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Emily Braswell Jul 2012
Your eyes cut me open like knives
Staring into my soul
You own me
SøułSurvivør Mar 2014
Forgive me for reposting
This myself. I want an opinion...

Summer 1986 Sunday 5:30AM

Misty morning in Malibu.
Seagulls stitch the sea to a subtle
silver sky. They sputter stridently.
Each elegant gull hovers effortlessly.
Entreating each other. Echos bounce
off the sound of the surf into eternity. The screeching of many a
soliloquy akin to silence.

I sit on the pier. The water before
me washes onto the staccato legs
of tiny waterbirds who wander
in and out of the surf. Little
windblown ***** of ecru and grey
wool. I worship in the womb of
the great goddess ~ nature.

I make my unhurried way up the
pier to my car. A cheap but
comfortable convertable. Nobody
walks in LA. I punch in a tape.
Don Henley. Boys of Summer.

I take PCH up to the incline that
takes you from the beach. Pushing
the pedal slightly as I slide by the
colossal bleached cliffs of
Palacades Park. There the homeless
sleep under the benches dedicated
by friends and family in
rememberance of loved ones.
Small plaques attatched for

My hands are on the steering wheel
at 7 and 12 o'clock.I look at the cast
I wear on my right wrist. A token
of rememberance from an angry romance. He and I parted
respectively, if not at all
respectfully. I drive.

Venice beach. Not yet boysterous.
But never boring. The young people
(and old) still bundled together in bed. Saturday night hangovers will
be had by most of the denizens of
Venice beach boardwalk. A grainy
eyed few wander around abstractidly. Shopowners enter
their buildings, their storefronts
almost as small as booths. Graphitti
and giant works of art grace walls
everywhere ~ Jim Morrison and
Venus in workout leggings much
in evidence.

I smoke my cigarette and drink my
hot coffee carefully in the open cafe'.
I consider the eyefest of the crowd
that will congregate here to enjoy
the clement weather.
The cacophony and the clamor.
Touristas and Los Angelinos alike
drawn In by calculating vendors
and coyote souled street performers.
I look forward to seeing the
non conformity usually. But not
today. For now I sit in the quiet cafe'.

Venice beach. Vulpine. Vacuous.
A strangely vunerable venue. The
***** and the beautiful. The talented and the ******.

A street performance pianist trundles his acoustic piano on
casters out onto the boardwalk.
I ask him if I may play. He looks
at my cast doubtfully.
"I can still play..." I tell him.
He ascents and listens thoughtfully
as I play my compositions. He really
likes them. I ****** the ebony and
the ivory with insistant fingers.
The smile on his face is irrepressable. I smile back and we
flirt in self conceous, fitful fashion.
Time to leave.

Radio is on in my car now. A cut
from the musical Chess. One night
in Bangkok makes the hard man
I like the driving beat.
I'm going up I-10, a single blood cell
in the main artery that brings life
to the flesh of this mamouth town.
Traffic is tenuous. A boon here in
this conjested city.

I drive to Fairfax and Sunset, where
I lived with in a tiny one-bedroom
apartment with my mom. An
ambitious actress. I an ambivalent

Sunset. The Roxy and Whiskey-a-
Go-Go. Cartoon characters Rocky
and Bullwinkle casually cavort on
the top of a building. Billboards
as tall as the Hollywood sign. The
street of broken hearts for many
an actress -slash-model. They
wander about on street corners
looking haughty and haunted.
Waiting for who knows who to
honk. Their dreams have flown
away like the exhailation of smoke
from the mechanical lungs of the
Marlboro Man. Schwab's drugstore
and diner. The place where some
famous starlet was discovered.
Delivered into the arms of the
Hollywood machine. I opt to go
to the Sunset Grill.

I'm walking down Hollywood Blvd.
Perusing shops and persuing
pedestrian pleasures. Everyone
talks of the star-studded sidewalks.
To me they look tarnished and
filthy. Stars from a sultry smog
laden sky come to earth. The names
of some of the folks honored on
them I don't recognise.

