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frog Jan 2023
filled with daffodils and sunflowers,
carnations and roses

but overgrown with bindweed, deep-rooted thistles and
quickly-spreading dandelions

the gardener just stood by and watched it grow
it got worse and worse right before their eyes

sure. they did the basic maintenance
so the neighbours wouldn't notice too much
but the weeds kept winning.

lately it's been getting better. they used to be
ashamed of their mess
and they didn't let anyone into the garden

but now they realize that such an overgrown garden
is too big a burden for one person to handle

they have friends who want to help get rid of the weeds
and bit by bit, they're starting to clean it up
frog Oct 2022
I fall too fast
I fall for friends
I fall for anyone
I fall for everyone

I fall in love
I fall in love too fast
I fall in love too hard

I fall in love a bit with everyone
I fall in love a bit with everything
I fall in love a bit with all my friends

and I wish I didn't
frog Feb 2022
burning in my chest
is an anger i haven't felt
at least
not in a while.

i can feel my bones in my body
and they don't feel happy
i can feel the anger fester
and i don't want it to lash out

not at those i love
frog Dec 2021
redemption is the action of saving
or being saved from sin, error, or evil
saving someone
being saved.

who chooses who deserves to be redeemed?
is it karma? are there points?

I like to see characters get redemption,
because it gives me hope.
frog Dec 2021
i keep barking
     and barking
     and barking
     and barking

          and I can't wait
until the day
where I bite.
frog Dec 2021
Sitting on the floor, just the two of us.
I just told you about how I don't know how to love myself,
and you promised you'll stick with me,
through the learning progress.

I'm falling for you,
falling so hard.
I want to hold you close, hold your hand.

You hugged me on the floor,
and then put your hand on my knee.
I held your hand. You didn't mind.

And then later? You called me cute.
I felt like my heart was gonna explode.

I don't like catching feelings,
the previous time didn't go well.
I am scared that history might repeat itself,
scared to be vunerable.
ha ha well. :)
frog Dec 2021
On the second day of knowing each other,
we looked each other in the eye
and laughed.

That was three months ago,
and since then,
I've just been falling for you.

Your smile, your eyes, your strength,
your kindness, your love, your personality,
I love it.

And I don't know just yet if that love
is platonic
or romantic,
but I do know that I am

comfortable around you.
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