 2021
He was never mine to begin with
Except I'd always thought love for me,
would come with road trips and hand in hand walks on the beach,
And maybe, boat rides.

All these happened,
out of the context of love.

I know me well enough to know what love would feel like,
Thing is, we're not lovers.
How do I feel all these things in the warmness of his touch and overpowering hugs?

How are we almost Lovers and yet one hundred percent just friends?
miki Feb 2021
a new day
new faces
endless masks to wear



the fork in the road
stops me in my tracks

have i made the right choices?

did i say the right thing?

my mind has no limits
but stops working
when you walk into the room
i’m not good enough for you
i know that i’ll never be good enough for you
but i’ll keep trying
my heart aches
for its missing piece
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2020
Isn't it a pity that,
what she and I have
might be a
foretold; untold tale?

This writhing soul might be a fool to be

- t a n t a l i z e d -

by her honey-like scent,
with the topical rose redolence;
percolating every existing room for air
in my thickly tar-scarred lungs
from every hush of her troubled breath---

only then to realise that

every passing seconds spent

have always been a constellation of

== inane innuendo ==

to pique the lovelorn in me.
There's always something in me that's been worried of her troubled breathing. She doesn't smoke, so I'm concerned. I mean, her lungs aren't tar-scarred like mine.
P.S: I like the smell of her perfume.
Norman Crane Sep 2020
i am futility,
a history of waves
     broken upon the shore,
for i have friendship
     yet i desire something more.
N Jul 2020
In your cold absence,
I have forgotten what
the word warmth meant

Perhaps you were  
the word warmth

But now, you are
the word silence

I talk to you,
but you do not talk back
Ode to River Phoenix. This poem is inspired by the campfire scene from My Own Private Idaho which was written by River himself.
ClAri May 2020
Let me keep falling in this whirlwind
My heart fluttered but you made it thunder
This storm wants me turn more of the pages of you
The Coldness made me crave you
You gave me warmth
Inside grows stronger
Let me please keep Burning in You
You’ll never know
This warmth has become this scorching heat for you
You are the Joy I have no right to have
Imagining holding you and be held by you
Suffocates me, takes all of me, takes the oxygen out of my lungs
I’ll never know regret
You are love and happiness and hope
You are my Sun and you are also the Sea
Please let me forever drift in you
I want to forever Drown in You
ktle Sep 2019
Bring it back.
Return to me the time I spent with you on my mind.
Gather up the seconds I spent with you,
Go back to find the laughter,
The stolen glances, and
The feelings we shared.
No need to wrap or tie them neatly,
Just bring them back.

Let me hold them in my hands one last time
Before I toss them to the flames.
Before I loosen my grasp
And let the poetry I wrote for you
Be carried away by the winds.

Let me look at you one more time.
Let me smile at you one more time.
Let you see the love for you in my eyes
Once more. No more.
I will turn my back to you leaving ashes and scattered poetry.
You will watch me leave before turning your way as well.

And with our futures in our hands,
And our paths clear of each other,
Let us run so fast that we have no time to look back.
here's to our new future
ktle May 2019
It was always you by my side;
It was always us
Pulling the sun into the sky and
Taking walks into dawn.

I think it was always there
This feeling
Buried somewhere beneath
The contentment and “guarantee”
That you would always be there.

We never needed any words
Our silence spoke our truths—

I know it was always there,
I just wish I realized earlier.
I wish I realized that I love you
Before I learned what it feels like
to lose you.

Best friend,
I now know that
I never fell in love with you,
I loved you since the beginning.
to my best friend.
Marri May 2019
Yes, I'm hurting.

Yes, It hurts.

You took my sadness and carved a knife.
You took my sorrow and made a blade.
Pushing it into my chest,
I watched you as you plunged it in.
Breaking bones along the way.

As you twisted it deeper;
You smiled.
That beautiful smile,
How could I hate you?
You're everything.

You took my happiness and created life.
You took my laughter and designed a future.
All while the knife was still there,
And you looked at me.
With those beautiful eyes.
How could I hate you?
You're everything.

I bled red love for you,
Yet, this wound still stings.
I bled purple jealousy too.
Yet, you do these things.
I bled yellow hope for you.
Yet, the pain grows.
I bled pink passion too.
Yet, my feelings you dispose.

As you pull the knife out,
Satisfied with your workmanship,
The blade is covered in blood.

You laugh, amused even,
It's your favorite color.

I bleed orange for you.
Just to please you one last time.
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