I'm here to view movies today.
I'm definitely not going to
Grauman's Chinese Theater.
Been there. Done that. Gave the
very expensive T shirt to
Goodwill. I look around at the
proud and the plebian. The pedantic
and the pathetic. No prostitutes
out yet that I could see. Probably
toppled into bed to sleep
(for once). Deposed kings
and queens of the monarchy of the
night. The homeless hobble along
with their hair matted and askew.
Shopping carts with stuttering
wheels de reguer.

A couple of tourists with Izod shirts,
plaid shorts to the knee and deck
shoes sans socks gaze in a shop
window. It's borded by tarnished
and faded silver garlands... tinsel
Christmas tree.
"Want to buy a mood ring today?"
One of them querys his buddy,

I find my small theater and enter
the air conditioned lobby. I purchase
a soda and pass on the popcorn.
As I enter the theater's modestly
plush, dimly lit cocoon sanctuary
I notice very few patrons are here
for the matinee. GOOD. I finally
watch the premiere product of
Los Angeles. Movie after movie
slides across the screen. The callus
morally corrosive corporations
conspire with the creative to produce
the culmination of many art forms
in one. Cinema.

LA. Languid. Luxurious. Legendary.
Rollicking, raunchy rodeo.
Seaside city. Sophisticated. Spurious.


I wend my way up Mulholland Dr.
Another tape is playing in the deck.
One of my favorites. David + David.
Welcome to the Boomtown.

I pull over at a deserted vista. From
this viewpoint I can see the city
spread out like a blanketfof brilliance. The gridiron of LA.
Glitzy and glamorous. Generating
little gods and goddesses. A gigantic
gamble for the disingenuous and
gouache. Tinsel town. Titillating.
Tempestuous. Only the very brave
bring their dreams here... or fools
rush in where angels fear to tread.
All but the fallen angels. They thrive.

Oh! If this place could be bottled it
would be such sweet poison. I
look up at the auburn sky and back
down at the breathtaking panorama
The metropolis that is LA with awe
and angst. I carefully stub out my
cigarette and flip it irreverantly
toward the lagoon of lights.

I get in my car to drive home.
Could this imposing, inspiring,
impossible place be called home?

Well. Home is where the heart is.
And I live in the heart of a dream.
This is the city of dreams...


Soul Survivor
Catherine E Jarvis
(C) 2005
You can rest your eyes now...

I only have enough funds to
produce one spoken word
set to music... should I
do this one?
Chloe Oct 2014
Hey, are you okay?
You look like you need a friend
Averted stare, unmanaged hair, fresh wet skin under those eyes
Hey, are you okay?
I think we have all been there
Disturbed, unheard, horribly impaired

I love you and even if I didn't
There are a million--no, billions who would love you in a minute
Don't dread and tread all over that beautiful mind
I'll take you in and call you mine

Fix you up, give you strength
Until you are ready to take the lengths
Walk on your own again, remember how bliss feels
I'll give you my heart as a meal
Eat it up, love for two
And if I fall back you'll be ready to catch me

The never ending cycle of needing one another
Semerian Perez Aug 2012
Eyes that could lure
The most vunerable women
He just raised a finger
His will was done.

Who could match his will
New within the walls
Lurked someone
Who had a will of steel
Much like the weapons
She practiced with

She never spoke
Her eyes would speak for her
The warriors she encountered
Would lay their weapons down
At this ones feet.

He had heard
Of this silent warrior
So summoning her
He waited

To his suprise
She appeared
Standing in the rafters
Watching him
Instead of jumping down
Her image disappeared
And reappeared in front of him.

As he spoke
Her eyed flickered
She was a demon
When he was finished
A smiles crossed her face.
Her voice was barely above a whisper

"Dark Prince..
You summoned me...
You cannot fathom....
The power I can unleash...
But I will stay...
But mark my words...
Darkness will forever...
Be your throne..."

She stayed with him
Staying in his shadow
Her demonic eyes
Waiting for her time to play
From her Dark Prince.
Jessica Heagy Oct 2012
I find it rather cruel to leave me lingering.
Lingering like unwanted taint from a long, hard day of work.

You should of just crushed me.
You should of told me there was no hope.
You should have told me that it all was just a fallacy.
You should have made me hate you.
Even then, after I would regroup my dignity after being such a fool,
I do not believe my heart would wish ****** harm against you.
How pathetic do I sound right about now?
All I pray for is to have a stronger heart,
A stronger mind.

