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Acid smiles
Simple lucre, to a faster pussycat
Worth your was, thus a loose while
Sweet knowing you, with this and that...

Solemn kinds of whether?
Looking beyond you, the truth to a smile
Fashion forward, and surviving the gall to bother
A season of choice, to keep the better of rues of denial?

Talk to me...
The rose and the voice of alright, tonight
The liberty in a merciful love, merciless to we
Simple news for an irony's me; my accept, my slight...

Yours again...
Set to rights, the tale of seeking how
For a better lover, the risks of integrity
With hold or archaic powers, the speed of knowing...

Is a reaching us, a clashing must?
To voice the other wise, in these rages and fates...
A look for bests is the only way to discuss
A misery followed by charisma; a sense of privilege, curious in the shade

Where sincerity is a favored eye, if not concern
Spare intention, in the paces we further to skill
Life with a stern lip, but know an eye to worth...
With the love it is given, the swallow of pride, in hell?
Hello, dawn and dread, a liberty has responded ahead
David Hilburn Dec 2023
Like-wise, bitten?
By love, to know a caring
Sojourn to little more, than a fitting
Response, to an eye out and sharing...

King's savior?
And the heat of irony to a new rule of came, desire
Welcomed staring else's, to a wish in a beauty, dour...
The reasons of courage and it's season, should be no denial

King's passion?
Long in truth's to defy a giving hour, subtle stilled
Is a many frustrated act, with poise to ask heed in kind?
Is a wish come by a strength unknown, the prayer of hell?

King's heaven?
Totaled by the court of decision, as a world goes by
Living the point, and realizing a marriage is god given...
Will we keep the obvious, or is oblivion the other side of this lie?

King's conscience?
Avid in roles and its herald, future coping
Has the remembered today, and peace, for when patience
Is but a stoney gift to liberty, to refuse a silence is hoping...?

Asking's decision?
Wealth of deeds reach, is in the embrace of sigh's, significance...
Worthiest in a days means, the name of solace and timid intuition
The pale trust of each other, earning the doles and shared justice, we named living chances...
Once upon a time, there were three stars to ask, is forth all right?
Jules Harper Oct 2023
An occasional attention deficient lovelorn
Thought our rope ends grabbed—maybe I’m wrong
Checking my story for a display of blue
And on people’s pages hoping to see you

Is it implied—that they heard all my cries
—or am I too dumb to read between the lines
That I have never wished for someone else
Filled with feelings I have never felt

Losing my cool, launching towards my bed
Can’t even eat, made yourself home in my head
Want to be so loud, screaming V I like you
Maybe start it all with hi, nice to have met you
Still nothing. My brain and my heart is killing me. And have no idea how to even do this. Please wish me the best.
David Hilburn Feb 2023
Taint, a tender trap?
Blue of the sky, remembered by a cloud:
Faintly, the poetry of life, and its hap
Has the voice to step forward, and remind the season of the proud:

A hatful of poor decision's, has its merit...
But the cool eye of embarrassment
Has come and gone, with meet to understand, limited...
To ours, the count of couth, is one more irony's lament?

Hate me when you see the dragon...
Ought fix and fit enough futures
The life of a needier first, is always a sorrow last, a harrowed tongue?
Has said the obvious, a role in the heinous is a fools curiosity...

Throwing tenderness at you, like one of thumbs even is...
Reasons may give you onus, a variety to concede a gift
Coming for beauty, and its rosy inclination, a truer wisdom
That has survived the heed, the beating wings of condition to lift:

Hate me one more time, a reality of pain has become a champion:
To the fate, the hardened courage of youth, with a challenged whisper?
May a knowing hurt, be the fascinated letter of providence
Seeing the obvious, a bird of purer colors, will finish the kiss?

