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Neeloo Neelpari Dec 2018
It might be
A life
For u
As you
Name it
As you
Perceive it
As you
Feel it
It might be
For others too
I have
Come to live
With this
Superficial life
For me
Its Divine
The sole purpose
Of My existence
The sole purpose
Of My Life
The sole purpose
Of My Dreams too
Is You
Just You
O My Love!

© Neeloo 'Neelpari'
Neeloo Neelpari Nov 2018
Many a times, when I am alone
I just find myself thinking of the fun
Collecting pouring water, drenching in the rain
Sailing my paper boats in the small drain
Catching in matchboxes frogs from puddles of water,
And throwing them on young and old with giggles and smiles

Smearing the silver, golden color on my friends
Of the butterflies that we picked in the sunny garden
Feasting on dollops of homemade icecreams and chuskies (ice lollies)
Listening to stories of kings n demons by granny

How could I forget hat fight with parents
To stay awake all night during summer or winter break
To watch uncountable movies on the rented video recorder
Or to read Agatha Christie, Enid Blyton in just one sitting

There was a different story all the time
for each of my tantrums and fantasies alike
And a unique reason for enjoying every season

Oh! How I wish I could have a time machine
To take me back to my childhood innocence
I really miss being a little kid O my Lord!
With no stress, worries or care in the world...!!!

© Neeloo 'NeelPari'
Neeloo Neelpari Oct 2018
In your saddest times
Your gaze wanders
To the farthest point of the room
You gain confidence
From the girl beautifying
The heart of the blue wall
Who has freed all the butterflies
With a open cage in one hand
Happy-sad colors of freedom
Caressing her other lone palm
What could be alluring than
This silky smooth art-work of
Brushed silver-gold-pink-yellow
Electrifying than Karwachauth Henna

© Neeloo Neelpari
Henna - Paste of green leaves of henna plant when applied on palms leaves beautiful colour, applied by Indian women on wedding and festivals

Karwachauth - A day of fasting by Indian women showing love and dedication for their spouse
Neeloo Neelpari Oct 2018
Some days
When loneliness
Adorns you
Like birthsuit
You are
Salty drops of
Your solitude..
Sheer Destiny..

© Neeloo Neelpari
Neeloo Neelpari Oct 2018
With darkest kohl
And bright eyes
I look upto you
I try to decipher
The meaning behind
those caring eyes
And sweet smile
Caressing my extended hand
You softly murmur
Is it necessary to name our feelings
Aren't you happy with me
All relationships are fake
Be it blood or world
Why give name to our relationship
Let it be the way we are
Sometimes near, other times far
Yet always in each other's thought
Caring, praying, wishing for well being
Listen, O beautiful!
A bit of sindoor in the parted hair
Is not really a sanction of love
Close your eyes and feel
On your Ajna, the warmth of my kiss
Let it be the eternal beauty spot
The beauty of my feelings
For you..
The kohl melts down the rosy cheek
A beautiful bond is built
Beautiful than the Taj
Tougher than the Wall of China
Sweeter than honey
Innocent like the smile of an infant
A relationship that crosses all barriers
An eternal unnamed bond
So pure as Gangajal...

© Neeloo Neelpari
Taj- Tomb of eternal love, one of the seven wonders , built in Agra, India, a big tourist spot
Gangajal - holy waters of holy river Ganges, India
Neeloo Neelpari Oct 2018
You just asked
Do you know 'Pari'
the meaning Of
the most used
word by you?
My reply to you dear..
Wid my delicate
Manicured, shapely fingers
Entwined wid your bold
but the most caring ones
'The feeling of having
soeoone around all the time
It hardly matters whether
in reality or fantasy
in each other's arms or
in one's thoughts
the same person
Omnipresent for you
The care
The feeling
The closeness
The sensation
Of meeting at
the soul level
Is Love.......!!!!'

© Neeloo 'NeelPari'
**Pari (Indian word)  means Angel
**Neelpari(Indian word)  means Blue Angel
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