Already, I grow tired of pining over you.
The one time I decided not to shut someone out
And in return, I am left with a much larger void.

I greatly dislike my understanding personality.
It is something that I never possessed,
But I did not expect to find someone similar to me.

I simply wished that I was burdened
By the ignorant naivety of today's youth.
I am finding it quite factual that I am deemed cursed.
That real love or an ideal relationship,
Has forsaken me.

I am aware of the obvious.
I am aware of my own youth.
I am one who survives on the care for others.
Only for ones I see fit.

Alas, here I am rambling on about the usual.
All I must say, is that my feelings were true.
Surprising, actually,
For I was only seeking company
And found something much more.

I find it a burden to know that
Someone as good as you, is out there.
I simply wish, I perhaps will count the days,
That one day, I can call you mine
And I, yours.

We all know that is just the latest crazy talk
That mind-fuckery builds when we
Are alone, yearning for the things we cannot have.

**** this hopeless romantic heart of mine.
**** being weak.
**** being vunerable.
**** being understanding.
Just, **** everything.

I leave you with:
You should of just crushed me.
You should of told me there was no hope.
You should have told me that it all was just a fallacy.
You should have made me hate you

Yet, knowing I,
I want to linger.
I wish that I will linger in your mind.

If not, I simply hope that peace with shroud every inch of you
And that you will find what your heart seeks.
Ruth Cardenas Nov 2017
My walls are made of concrete
The strongest of them all
They cover my heart safely
And catch me when I fall

You can try but you can't break them
See, I've seen it all before
These walls are here to save me
From the dangers past their doors

Danger was my old friend
We reunited through my tears
And every night my cheeks, stained
With the trace of every fear

How I'd love to break these walls down
I'd love to have you hold me tight
But without these walls of concrete
My careful heart would be in plain sight
The wind of the lines
Words that are unhinged and woeful
Vunerable enslaved with fear
As my anger grows heavy
Yet I guilt myself into you

My pretty red lipstick is ruined
Covered in your cheap sticky *******
Having me feel shamed
You don't handle rejection
My guts are shattered
You make me eat the blame
Harrasing me until I'm lifeless
Then you mock me
As I spill my veins
Contains ****** content  ADULT
Chloe Zafonte Aug 2016
I look in the mirror and I see an older face, a thinner body and different hair. But the same emotions stay in place as I try not to care.
Allen Robinson Jul 2016
deep impact
of your azure blue eye
pierces my core evoking strong emotions of passion
I'm deconstructed left wide open and exposed
to a kindred
for V.
Tammy M Darby Aug 2013
Once upon a time
It rendered me weak
I crave not its company
I choose to be
Rather than vunerable
Avoiding the pain of attachment
The sickly sweetness of affection
The irritation of adoration

Once upon a time
Blinded were my eyes
I silenced my cries
Covered the bruises
So none would know
I submitted to the blows
Red stripes filled my craving for attention
For my emotions ran deep

Once upon a time
I became who I am now
Open were my eyes to that which I could not see
To hatred hidden behind loves face
Never again will I allow this to be
I choose to be solitary
I force love to vacate my heart
I am no longer weak

Love once upon a time

This poem is copyrighted and stored in author base.  All material subject to Copyright Infringement laws
Section 512(c)(3) of the U.S. Copyright
Act, 17 U.S.C. S512(c)(3),
Tammy M Darby
I weigh myself on these scales as I’m keen for you to know I exist. I wanted you to answer my letters, realise that these words I write with dedicated perfection and chardonnay are for. You. I wanted to be your only to exception to the rule. I wanted to be your fool. I wanted to be. Just me. And that was to be enough, but the road was too rough. Drowning in pity, suffocating in sin. My words were too pretty and delicate. Worthless to the deaf ears they fell upon. My tears, my tears they fall wasted to the ground. Ravaged by my mis-communicated sound. The way I gave my body to you. I let you in. I let you feel my grief and you buried your way in. Deceitful you. Beautiful you. My life, my soul, what happens in heaven now?

