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Rai Jun 1
My soul no longer weeps,
Therefore poetry is rarely created.
Though when asked for an answer to some simple question,
People remark
Oh how poetic your words.
A wordsmith you must be.
And so I guess poetry is ingrained into my very being.
And it’s weeping will flow through my life
Like a river running to quench the thirst of a hungered man.
My existence therefore
Will be to bring words to life.
To bring sunshine to the grey pavements which are the minds of those who have fallen asleep, and no longer see rainbows in the petrol stains left by leaking cars.
And who no longer want to feel the weight of the world.
Poetry will always be my purpose.
My soul
My soul is full and overflowing.
Rai May 5
Nature pounds her chest
Full pelt

Beware mighty warriors
We were once not of this earth
And so the earth will rid herself
Of the parasitic infestation that we have become

Such a shame as she rocks us to sleep each night
Our mother screams
She weeps for our redemption
And yet it falls mainly on deaf ears
She still holds us
Scorned children with so much to learn

Her blood will run to stock our fires
And the air will become putrid to her lungs
Trees will bend and forests break
Like  her heart
You can hear it scattering upon the breeze
If you so bother to quieten your mind for a moment to just listen


I hold her in my heart
As it beats
I feel her as she bleeds
I bleed with her
She is my mother
My Gaia
As the universe is my creator
So too shall he take me from this place

For we do not deserve her

Some will leave in battle
Others in pain
I shall leave her
With sadness
And yet in joy
For now she may have a new beginning

But I would pray
that we could heal her
Hold her
As she has held us
Shield her from harm
As she has
Fed us and watered us
Feed the soul of her
May we rise
Like the sun of a new day
A tribe of warriors
Searching for a new way
A new life
With the safety of Mother at its core
May we rise
May we also have a new beginning
May we rise together
Like the sun
On a new morning

Rai Apr 9
Silence trickles gently
down hillsides and cheekbones
In a hue of emotions
Cascading in torrents
How blind are those
That only skim the surface
Never delving into depths
Letting go
Sinking sweetly into oblivion
But trusting in the divine
To hold them above it all
Rai Mar 21
I write so that I may escape
But from this
From this there is no where to run
Rai Mar 21
When social distancing becomes the norm
Will you still hold me in your arms
And soothe me with your breath upon my skin
Or will you retreat
A forgetful moment of reconditioning
Rai Mar 21
It’s going to be a long dark night
Rai Feb 24
I miss you
I miss us
I miss myself
The me that is me when I’m with you
I miss those moments
And the moments between moments
Shared moments
Quiet moments
Even the loud angry moments
Because they were still moments with you
I just miss
The moments
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