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Luna Marie Dec 2017
I woke up and felt arms around me,
I rolled over and noticed it was you.

This was everything I hope it would be,
The sun was shining and the sky was blue.

I smiled and extended my hand to touch you,
But you opened your eyes and move away.

You were out of my reach and there was nothing I could do.
I screamed your name, but you couldn't hear anything I would say.

My thoughts were then surrounded by a sound,
The faint ringing of a phone

I followed it and fell into a hole in the ground,
Then I woke in my bed alone.
Luna Marie Dec 2017
I can't let it go.
Any of it.

The way you kissed me.
The way you smelled.
The way you smiled.

The way you touched my waist and pulled me in.

The way you looked at me.
The way you danced.
The way you said my name.

But I have to let it go.
Because you're not mine anymore.
messy, but I need to write it down
Luna Marie Oct 2017
what changed?
all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to be in place,
but then they rearranged

did I do something wrong?
I thought we were happy
and our love was headstrong

will I feel like this everyday?
it doesn't matter,
it all ends in tears anyway
And just like that he's gone.
Luna Marie Jul 2017
A mixture of green and blue.
They remind me of the sea.
Bright and dreamy too,
Your colors surround me.

I only get this feeling when I'm with you.
I want to see those eyes everyday.
You have no idea what they do,
And I wish you never looked at me that way.
You give me life every time you look at me
Luna Marie Jun 2017
Your calloused fingertips
Carresed the inside of my thighs.
They navigated around my hips,
As pleasure was signified by drawn out sighs.

The room was covered in dark hues
As you land soft kisses unto my skin.
Heavy breathing insues,
Inflaming the desire within.

As you were kissing my neck,
You gave a quick bite.
Smiling, you said sorry,
I was gifted Love's mark that night.
Thank you for taking care of me through everything and being someone who loves me for being me. You've given me something to smile about everyday, but you don't even know it J:)
Luna Marie Jun 2017
That look you give me makes me blush.
When you get close to me,
I hold my breath and hush.

You were first a great friend.
Always had my back,
And was there forever till the end.

But now you're holding my hand.
We traveled together,
And laid side by side in the sand.
Still 1 more month of school and yet with him, it feels like summer.. :)
Luna Marie Jun 2017
Only in the coolness of the night,
You touch my skin,
Underneath the moonlight,
Causing me to grin.

Your sharp teeth give quick bites,
Causing me to breathe in sharply and shiver.
The flame between us ignites
And the world around us grows fainter.

Everything you do sets me on fire.
I may try to pull away, but don't let me go.
It's all just an act to cover up my desire.
Kiss me everywhere and be thorough.

My vision starts to blur.
Oh my Romeo,
All this pain is outweighed by pleasure
In our private chateau.
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