I thought too many times I would be forgiven. This person was too much for even you to take. I kept falling. I kept going too fast and not using the brake. I thought I had finally landed, grounded myself from this stupid obsession. That someone once made me feel I gave the wrong impression. Too needy, too weak, too vunerable, too loud. Wore stupid clothes that stood out from the crowd. I gave too much then held it all back. Click, click, click, ******* clack. Where were you when I called your name. When I took you and held you in vain. There was my shame. There was my guilt and pride. Took you along for a ride? Are you sure my dear? Are you sure? Fed up of being told what I am worth waiting for. Yet I would make a pilgrimage for you.

Faster and harder braver than before. But you never liked that. You showed me the door. My light too bright, too shiny, too new. I was overall, too much, for you. For your highly expectations I was bound to fail. Just one small girl in an overpowering world of you. This power, this lowly pleasure, of giving you your due and then to hear your whatever. I am lost, I am lost, I am lost. I am bound by your words by their very cost. I never expected to borne to this, I thought I could just get on without your redemption. Lies and lies and more from your hand. This is not my world, your ideas are too un/planned? Who are you, who were you back then? To tell me that I am not right, I need to change from within. No. What? Your preaching’s are confusing to even the most intelligent man.

My body, my life. My heart, your strife. Not done with everything, you wanted more. Hell over high water, you threw me up on the shore. Please, oh please, oh pretty little please, wait, hang on a minute whilst I fall to my knees. Let me know when you’ve made your decision. Thanks. I’ll just wait a little lon-ger. Tell me. How does your faith instill such emotion? It’s all false love and devotion. Popular back in the day, the 80’s I may say, back when kids were high and it was easier back then, easier for me to write without a red pen. So you invented love as your folly, to prey on the weak, the young and the sought after. So you could fill your life with the ***** of your laughter. Ever-y-thin-g is so long and drawn out; be wild, be shy, be quiet. Don’t shout, so LOUD. At me. I need to hear what exactly you are telling me. To be.
R May 2013
I'm practically being kicked out.
No, silly,
Not out of my house or anything.
Just out of my position.
My favorite and least-favorite
I would tell you all what position it is
but that's not how I work,
now do I?

I don't have much rage
I'm just crying.
No biggie.
I always cry
this time feels different
because I finally understand
that I was just filling that
position in.
That I was just
"keeping it warm"
for someone better to come along.
they've been here the whole time though,
they were just hiding in the shadows,
till you were at your most

After all,
thats what demons are best at,
Waiting till you need someone the most
so that they can put on a mask and
act like they'll always be there for you.
That they're your friend.
I've learned alot over the past year and
even though I may trust many,
I don't keep them close because,
you're right:
They always leave.

Even you will.
Nikita May 2015
Green dances like waves around her wide pupils, eyes lashes like curved feathers graze the top of her eyelid.

Flaming orange spirals from her beautiful mind down to the end of her back.

A canvas
Her face resembled as the flecks of freckles formed a gorgeous piece art.

Her body was as though it was sculptured carefully to put on display in greek goddess section of the museum

Sadly it wasn't
Instead her body was forcefully abused and harmed as it wasn't societys shallow idea of beauty

She wasn't tan
She wasn't blonde or brunette
Just a pale ginger.

She considered herself to be hideous

She became weak

It wasn't her fault
She needed the money
She lacked self esteem
And so selling her body gave her the worth and attention she never had.


Her life was gone
The green waves in her eyes stop dancing
The lashes were now harsh lumps of dried mascara
Her beautiful hair was bleached blonde, frayed and cut.

And her body was now just another puppet to an old mans torture.
Madds May 2012
Shedding skin,
I am choking in myself
And drowning in the sea of on-lookers, watchers.
Twisting and bending
Just trying to escape, i'm still trapped
And they're closing in on me
Vunerable and small.
I shrink into a microscopic thing
A bug, dust, a thing.
I shrink in my fear
But they're still closing
So I grow. Enormous
Bigger, bigger
Towering over the crowd
From faux confidence
I stumbled on the spinning world
Fell and crushed them all.
Madds Mar 2012
It's as though
You find beauty
In the most broken girls.

You take them in
At their most vunerable
& love them more
Than they have ever felt,
In return,
They fall for you too.

They never really meant much
You just liked being the hero;
Knight in shining armour.
You overrate yourself
It's sick.