Guns with an imagination...?
Salt in a brutish court, of angers more, to swear in romantic language
Still the burden of squalor, with a slighter lip of intimation?
Your fruit is sweeter by the secrecy, as if, a cold shoulder ever is a place for rage...
A garden for notorious Rock and Roll, tattoos that made the difference...?
Bella Isaacs Feb 2022
This is desire; nothing you have heard of in
Romantic poems, of red, of pink, of green,
Of gold and pearlescent white - it is a picture
Of me in my pjs, with my sexiest underwear
Beneath, for no reason at all - I have my feet
Up on the footstool of our stained sofa set
Coffee and alcohol and goodness-knows-what
From bygone beggars who lived our student lot
And it's quarter past two, and I have a well-eaten
Granny Smith core in my hand, and the day has beaten
Me. The week has beaten me, but hey!
I smiled through it all, almost all the way.
And my household (mis)adventures mean I carry a stale chipshop
And washing smell about me. And I stop
And I think, yeah, I'm only up because I'm working late -
I'm only working late because I got up late -
I only got up late because it finally hit me -
It finally hit me and I'm working on trying to get by
So I record myself on IG live reading a Victorian novel
I discovered two summers ago when another total
Fool decided it was wise to break my heart
Because I'm needing the typed-in hope, on my part,
Discovering that I'm sitting with a journey ahead
Stilled, getting over the craziness, the pain in my belly and head,
A hundred things I could do fresher and if I just lived normally
And I'm sitting, again, a picture of nonchalant insanity
Over a pair of strong tan arms, great hands, quick-fingers,
Beautiful blue eyes, a jaw, a beard, a chest, a heart that lingers
Everywhere, in every word you speak - it resounds, rather,
Root-chords and sevenths and sixths and fourths, and, bother,
I write you as a blazon when it was your whole and soul
I loved. "I loved you once". I think I love you now, the fool
I am, staring into the dark night, the flats across where they
Have potted tropical plants and a couple and a cat, and hey,
I sing whenever the window is open, hoping you will pass
And hear my clear voice lauding your songs and more, but alas
These hopes are vain, and the window was open wide tonight
And I wonder how many I entertained, not going left or right,
Dimming the lights, thinking about you, and losing my mind
As I still do? No, it's not a **** picture, but I'm inclined
To say it's real, and if that ain't ****, the ****** says,
Then I sure as heck will never settle for what is.
Jessica Bozie Apr 2021
He was never mine to begin with
Except I'd always thought love for me,
would come with road trips and hand in hand walks on the beach,
And maybe, boat rides.

All these happened,
out of the context of love.

I know me well enough to know what love would feel like,
Thing is, we're not lovers.
How do I feel all these things in the warmness of his touch and overpowering hugs?

How are we almost Lovers and yet one hundred percent just friends?
miki Feb 2021
a new day
new faces
endless masks to wear



the fork in the road
stops me in my tracks

have i made the right choices?

did i say the right thing?

my mind has no limits
but stops working
when you walk into the room
i’m not good enough for you
i know that i’ll never be good enough for you
but i’ll keep trying
my heart aches
for its missing piece
Shannon Soeganda Dec 2020
Isn't it a pity that,
what she and I have
might be a
foretold; untold tale?

This writhing soul might be a fool to be

- t a n t a l i z e d -

by her honey-like scent,
with the topical rose redolence;
percolating every existing room for air
in my thickly tar-scarred lungs
from every hush of her troubled breath---

only then to realise that

every passing seconds spent

have always been a constellation of

== inane innuendo ==

to pique the lovelorn in me.
There's always something in me that's been worried of her troubled breathing. She doesn't smoke, so I'm concerned. I mean, her lungs aren't tar-scarred like mine.
P.S: I like the smell of her perfume.
Norman Crane Sep 2020
i am futility,
a history of waves
     broken upon the shore,
for i have friendship
     yet i desire something more.
ClAri May 2020
Let me keep falling in this whirlwind
My heart fluttered but you made it thunder
This storm wants me turn more of the pages of you
The Coldness made me crave you
You gave me warmth
Inside grows stronger
Let me please keep Burning in You
You’ll never know
This warmth has become this scorching heat for you
You are the Joy I have no right to have
Imagining holding you and be held by you
Suffocates me, takes all of me, takes the oxygen out of my lungs
I’ll never know regret
You are love and happiness and hope
You are my Sun and you are also the Sea
Please let me forever drift in you
I want to forever Drown in You
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