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Madds Mar 28
I once was a stone pilar in the middle of a plateau,
And I was everything for everyone.
But right now I’m at the top of a lighthouse,
Stranded in the middle of the deepest ocean.
And all those that care for me...
Are ships lost at sea.

But soon...
soon, I promise I’ll find my way back to land.
I’ll know what earth feels like again,
Without being eroded by rough swell.
I’ll be everyone’s everything.

And I’ll stand strong and tall,
As a beacon once more.
Madds Jan 26
You swore you wouldn’t hurt me,
And I swear the ache in my bones is all your fault.

Or maybe it’s mine?
For giving in too easily,
For giving you too much of my heart.

And you know I’m terrified of drowning,
But this silence is consuming me.
Swelling my lungs.

This keeps happening,
Like the sun sets and the waves crash...
People keep leaving me.
Madds Jan 10
I’m not cold I’ve just been shaking since you got home.

you told me I wasn’t enough

“if you ever thought I didn’t see being with you for the rest of my life, you’d be wrong”

Everything you do makes me feel like I’m not enough, which means that every single day I ache. And you will never experience that.

“You’re so beautiful, Madeline”

Remember when this was supposed to be forever?

The realisation of knowing you’re gone and what we had is forever over, will always sting and ache always.

We can start over again
You were meant to be my forever.
Madds Dec 2020
Do I deserve high praise?
Or to just get high?

Maybe we got it wrong
For all those years.

Lost and abandoned;
But not broken nor breaking.
Madds Nov 2020
I would let my demons consume me
If it meant that you would be better.
I would let you eat my heart
If it took away your loneliness.
And I would set myself on fire every single day
If it meant that I could hold you
o n e. l a s t. t i m e.
Madds Oct 2020
I imagine you holding me,
While I sit and stare at the stars, for hours.
And you watch and smile
While my eyes hold the universe,
And your eyes carry the sunrise.
We're alive.
And I'm so glad I
Stayed around for this.
"I'd like to see if you'd watch the stars or my face tbh."
"I'd be torn between the two, but you're more beautiful."
Madds Oct 2020
I thought I was dreaming when you said you loved me.
You uttered I was a fantasy...
The whole world unravelled and gave way beneath me,
Revealing a colourful universe.
A world I fell in love with.

But now you’re gone...

And you don’t love me anymore.

And I am lost...

Sunk back into the darkness.
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