Get some help
& leave these girls alone
So someone who really cares
Can come along.
hnrjfsxndvdkjfznvx, i don't like it.
betterdays Apr 2014
you and i
my dear one
have seen
so many

have taken
steps both
back and forward

have laughed
and cried
in many places

you have heard
my heart race
and watched me

you know all
my secrets
but still
you hold
your origins
the blue
twinkle of your

when we first met
for me i was
instantly, lustful
of your graceful

i had to have you
spent my last coins
but you were mine.

your glass so dusky
washed by a million
encased in silver
and a oak tree motif
hand linked chain

you are my luck
my blue oak
bought almost  
thirty  years past
worn most every day

i feel naked undressed
if you are not with me.

just a chunk of sea glass
to some
to me
loves repository.
holder of memory,
rememberance and hope
napowrimo day 7
prompt: write a love poem
about/for an inanimate object.

my sea glass pendant
bought with the last of my
first grown up paycheck
28 odd years ago.
still one of my most prized
The Darkness
hanging onto the lightpole to keep from
falling into the wind
holding onto her hat to
keep from losing it in the air

when the moonlight shows through the dark clouds
she whimpers
clawing and scratching at the people to get away
from the maddening crowd

it's a dreary world out here
in the unknown and nowhere is a human in sight

she loses her strength  every minute that passes
and the darkness follows her
the billowy clouds getting ever so darker

then comes the roar
as she hangs ever so tightly to the pole
taking in the sounds of the high pitch that
brings even the strong to there knees

and the sounds gets louder until the bright light fills the sky and
out comes the demon

scattering and hissing and clearing the runway
while sparks fill the air
I see the eyes of the demon and squint to ward off the twinkle
of the feeling of helplessness and am brought to my
senses by the moon so bright and full

in my drunken stupor after the moon has passed it's
lunor phaze I am whole again
until the next year when the time becomes shorter
and the people more vunerable in this life.
Copyright@2007 Madeline C. Baxter
Rai May 2013
I didn't need reminding
But you told me all the same
Great friends
What a laugh
I laugh
Then fall screaming
I never stopped hoping
I went through those old letters you sent
Summer nights
Sweet perfume filling the midnight air
Toes playing with the surf
As the breeze sweeps my hair
Back from my face
Captured in a photograph
I look so young
So free
So in love
So vunerable
Lines of love bleed onto the paper
Time never heals
It just sends us divertions
To cover the truth
It's hard to believe that young girl is me
I see myself differently
Through eyes that lost the tinted glass
To replace the past where it lays
I move on to tomorrow
Then beyond
Life is sweeter
Life is worth living
Sleep now comes
honey Feb 2016
I live by the sun
Bright & happy
Nurturing & giving warmth
Embracing & encouraging others with a friendly love
With fierce passion & strength in every last part of my soul
Breathing life & excitement into all I can

I love by the moon
Mysteriously beautiful, you can't quite place your finger on why
Stealing kisses in the dark & maybe steal your heart too
Loving intensely & romantically
A seduction of lust yet of a love that is so unconditional, pure & true
I will see you in the most vunerable of times & still love you with all of me

Live by the sun, love by the moon
Yes, it's what I do
Dean Roberts had two homes
One was in port Adelaide and the other was in rhw Adelaide hills and he lived in the adelaide hills but he had paranoid mates living 3 doors down from his Port Adelaide home
You see there were squatters living there making everyone living around there scared to leave their homes and this usually happened every night from 4pm till dawn and then it appeared to be early but nobody went near the hooise except for dean Roberts who was hermless but the residents
Of the nearby homes barocsded themselves in their homes and there were psychiatrists around for anyone who becomes too scared to cross the main road and making sure no vunerable person was struggling getting to where they wanted to go or where they lived and dean Roberts was unaware of all this because there was no sign of people living there and dean's best friend Toni was the target in some way, you see she lived in the house opposite that house
And she called the police numerous times which forced cars to follow her making her look very scared but she still wanted to help the police remove them so she used herself as bait to catch them
But this was easy for them but Toni was in danger of losing her life making her scream so loud
But while Toni was with them dean was trapped inside his port Adelaide home but he broke the window and iinstead of going home to the hills he slept in his car waiting for the
Squatters to come back and When they did dean grabbed a broom and came in there saying come on get out of my house and then while that was going on Toni was panicking crossing the road making it half way across and then going back especially after they took her from her place of work and dumped her at the lights making her scared to hold someone even the police
Cause she watches the news where people dress up as police to take advantage of ladies like Toni and after dean got rid of the squatters for bow
He drove home with people yelling out to him hi mr hero
With people bipping their horn
Saying you are port Adelaide's
Hero but Toni was still struggling to get home and this forced the police  to grab her and take her home
To take her medication and go to bed and one of the squatters returned and was caught and shoved in Ron coopers psych ward where he was put on eppelim and he was forced to one day tell them why he lived in dean Roberts property and squatter said his name was ken
Psrtley and Ron gave ken an injection of abilify to calm
Him down and Ron went back home and had pizza and coke
While ken was stuck in a Place he hated and Toni was still paranoid about crossing that road and dean helped her get through this like a friend would
Ariel Taverner Oct 2013
She told me that life was harsh
That it was never fair
Everybody would turn against you in the end
Everybody would betray you
Despite little time spent with you
Quality over quantity
I always felt this connection that could be formed
But it never worked out
Every time I reached out and threw myself on the ground
exposing eveything
Surrendering everything to you
Putting myself in the most vunerable position ever
And you just turned as if you hadnt noticed
As if I didnt matter
As if I disgusted you
How could your own flesh and blood seem disgusting to you
Why wont you help me
My body is ripped as I scream to they sky
please just look at me Please anything ill do anything
But in thr end you were right
**I dont matter
Storm Raven Jul 2015
Tell me what you see?
Tell me what you think?
I am like a piece of art in a museum.
Visable for everyone.
But only a few people can see what I truely mean.
I am like a book in the bookstore.
Everyone can see me but covers can be misleading.
Only one will get to read me.
Find the true me.
See my deepest secrets.
My darkest fears.
My hopes, my dreams, my everything.
I am like the rain.
Some people will only get wet.
Others will feel me falling on their skin.
This are the people I want to live with.
But they scare me too.
I am a poem.
Everyone can read me.
But only a few can read between the lines and see what I truely mean.
And I would love to meet someone who feels me like that.
But it scares me.
My true self being visable.
All my fears, dreams, secrets, hopes open to see.
But I am ready.
Ready to show, to share.
So please take a look.
Maybe you are the one who sees me.
about a friend or lover, someone who understands and truely sees
Maggie Sep 2010
On and On he travels, but will go no where.
On and On he looks, but will see nothing,
On and On he searches, but will find nothing but death.
On and On he remains, vunerable,
To Death's reaching grasp.
Madds Jun 2012
We always knew I'd be the one to drown,
How I was surrounded by confident people
Never really made sense to me, when I was so
vunerable and selfconcious.

I never quite understood how I always knew
that the water would be the only one to take me
and the only thing I ever learnt to respect.

They always said drowning was peaceful,
But it always seemed a myth
Until the seabed caught me, and ****** away my fears,
fears of the future, the past, the truth and life.

And all the burning suddenly stopped,
like the water knew how to put out the fire in my lungs,
The voices in my head, floated away
and the scars seemed to vanish in the salt.

"Death is just another adventure..."
They were right.
Katerina Landon Dec 2019
I have got a burning desire
To look at the world's greatest sins
To cleanse all of them by the fire
Find the courage to see what it means

To be close and be vunerable, human
Open up and not shut people off
To enjoy when the flowers are blooming
And find out what it means to be loved.
jennifer ann Oct 2014
i am
vunerable, easily replacable,
broken, scarred,
and damaged,this is too hard.
i can not manage.

i am
a mess, a tragedy, a living breathing catastrophe,
and nobody can save me, maybe i should **** myself,
i dont think that anyone would blame me.

i am
a ghost of the happy girl i used to be,
i lost all of my friends, and somehow i
cant stop making enemys.
i have been destroyed by stress and insecurity.
The most important rule is
Don't ever cry, no matter what.
You're vunerable.
And you can't be vunerable in front of someone,
Not even yourself
You'll lose yourself.
Because as soon they see that they can break you
It'll drag you down so far you'll never get up
And if you don't show
You're balancing on the edge of the well
And the people who ask why you always look so sad
Are the ones that push you.
Rule number one.
Becky Jo Gibson Aug 2016
that should be me your meeting today

I need those eyes to shine for me
no chance that need will take root
you must be involved first...

yea, to lose your way you must be present
the truth missed appearing  
wide, deep, distant, shallow, empty

ohhhh..the power of twisted passion
it outshines even the brightest eyes
takes reasonable people off the grid of logic

moments that escape sanity by feet to miles
captured by need...primal need....
raw, consuming, physical, deep, fulfilling

depth becomes harder to reach as we couple
raising the bar to leave an empty need

you reign here in my land of you
only risk as we clear another layer of reality
the need growing bigger as it roots

freedom yours alone as you maintain
not captured by this fire burning my life
sick, desperate, alone, needy, empty

straight out into the fire that consumes
no hesitation here, no fear
nothing compares to complete passion

do you even think about me
does your mind drift as your ******* her
is she as fulfilling as a lover

do you care that my heart is bled out
is it real that you aren't mine
never will be mine is the truth

not a chance we can capture us
because us was actually me
in love, blind, hopeful, loyal

I am not going to call
won't open any windows or doors
you don't love me

sometimes the truth is too hard to see
harder still to make me know
you, me, us, two words and one dream

******* and **** your lies
**** me for being a little girl in love
vunerable, whimsical, delusional, broken


Becky Jo Gibson © all rights reserved 06-14-15
Megan Yocom Feb 2018
U don't wanna hear me
You don't wanna listen
I scream into the air
But no one cares
I say montone I'm fine
Why can't you just pretend u care
Why do I have to seek others to help me feel ok.
You won't listen you rather everything be exactly the same.
Do the bare minimum to pacify the people you say you love.
Rage fills me that I should be able to lean on you for support.
But I lean and fall to the ground.
I pick myself up time and time again as I try to be vunerable for you.
You push me to be vunerable with u but u don't support me when I do.
It's just a hassle.
You sigh you droop your shoulders ignore my pain...
Act like it's Burden.
I will go to someone else that will listen to me at least.
Why can't I lean on u. I thought that's one of the benefit of being a team?
We are supposed to.
Once again I lay shattered on the floor like a fragile peace of China.
It's ok cuz you are teaching me to be ok without u.
I will pick myself up.
I will glue myself together.
Just know each time I do it myself I am further from ur grasp.
Not hat you are required to just wish u we're there to at least cheer me on.
You ignore me u act like my promblems aren't worth ur time.
I'll make it to where you ain't worth mine.
I don't need anyone.
I am stronger by myself.
I survived years of torment by myself.
It is easier to survive by myself.
I may be shattered China but you will be the fool to drop me.
The fool to watch me grow into something beautiful that won't want you anymore because I needed u to listen and you wouldn't.
Neeloo Neelpari Sep 2018
Twenty four hours
stretching to a century
Engulfing the four walls
Of the lonely abode
haunting the soul
Of the grief stricken me

An enstranged tear
restless to roll down,
My gloomy, rosy cheek
Steps down from their abode
Leaving behind a trail of
Tell-tale blackest kohl

Memoires of you,
Haunting, transending..
And Oh! this taunting moon
Hiding behind the moving clouds
Peeping out, mocking at
My vunerable, lonely state

Brushing back my wet locks
I softly murmur your name
Against my powerless slender palm
When will you help me out
from this pitiable state
O my Eloquer....!!

© Neeloo 'NeelPari'
I find comfort in my poems
Always carrying them around
I find shelter in your smile
The rest of the day untouchable
I find love in these words
Even the ones you tell me everyday
I find sadness in your eyes
Hidden by beautiful laughter,
So vunerable and pretty
But why don't you tell me
What is going on behind it
Because we never tell anyone
Simple as that
A poem every day.
Ben bryant Sep 2017
I can change my mood at the drop of a hat
One extreme to another; I'm the epitome of that

Selfishly I'll draw u in because I need ur touch
I'll push u away just as fast coz I care too much

Emotionally I'm wounded and don't know how to heal
I think things I shouldn't think and feel things I shouldn't feel

I take solace in silence rather than speak
I don't want to be vunerable I hate that I'm weak

I analyze our conversations, I break down every word
You could be singing praises but it wasn't what I heard

I always tend to listen to the voice I shouldnt hear
The haunting words of rejection, abandonment and fear

My triggers change daily, im so hard to predict
Happy one minute, the next moment; conflict

Pain,rejection, exhile and shame
I know I'm at fault but its you that I blame

I blame you for not knowing exactly what to say
I judge you for not doing the things I want done in a very particular way

Logically I get it, I understand the way I act
I don't how to fix myself, it's just a skill I lack

With all of my quirks and personality flaws
I feel it's for the best that I'm behind closed doors

Safer on my own so there's no pain's involved
Alone isn't ideal, but how else will my issues be solved

I can be me when I'm away from the crowd
I can just be myself cause I say I'm allowed

Where's this happy person that other people see?
It's time for me to let him out, time to be set free
Inspiration Apr 2016
You tore me apart
In doing so
You have built a moat
For me between most

It is full of beautiful water
Bluey green white
A Silvery sight

Detecting and deflecting
Desire and fire

Unable to handle
or man handle
The feelings
Feelings real

Allowing others to see
Vunerable sights
Showing internal fights

Fights and

Learning about myself
Learning to respect myself
Learning to love myself
Learning to be myself

Its not easy
Its uneasy

Its easy
Always pleasing

Oh the peace
Its such a release
Wesam Tanana Jan 2019
I'm so afraid to tell you
What I truly feel for you
I love you so deeply
Inwardly and outwardly

Tell me your insecurities
Show me your flaws
Tell me about your dreams...
Your worries and your sorrows

Lay your head on my shoulder
Lay your head on my chest
Let me hold you so tightly
Let me kiss you on your lips
Let me feel you so lightly

But I'm afraid

I love you so much
That I cannot risk...
Scaring you away

Do you not feel the same?
I can see it in your eyes
And if you don't, then I'll understand

Because those we love the most
Sometimes they do not stay
But I still want you...

But I'm afraid

I'm afraid to become vunerable
Once again...because I can't afford
To lose another piece of myself
I've lost myself before...trying to
Pick others up and piece them together

But I love you...ever so much
I love your smile
I love your fragrance
I love the way you look into my eyes
I love your touch...
I love all of you.

Although I'm afraid
Fear cannot contain my love for you
And perhaps that's what scares me most...

I'm afraid to love you
But you are
A part of me.
Abrus Wild Apr 2016
Have you ever met a being that was beyond this earth? Beyond this plane of existence?
She was the earth. She was the trees and the sky. She held the very meaning of existence in her hands and didn't even know it. She was oblivious to her power.
She made life dance before my very eyes. If she looked at you, you know you were meant something bigger on this planet. Her hair. her eyes. silver, piercing.  She had nothing but her vunerable-ness to give. Her beauty was not explainable. There wasn't a selfish bone in her body.

A life without her must mean a life in denial
or a life of daydreaming

bitter sweet
or an empty and hopeless.. are those my options now?
I remember when I would hold her hair and her skin would glow and the sky would sing her name
Have you ever felt euphoria on your fingertips
and it would slowly trickle down to your hands and wrists and then pierce your heart violently
that's what it was to hold her hand
touch her face
just her existence alone made life worth living
there is a beauty such as hers out there
there must be something more
how can something like that happen
how can something like that make me feel in a way that i do
that can move me
and make me feel
when all else couldn't
she is over now. I must translate the hope she gave me to a hope now for myself
let her previous existence fuel my future existence
we would lay in the treehouse
her hand in mine
our hope in each others hands
and float atop the ultimate peace and happiness
admire the stars and the sky
the depths of our questions would blossom
even on the rainiest of days
on the greyest of skys
having her around
made colors pop out of everything life flowed through
colors i didnt know existed
and all i can think now is
i am the lucky one that got to experience that
i know its over. but most will never see what i saw
i experienced heaven
its there
and thus for the rest of my being and existence
me knowing there is a heaven such as that, gives me so much hope in life
that life has become heaven
she granted me heaven
have you even met a being
that has moved you so
Satsih Verma Sep 2016
To connect with a reclusive mind,
was an uphill task.
You become―
vunerable again.

Everyday the curtains
come down after the entry of
assassin bugs.

Long-legged, bloodsucking
predators would roam
and abduct the phrases.

The young turks break
the nest, petals strewn, a
rose dies in my hands.

My night journey begins
I let out a poem
to become my lantern.

— The End —